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The Semi-Usable Guide to Weather Manipulation. [TFTG]

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posted on May, 12 2012 @ 10:23 PM
He stood in the middle of the wheat field, his arms raised to the air, the wind buffeting him, clouds above churning darkly.

He chanted several phrases, speaking an ancient tongue, but yet the clouds did not clear. Lightening struck afar in the distance, as if to intimidate him, but he paid it no mind. His chants continued.

The villagers were watching from afar off, from the edge of the field, and suddenly the clouds cleared, the sunlight revealed, and a sigh of relief cascaded throughout the community. Several villagers rushed through the field to congratulate the young druid.

He stumbled once they met him, his strength diminished, but the storm that threatened their crops dispelled. One young maiden clung close to him, pulling his arm over her head, and resting it upon her shoulder, helped to support him across the field back into town.

If naught else, the young druid was subtle, and he appreciated the help he received. His consort walked him slowly, and her body beside his drove inner desires long repressed to a front. He found his nature overruling his training, and he relented. Back at town, he asked her for her name.

"Samatha, it is, wise druid. I am glad I was of service to you."

"Samatha, I am not but yet a few years beyond your own age, my training hind from an early age."

"My lord, it matters not our training. You are the druid-study, and I have no wit to perceive your skills. You have passed the storm beyond us, truly what we asked, and now our fields will be bountiful. The flood from that storm would have made crops this year tenuous at best. You have truly saved us, and I will submit to anything you ask."

"A night with you would be too easy", he stated, "your willingness to please overrules desire. You are free, now, by my words. So go."

The young girl scurried off, darting back and forth amid the busy streets, soon out of the druid's sight.

He wandered amidst the town center, casually glancing to and fro from the wares pulling his attention.

He remembered as he was walking, another time in his youth, when he created a rain spell and it flooded the river and darn near the whole valley. He stopped walking, and sighed.

As he drew his breath back in, he knew the next chapter in his life. He walked, thinking of the next story to tell.

posted on May, 14 2012 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by Druid42
Well done!


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