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New anti-piracy propaganda to run before movies, courtesy of FBI, ICE, and MPAA

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 10:52 PM

Originally posted by Ghost375

Originally posted by AnIntellectualRedneck
Anything that they can do to demonize people who they think are taking their profits. Forget about the crappy economy and that 95% of the stuff they pump out is pure garbage.

If you were making a product, you'd be pissed too if people were taking your profits.

Plus they aren't even "demonizing" people.
All they're say is a simple matter of fact statement, that's far from demonizing.
Whether you support the law is a different story. What they say is still a fact.
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Pfft, the movie industry is doing better than ever, the Avengers movie is on pace to be the highest grossing movie in history.
And they still say we are hurting their pocketbooks... boo-effin-hoo

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by Juggernog

Pfft, the movie industry is doing better than ever, the Avengers movie is on pace to be the highest grossing movie in history.

And they still say we are hurting their pocketbooks... boo-effin-hoo

I know what you mean. I am GM of a multi-chain franchise and my boss was telling me today I need to make cuts (letting people go) because we made $15K less this year than last…

Sounds horrible!! Our product costs rose 4% and our net revenue dropped $15K! Then you must consider that our net revenue is $3.5 MILLION!!!!!!!

Seriously?? What a HUGE LOSS!!!!

Greed is prevalent, even in small businesses.

Meanwhile he’s rolling around in a $75K Cadillac CTS-V and has a $500K house….oh, and his wife makes $80K and they have no kids.

It’s a tough life! Apparently this economy is affecting him REALLY hard if he’s asking me to fire people who make $9 per hour while the other employees pick up the slack for the same wage.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 11:22 PM
They have had these labels for decades now. It still has not stopped anything.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 11:22 PM
Why does anyone have a problem with this? It is all pretty factual. Just because you don't agree with it, doesn't mean it isn't true. If you are violating these copyrights you are a thief plain and simple.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 11:29 PM
The problem with the movie industry maybe like this, they assume you and me cannot read or that we should be denied access to information on the basis it hurts their profits. In the same manner that a person selling a cheap $20 kitchen blender might claim their blender works better than one priced at $200. But today we can go online and read reviews on IMDB and see.... oh wait a minute that movie they want us to see, it sucks it got a 5.0 or a 2.5 or 6.5 and therefore doesn't deserve any of my life's time. Why would anyone buy a movie that sucks? Why should anyone make anyone buy substandard movies or substandard health insurance or cars or medical care. That seems to me a great deal closer to fascism and crime on the part of politicians and industry, shame on them.

Someday we will be able to make a gold bar in to a hamburger or a hamburger into a gold bar with sufficient nano technology, value will have no meaning anymore, what will they do then, ban technology? Well, when that technology maybe understood by a vast majority of the public as in the case of networks and communications and computers it maybe akin to trying to suppress people from turning hamburgers into gold, etc. or finding out your movie sucks. Eventually all matter just will become constituents of anything we want it to become. Making people pay for bad films or bad music or faulty tires, faulty tvs, health insurance by law or fine, toys painted with lead and other substandard product really seems like a foolish gamble, it also points out the fraud that a movie, such as the Avengers just broke box office weekend records, which proves my point people will pay for something if it seems like a good deal, if not a good deal good luck trying to sell it to a multi-tasked ADD culture. Profits still exist, people still make money and lose it, you get no guarantees Hollywood, no more than a day trader or a bank, well banks seem to defy that but I would argue it has to do with corruption in politics and business and Hollywood almost crys all too often how they need a piece of the criminal bailouts as the banks get, really?

Come on, grow up, you people want a free banking bailout, loans at zero interest and mega mansions and fancy cars, yet almost in a strange way you want government to guarantee your growth and profits, that no longer sounds like business but crime, the curtain has been pulled away OZ, and you have been revealed for whom you have become to all, it maybe pretty easy to find out all your profits and "donations" and political fundraisers, therefore it maybe very easy to find out what you think passes for justice and your rights. In some sense you think of yourselfs as better than the flyover areas of the country, better than most and more or less elitists. All everyone ever wants from politics maybe just bailouts anymore or returns on investment, more laws and regulations to protect their "RACKETS". An attempt to get one by the average person, an attempt to get something for free and claim only others are doing that to you, you're not playing a "RACKET" on anyone. Complicity in wars and defense contracts does not make one a patriot, complicity in shaping the news media to attack civil liberties and destroy long established rights for all, not just the rich also makes one a pathetic defender of freedom and the last one to turn to as a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world to gaze upon. Instead we have crybabies calling for bailouts and guaranteed profits and people being legislated to buy substandard products to facilitate easy living and vast personal wealth...."money fer nuthin' and your chicks fer free", sounds like a progressive mantra if I ever heard one. Free for me but not for thee................

