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Principles Of The Universe Function At All Scales

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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 03:48 PM
The whole Universe works through basic principles of spin, which can be looked at as self-spin as well as rotation around something, and velocity, or speed of motion. We can see these principles working themselves out physically at larger scales throughout solar systems and galaxies throughout the Universe, as well as at smaller scales down to the atomic or quantum level. The issue is that when you talk about the spin, speed, and velocity of particles or planets it is so abstract and unrelatable, and we tend to see it as 'mere' scientific observation, in contrast with our tangible human experience. The thing is that we as humans, as conscious living-beings, are working under these same principles. We need a revision in our overall world-view, one where we can see connections and relationships between the behavior of physical reality and the basic psychology of life.

Now let us review these principles of reality, spin and velocity, in terms of a relatable, psychological, point of view. Consider choosing some point on a spinning particle. Now visualize the motion of that point of the particle as it spins, in terms of the space it is spinning in. You could say that as it spins, its point of view changes. You could, therefore, correlate a particle's spin to an individual's point of view, both of which are relative. Next we can look at velocity, which could be re-stated as the rate at which something is able to jump from information-bit to information-bit. Energy levels are determined by the combination of spin and velocity, and so increasing spin and increasing velocity are the keys to increasing energy. Increasing spin would be done by increasing the range of information simultaneously considered in your viewpoint, and increasing velocity would be increasing your ability to take in information and perceptions and allow them to flow through you as you naturally allow your point of view to evolve.

Spin has two aspects, we could say internal and external. The internal is self-spin, the external is rotation. Objects rotate around a center, while simultaneously spinning. All things, in truth, both spin and rotate. Everything is a center for objects to rotate around, as well as an object that rotates around something. We are 'spinning' around in our view-points while rotationg around the earth, while the earth is spinning and rotating around the sun, while the sun is spinning and rotating around some larger center yet. To increase your energy-levels is to increase your range of influence, which is to increase the degree to which objects rotate around you, and yet to enter into to larger yet fields of energy yet which you will rotate around. To rotate around something is to work within the context of the basic essence, or energy frequency, of that object.
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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 04:15 PM
I think your on the right right track.

Look up Vortex theory.

It basically says what your trying to say all the way down to the molecular level.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 05:25 PM
reply to post by TheJourney

Wow, this post is a spin out !

I think there is something true in what you're saying. While I was reading I was thinking of the Whirling Dervishes of the Sufi order - check this out, it's really beautiful and the story of the beginnings of this practice, a spontaneous action by Rumi as he was in a market-place consumed with the love of God, is equally beautiful.

I have done spiritual practice myself that invloves spinning the etheral body out of the physical. It is extremely powerful, not for the faint hearted. Thanks for the post

Peace Out

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