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BBC Yellowstone Documentary

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posted on May, 13 2012 @ 07:41 PM
A rather shocking look at what might happen in our lifetime.

Years ago I was making some noise about this supervolcano and as I researched it it appeared to me to be something that FEMA should be interested in. And yet they did not appear to understand the scope of this threat.

So in a place where people discuss these things we discussed this over a period of time and a lot of people got on board including the usual suspects like Art Bell and GLP and ATS.

So then I think this is a kindof a reply to us from those days, to say ok we get it now. And now too, we have a plan.

I won't tell you what the plan is and spoil it for you but they attribute it to me, since this entire series is about some discussions we had at one time so I appear by proxy as do a few other people I know.
Played by actors to protect the innocent. But they attribute the idea to me and in fact, it was not me but a marvelous plan thought up by FEMA itself and they just wanted to attribute it to me. Which is nice.
Nicer still for America is they have a plan.

And two interesting parts of this for me are where they say people are flooding across the border into Canada (I am Canadian) and I was always saying no no, go to Mexico, it is warm there. You will freeze to death in the dark if you go to Canada. So in the show they close the Mexican border.

Anyways good disaster documentary and if you live anywhere in that region, you should of course formulate a contingency plan.

posted on May, 13 2012 @ 07:58 PM
I imagine we brought quite a bit of heat down on USGS as collectively we monitored every single aspect of the area every minute of every day for over a year and analyzed every single blip in every single seismograph.

And even had people on site too I am sure.

And yes we sounded collectively like fanatics saying the sky was falling but that is what it takes to get budget money to pay for things that you might need like a million tents and stuff. Which FEMA later bought, as well as things for mass migrations of people's and untold numbers of refugees at the border. All the while denying there is any threat as stated in the movie.

It was George Carlin before his death who brought it to the mainstream with a stand up routine where he says the disasters are just not big enough for his liking etc.

That would be a world changing event, and some people may be thinking long term and looking at places like Dubai, where maybe they wouldn't have to deal with it. In fact America is spread across the globe already in many parts of the world. But something this size that could effect the entire country, is almost too incredible to believe. Its like an Achilles heel, such that no matter how advanced and developed America gets, its days are numbered.

posted on May, 13 2012 @ 08:22 PM
I suspect that Homeland Security was also formed in response to this pending doom, which again may not happen for thousands of years. But the scope of it was too big for FEMA, although they are the ones who handle things such as that. I am a big FEMA supporter, unlike many other people. Where they see concentration camps on American soil, I see preparedness that I helped to instigate.

And America is still no where near where I wanted them to be. For some reason they just go deaf at a point and don't want to hear it.

The public perception of FEMA has waffled back and forth over the years, but rescue is rescue and no one ever forgets to thank them for that.

This latest show Contagion, is another response to us, starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

During the potential bird flu outbreak once again we mobilized our forces through ATS, Art Bell or Coast to Coast with George Noory, and GLP and various other associated places. And we got the word out about vitamin D drops, and prevented the outbreak of the flu. We stopped it in its tracks.

So then that left the WHO looking as if they were crying wolf, which they weren't, but we kicked ass making them look like they were just watching or something which they weren't.

So they did a docu-movie of what might have happened, and what the measures would have been, if things had gone badly, and WHO was forced to handle it.

That movie is worth seeing as well.

Whatever some mainstream scientists think about us fringe scientists, you have to admit that collectively, we are a powerful force for good. And we can get things done when called upon.

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