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 11:54 PM
reply to post by Ghost375

Of course I think fear is an emotion, and of course the threat of 5 years behind bars is scary. However, I'm not pirating videos, that threat isn't directed at me. Therefore, that message doesn't really invoke any fear in me or most people who don't pirate videos. And I doubt that message scares many of the people who do the pirating either.


There was a video of a law professor giving a lecture about how many statutes their are in the US. I tried to find it unsuccessfully. There were something in the range of 40,000 if I remember correctly.

Basically, it would be impossible for an average person to memorize those 40k laws. And a good chance that almost everyone has broken at least one.

Would you like 40,000 warnings? And if it is not about fear, what is it about? You might not be fearful about being prosecuted for pirating because you don't do it, but the idea is to instill a sense of fear when you think about whether or not you would.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 12:07 AM
reply to post by Domo1

digital theft harms the economy???? You have to be joking me!

And what there proof for there claims?
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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:43 AM
Ahh hehe what are they thinking it will achieve?

I remember when they said they were going to protect CD's by embedding some sort of protection that would prevent a CD from being copied.

umm, if I can hear it I can copy it.

Same here... if I don't want that label appearing at the start, I'll get around it. No problems. Even if I have to use camtasia to record the screen. It's pointless.

And if I do not buy a product that I would not have bought, how the hell is someone LOSING money from me? They're just not getting MY money for something I am not willing to pay for.. might dent their pocket money so they can't enjoy special caviar on the jet to the bahamas, oh dear...

And if anyone has ever looked at how copyright started in the first place, it was by distributors using others work and then preventing anyone else using it.

The first copyright law was a censorship law. It was not about protecting the rights of authors, or encouraging them to produce new works. Authors' rights were in little danger in sixteenth-century England, and the recent arrival of the printing press (the world's first copying machine) was if anything energizing to writers. So energizing, in fact, that the English government grew concerned about too many works being produced, not too few. The new technology was making seditious reading material widely available for the first time, and the government urgently needed to control the flood of printed matter, censorship being as legitimate an administrative function then as building roads.

And ultimately, it's not about losing profit at all... it's trying to maintain a futile industry that simply cannot exist in this day and age. Why are we paying people to hand us bottles of water if it's raining?

To read the true history of copyright is to understand just how completely this reaction plays into the industry's hands. The record companies don't really care whether they win or lose these lawsuits. In the long run, they don't even expect to eliminate file sharing. What they're fighting for is much bigger. They're fighting to maintain a state of mind, an attitude toward creative work that says someone ought to own products of the mind, and control who can copy them. And by positioning the issue as a contest between the Beleaguered Artist, who supposedly needs copyright to pay the rent, and The Unthinking Masses, who would rather copy a song or a story off the Internet than pay a fair price, the industry has been astonishingly successful. They have managed to substitute the loaded terms "piracy" and "theft" for the more accurate "copying" — as if there were no difference between stealing your bicycle (now you have no bicycle) and copying your song (now we both have it). Most importantly, industry propaganda has made it a commonplace belief that copyright is how most creators earn a living — that without copyright, the engines of intellectual production would grind to a halt, and artists would have neither means nor motivation to produce new works.

The Surprising History of Copyright and The Promise of a Post-Copyright World

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 03:19 AM
Reply to post by Domo1

Doesn't matter the software I use to backup my dvd/bluray collection allows me to delete or skip such nonsense.

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 03:28 AM
reply to post by Djdoubt03

Doesn't matter the software I use to backup my dvd/bluray collection allows me to delete or skip such nonsense.

Kinda my point.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 07:48 AM
In Portugal they have been doing something like this for some years, but as far as I know it didn't make any difference.

They even had to change what was said, as they probably used some spot from other country that said that "downloading movies is ilegal", which in Portugal is not true.

