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Obama pushes 5 economic fixes - The 'To-Do-List'

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posted on May, 13 2012 @ 07:52 AM
Obama pushes 5 economic fixes
Politico Story -- By JOSH BOAK | 5/12/12 6:58 AM EDT

Obama claims there are "things" we can do right now !!

Things like ending tax breaks for companies that outsource overseas, increasing tax benefits for small businesses that hire and extending tax credits for clean-energy companies.

All well and good, but why All-of-a-Sudden now ?

What happened for the last 3-and-a-half years ??

Have any of the very few chicken feed "helpings" for a very few people really helped the entire economy ?

President Barack Obama gave Congress a “to-do list” for fixing the economy in his weekly address broadcast Saturday, but it might as well be a wish list.

Obama called on the House Republican majority to back five of his administration’s initiatives, something GOP lawmakers have shown they are unwilling to do.

“There are things we can do — right now — to help create jobs and restore some of the financial security that so many families have lost,” the president said. “Now, the other side isn’t so optimistic. They think all we can do is cut taxes — especially for the wealthiest Americans — and go back to letting banks and corporations write their own rules again. That’s their plan.”

People are tired of hearing it ..... Lets SEE the beef this time
Talk is cheap !!

Democrats and Republicans have found common ground on patent reform, extending the payroll tax holiday through the end of the year, and widening markets for American exports. But Obama’s address clearly blames the GOP for stifling what has been a slow recovery.

Rep. Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) countered in the weekly GOP address that Obama’s “policies have us stuck. Instead of working with Republicans to rebuild the economy, the president is ignoring the tough choices and trying to distract from the real issues.”

How "Realistic" is this ?

How "Trustworthy" is Obama ?

Is he really sincere ?

posted on May, 13 2012 @ 08:39 AM
They either need to make patent terms 70 years plus the life of the inventor, or reduce copyright to 17 years. I'd prefer they lowered copyright, bit I would be happy if inventors great grandkids could profit off their inventions like writers great grandkids get to do today. After all, no song, poem, movie or book is anywhere near as valuable as the most simple invention.


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