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The End is Getting closer....

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posted on May, 13 2012 @ 09:17 PM
I know the government talking heads around the globe are desperate in trying to tell us, while slow, we are in a recovery but if you look, you can see there is no recovery - things are getting worse.

Here is a few samples of how things are falling apart:

Soldiers may be deployed to protect Italian tax offices

Soldiers may be brought in to protect Italian tax offices and other sensitive sites following an increase in violence as the country struggles through austerity measures.

Sounds like Rome, when the army was sent out to collect the taxes. History is repeating itself. We have seen socialist parties getting elected in France and Greece, austerity is becoming a bad word. Here is another alarming fact.

Half of Police Officers voted for Neo-Nazi Party

Upwards to 1 in 2 voted for the Golden Dawn party. Socialists, neo-nazis - sounds like a dangerous combination.

Seems like in these hard times, people are flocking towards far left and far right groups. Wonder when this powder keg will explode?

posted on May, 13 2012 @ 09:39 PM
Weimar Republic 2.0.

Germany could not take any more austerity back when the weimar was running, so they voted for the National Socialist Party (NDSP), which in turn, changed to the Nazi's.

Hitler came in, and all seemed well for a little bit, but jobs was still hard to come by. Blaming the jew's was one method to give germans jobs, but it was not enough.

Solution? Militarization. The governemt would hire the public to work for the army, then they was stuck with all this advanced weaponry and loads of soldiers, so whats the logical thing to do to keep the ball rolling? War, and what better excuse for Germany to start a war than to take back what was, before WW1, in their control, and well i think you know the rest.

I just hope it doesn't turn that way. I doubt it will, as long as their isn't a European army, we (on a global scale) should be ok. Yes, the financial system will take one hell of a beating, even collapse, but imo, if there was to be a European army, and Europe becomes socialist, well then things could get messy, and from what i hear, Germany is starting to sway that way also.

BBC News

Support for the Christian Democrats dropped from 35% to 26% in North Rhine-Westphalia, with the Social Democrats set to return to power with the Greens.

Now the SPD are not the military type per-say, but in extreme times come extreme politics, and politics, as we know, can change in a day.

posted on May, 13 2012 @ 10:46 PM
Good points and adding to it all is the economics that is driving politial dynamics. So we have China's economy slowing further and more European countries going into recession as their deficits and debts climb, further exasperating indebted countries with managing their fiscal responsiblities and throwing even more pain on to their respective societies which in turn, increases civil unrest and results in further votes and popular support for extreme visionary politics and their political parties. One. Viscious. Cycle.
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