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Yet another gay marriage thread

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posted on May, 13 2012 @ 11:53 PM
Why is gay marriage such a big deal? Why do people care so much about this thing? Why can't some people just live and let live? Why do people feel the need to control which people can marry and which people can't?

This gay marriage thing wouldn't be such a big issue if the U.S wasn't so polarized. Sometimes I'm ashamed of being American. Not because I hate this great country, but because we still have A LOT of people that have a such a backwards mentality.

Evangelicals and Social Conservatives are drawn to hate like a moth to a flame.

posted on May, 14 2012 @ 12:13 AM
It's weird because most republicans are always talking about less government but have no problem with more government when it goes along with an issue they agree with.

Not that I'm saying all republicans are against gay marriage, they just seem to be the majority within the government that is against it.
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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 12:34 AM
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I had this same thought and it doesn't make sense to me either. As a whole, from my understanding at least, republicans are all for less Government, for less power, for less "control"...yet when it comes to a few hot button issues (gay marriage,abortion) they seem to be all for having some from of government (be it state or federal) control it.

In their defense I know plenty of people on all sides of the fence who are against same-sex marriage. Which is fine. Have an opinion- I generally encourage it lol I just don't understand the need of some people who want to supress things that they don't agree with- for whatever reason. On a basic moral level, I think its wrong.

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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 12:42 AM
Polarizing social issues is a huge money maker/ vote getter, didn't you know that? We all just can't accept others views on marriage, we have to try to try to force ours down everyone's throats

It's always about the money and power.

In my opinion if they aren't hurting anyone it's none of our business (especially the states)

It's too bad there are so many self righteous bigots that this is an issue at all. It just shows where society is headed I think. Best not to dwell

posted on May, 14 2012 @ 12:46 AM
Labeling each other or, even other with a title such as republican or democrat is just as bad as labeling another human with the title of homosexual or heterosexual. I really wish we could just do away with all the labels and stop trying to label anyone as a "bad guy" based on their belief system.

Labels are for those who don't know where they belong...
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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 01:02 AM
It's too bad there isn't more discussion on the whole interracial marriage being illegal, in some states up until the 60's I believe. You could ask about that to high school students and probably a huge majority wouldn't know about that. Not to bash high school students, but the whole history isn't talked about. Not on here, or anywhere that I've seen. They both will/have followed the same path more than likely.

Just found this piece from wiki.

In 1967, 17 Southern states (all the former slave states plus Oklahoma) still enforced laws prohibiting marriage between whites and non-whites. Maryland repealed its law in response to the start of the proceedings at the Supreme Court. After the ruling of the Supreme Court, the remaining laws were no longer in effect. Nonetheless, it took South Carolina until 1998 and Alabama until 2000 to officially amend their states' constitutions to remove language prohibiting miscegenation. In the respective referendums, 62% of voters in South Carolina and 59% of voters in Alabama voted to remove these laws

(Emphasis added)

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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 01:42 AM
Look, its not necessarily hate or prejudice. I'm not an evangelical but I dislike the way Gay Marriage was rammed down the throats of society with this towering, righteous politically-correct attitude. I dislike the haughty way that academics and media tried to conduct social engineering by inserting gay people increasingly in TV and movies, it became annoying. I do not like being lectured or spoken down to by "authorities" who take a very moral tone ("gay marriage is right and if you disagree you are a "hater") and yet have no clear moral code or justification. I also resent the way that gays seem to use this idea as a way to extract special goodies in the form of extra attention and victimhood status. People need to get over themselves and stop seeing everything by the light of victimhood. What happened to manning up and taking responsbility for yourself without whining about all the wrongs that have been done to you? Society has become an endless parade of these supposedly victimized groups seeking attention and, frequently, advancement in terms of jobs, tax stauts, etc.

Beyond that, there was no debate about whether or not it would be good for children to be raised by two parents of the same gender as a mass social phenomenon. For thousands of years, most children in most cultures have been brought up by men and women both. The family is a very basic building block of society; when we start tinkering with something like that that has stood the test of time for millenia, there are bound to be important effects. I don't know what these effects are, but society should have been more cautious about them, taking the implications for children into consideration (I'm not talking about child abuse, or even homosexuality - more about what it does to a child to grow up without a male or female parental role model, i.e., two men but no women or two women but no men). This was a debate that needed to be had, but it was crammed under the rug and the whole thing was presented as an issue of "individual rights" of gays to do whatever they want. To me this is intellectually dishonest.

None of this has to do with "hate," its more about fairness, but people can't win arguments on this level so easily, so its so much easier and more satisfying to whine from the position of victimhood and moan about "hate."

posted on May, 14 2012 @ 01:49 AM
Even though the issue is current and highly discussed I think that the title itself (Yet another gay marriage thread) confirms that there are existing threads on this topic.

Please use the Search Function, type in "gay marriage" and add your thoughts to one of the existing 19,700 results.

Thank you.

Thread closed.

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