I could post a video of the clip, but it's illegal.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by boncho

He mentions the statutes here !


posted on May, 11 2012 @ 09:56 AM
reply to post by ProRipp

I thought it was that one. I actually skimmed through the same video last night but couldn't find the statement, I found it this time.



It seems my memory failed me in that case, so I should correct my earlier statement.


So in any case, where are the thousands of warnings before every movie we watch? If all law is equal, and we are just 'educating' the masses?

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 10:08 AM
I like how DHS and ICE are being used to go after bootleggers.

I'm guess those agencies have taken care of all the terrorism, illegal immigration and human trafficking problems since they have so much free time on their hands.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 10:25 AM
This doesnt really have anything to do with the legal warning the thread started out about but it does have something to do with DHS and ICE domain seizures and a way to possibly circumvent them with a firefox add on.

MAFIAAFire Redirector 0.9d by MAFIAA Links Un-censor the net and illegally taken down domains.


Torrent Freak May 10, 2012 Homeland Security’s ICE unit is not happy with a Firefox add-on that allows the public to circumvent the domains seizures carried out during the past several months. In an attempt to correct this ‘vulnerability’ in their anti-piracy strategy, ICE have asked Mozilla to pull the add-on from their site. Unfortunately for them Mozilla denied the request, arguing that this type of censorship may threaten the open Internet.


posted on May, 11 2012 @ 10:43 AM
reply to post by Domo1

Does anyone else find it disturbing the government (who are supposed to represent and work for the common man) are essentially running around breaking kneecaps for a conglomerate of motion picture companies? I do.

I certainly do. And what a double standard. I can go to Walmart right now and buy a DVD Recorder.
Magnavox DVD Player/Tuner-Free VCR Combo
With that, a DVD player, my computer, and a little time, and skill, that copyrighted DVD could be my own, with my file mane and file extension, and all copyright stuff stripped off before final recording. You would think if the government really wanted piracy such as this to be illegal, then government would not allow such equipment to exist, easily purchased by the public.
This is just like the double standard with tobacco. The Government subsidies the tobacco companies to keep them in business, then drills us with anti-smoking propaganda and self help drugs and therapies.
And I cannot go without naming the biggest hypocrisy of the American government's double standard.

The U.S. federal government spent over $15 billion dollars in 2010 on the War on Drugs, at a rate of about $500 per second.

Drug War Clock
And then, we have this.....

and this.....

and this....

I am beginning to think that the Double Standard is something everyone agrees too, for some reason. Look at Religion, for example. When it comes to matters of science, they want undeniable proof to validate the claim. It has to be a "Law" before it can get any recognition. Theories must be below their standards of quality.

But yet, when it comes to matters of God, they have no problem following "his word" (a heavily altered, many times translated, and edited book) to the letter. No proof or reason necessary. God said so, so it's must be right. This goes without proof that such a Deity even exists.

In Saudi Arabia if you are caught with a Bible you will be killed. Korans are completely legal in the US to own, and even carry about. And yet, Islam, in the modern sense, has not killed nearly, in any sense at all, as to close to the number of deaths incurred by both secular and Christian supported actions, or actions from Nations with Christians.....look at the Iraq War, which has killed over 600,000 people - far far more than any terrorist could ever hope to accomplish.

The American double standard on religious violence

Where does it all end? When will Humanity stop practicing the Double Standard, Out of Balance Reality that we are all living in right now?

Sorry, Domo, it was not my meaning to derail your thread, or go off topic. I am just quite passionate about certain things, this being one of them. My apologies are offered in advance if you feel them necessary. Auto

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 01:53 PM
I could get into a fight, that I started, and in a fit of rage kill another human being.

And I could in theory serve less time than for recording a movie, on top of not paying 250k...

That says all you need to know about our Society.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:10 PM
reply to post by RealSpoke

That is of the funniest and corniest ads I have ever seen!!!

Although kinda creepy as wel!l That felt like brainwashing just abit lol now I can't get the stupid words outta my head.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by RealSpoke

To funny, one of the comments on the youtube page

Oh look the piracy didn't destroy the industry after all

Looks like hes right

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:35 PM
what's that? "The Avengers" made more money in it's opening week than any other movie in history?

tell me more about how piracy is ruining the industry

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