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My interpretation of The Futhark (German Runes)

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posted on May, 12 2012 @ 11:57 AM
Most of the runes actually symbolize a physical thing. All of these runes were pronounced similar to the Proto-Germanic pronunciation. That is the closest guess to the pronunciations. I used the Wikipedia info as a basis for my interpretation. Hope you enjoy and it inspires you to your own personal interpretation.

These are most powerful when they are carved rather than drawn on paper, but any is good. To invoke, it is best to say "The energy of [rune's name] is now [intention]."

To strengthen it even more, Astrology, Planetary Hours, and Numerology can be combined...

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On thing that I forgot to mention, which is very, very important. Pronunciation!

th is NEVER pronounced like "t". It must be pronounced with the tongue and teeth.
j is pronounced like the letter Y

a - like the a in father, ah
e - like the e in bed, eh
i - like the i in machine, ee
o - like the o in oat
u - like the u in full, oo
ih - like the i in hit

The rest of the letters are pronounced just like in English
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