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Aspects of disinformation, some nuts and bolts.

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 06:13 PM
The following is a brief overview from one guys perspective as to how and why "disinformation" is used. Actually, even the term "disinformation" is by its nature self limiting, but more about that in a moment. The conventional use of the term generally refers to "aspects of information that is true, one needs to confuse at least or so complicate the facts, that making heads or or tails of it becomes meaningless". Usually this is what most applies to an aspect of a total subject, where by certain important considerations need to be confused. Another word for a "cover story".

First and foremost to have any (reasonable) hope of working at all when applicable to "true" disinformation and not deflection, all disinformation (hence DI) must have elements of the truth, and the untrue must fit logically w/the other. A DI cover thats a bold face lie lets just say has a certain unforgettable oder. Once detected its like a house of cards, pull out one critical one and the whole thing falls apart.

In dealing with people who are involved in covert activity, one needs to understand the concept called " A Legend" Pretty basic in concept, a bit harder to do well particularly today, but all it is a VERIFIABLE but false bona fide's. A bogus history, biography and all that entails. For those with certain government needs aspects of new SS#';s and birth certificates, all tax returns anything verifiable through normal channels can be applied. School records and even "friends and associates" Beyond the "witness protection program". So all of that for likely, ever.

Since I am much more aware of areas of advanced technology, there are aspects of protecting that that could be (I honestly don't know) unique. Assumption One. If you really want to protect any secret, don't tell anyone. End of statement. And the most sensitive stuff is NEVER written down, or often communicated other then in person. And even then the topic is always referred to in an abstract manner or using a "Control Legend".

A bit like translating an idea into a mythology, where all you need to know is the "source code" of the myth and the rest falls into place. Easier to remember, and that really helps. To understand that think what do you think of I use the common terms in reference to a modern myth-made sans sci-fi: son seeks adventure, gets more then he bargained for, discovers conflicting truths about himself an in particular who is father is, and what he is afraid (not enough to me) to become. Get it ? The Star Wars saga, which is classic modern interpretive myth even The late Joseph Campbell (author: The Power of Myth) loved. Make the "secrets" into a myth and you can keep track of a whole lot, however...

Thats a little hard to do when dealing with developing new technologies. After all you can't do that as easily with areas that are compartmented, one group working on this others that and "translator groups" who tie it all in selectively. It would not be unusual in some cases to employ more traditional DI hoping the good stuff gets lost in the noise.

But the method I have used oddly enough and has worked very well is my DI contains NO LIES. In other words, its all true. Thats often just not expected and this is method at least I know works very well, but takes some creative work. Say I want to design a new way to store and process information. I need to "cloak" that in such a way, what IS detected all makes sense for anyone who knows what we do. Or knows me. In my case I like to use what I call "throw aways".

Aspects of very interesting (and often stuff we have made money on when asked, can you really do that?) technology that might in theory look like this. Say I want to design a new type of 3D graphene circuit, and maybe certain bio-chemical actuators/operators, etc. A lot of certain aspects may have something in kind with lets assume the "real" idea a DNA based biomorphic organism. I don't like the term "circuit" in synthetic or natural biological systems, to limiting. So assume you do absolutely everything we can to protect what you can. One way to "tickle the web" so to speak is look for activity along ANY aspect of a project w/associated throw aways.

Find it, and you got a problem, and sometimes another customer. Make it SO interesting as in "they need this capability and still can't get there?" "Nope" Ok, lets do something along those lines, create the Mosaic that includes what they stay up late trying to invent and see what we can do.

Sometimes we hit an unexpected and unplanned home run. Sometimes, more often then not we don't. But it only has to work really well a few times and it makes money. And for the stuff we really want to protect? Were working on level 2,3,4 etc when were not yet at level 1. We don't patent anything, thats a blue print to steal. Just never stop improving as much of the fundamentals, and window dressing as possible and it works. So even (god forbid) they get the holy of holies then wait a little while, it will be obsolete.

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