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Bad Animal Mothers: Photos

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posted on May, 13 2012 @ 02:30 PM
Here are some observations of 'Bad motherhood' in the animal kingdom. The title is laughable but it does make for an interesting read. I shall post a few of the captions here, The pictures and quite a few more cases are at the link.

Like a chimp mom version of Bonnie and Clyde, sometimes chimpanzee mothers cooperate with their daughters to kill other chimps. In the 1970s, noted primatologist Jane Goodall documented this behavior in Passion and Pom, a deadly mother/daughter murdering duo. She and her team observed them killing and cannibalizing at least two infant offspring of other females.
Simon Townsend and colleagues of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, believe that the killings result when females are under pressure to compete for foraging areas. Not all female chimpanzee mothers and daughters do this, as the peaceful-looking pair in this image shows.

In the case of lions, it is not so much what they do that’s bad, but what they don’t do. When a dominant male takes over a pride, he may kill numerous cubs less than 2 years old to rid himself of competition. The lioness allows this to happen, and even may go into heat, permitting the takeover male to start his own family with her.

Now this next one is really interesting!

The pregnant seahorse shown here is actually a male. Seahorses are another example of animal mothers being bad not for what they do, but what they don’t do. In this case, males take care of nearly everything, with pregnancies being exceptionally physically challenging, as this photo suggests. “The most advanced form of male parental care is found in the seahorses, where a brood pouch has evolved that resembles a placenta, and male seahorses even go into labor,” Peter Teske, a postdoctoral researcher in Macquarie University’s Molecular Ecology Lab, told Discovery News.


Hope you enjoyed.
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posted on May, 13 2012 @ 02:54 PM
reply to post by TechUnique

S+F, thats weird i just read this Cracked article about half an hour ago on the same sort of thing

The 5 Most Horrifyingly Bad Mothers in the Animal Kingdom:

EDIT: lol i just noticed this article is dated today aswell,i thought i linked to an old cracked article,sorry!!

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posted on May, 13 2012 @ 03:06 PM
I think this bitch deserves top honors. Not an animal you say? Well I disagree

Interesting thread btw
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