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Frottage Fever and a Date with the Reaver

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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 07:45 PM
If you understand the world in which we live, as in the fact we are nothing but human cattle on a conveyor belt, getting slowly worked into the grave for the money making world elite, then you're really going to like this video, enjoy:

The density of the spider's web, is conversely equivalent to the density of the web inside the victims heads. Shelob's and she hurls, inky darkness, to swallow the world in night and they're all curled up in their beds of doom, sleep tight. Sleep tight. Tight is the word, tightly wrapped and strapped down by the web. These are the things we dream about. These are the things we dread. It all seemed so nice in the Formica life, till the bombs went off in our heads.

edit on Fri May 11 2012 by DontTreadOnMe because: added source for poem


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