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Public holiday long weekend ruined! (warning lotsa swearing)

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posted on Sep, 30 2004 @ 12:49 AM
Ok heres the #ing deal! This weekend is a long weekend here in Australia, and i had plans to go to my friends holiday house up the coast for the saturday and sunday night. We spent days convincing her mum and finally last night she relents... So you know what happens... work comes and tells me today (Thursday) that i have to work on monday! How #ed up is that #! I had a weekd off a couple of weeks back but i couldnt go away coz they asked if a could stay on call so i stayed at home for the week... now they drop this #ing bombshell on me and i have to cancel all our plans. Seeing as i'm the one driving me not going ruins everyone elses weekend, and its too far of a drive to go for one night!

Its so #ed up... i work my ass off for this #ed up corporation and I do lotsof extra work without any extra pay because i thought i would get some credit and recognition for it! It seems the recognition piece is a bunch of crap and the company doesnt care about any of their hard owkring employees... There are people who didnt have to work and they didnt have plans... their defense... i recently had a week off! # that my holiday was ruined coz i had to stay on call (did i get called? No!) # them i say! I'm gonna stop doing all my extra tasks and not even tell them. They're not in my job description so they cant fire me for them.... then they'll see how a little recognition can actually help them every once and a while...

Now i have to tell my friends that we cant #ing go because my #ed up boss is #ed in the head!!!

# # # #!!!!!


posted on Sep, 30 2004 @ 01:25 AM
Its ok... crisis averted... i talked to one of my bosses bosses and explained the situation... my bosses boss knows how much i do coz i do alot of work with him and help with his projects...

He had a word to my boss and my boss came and saw me and apologised and i got the day off after all...

You should have seen the look on my bosses face when she had to come and see me and aoplogise!!!


heres to a holiday folks!

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