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Annan's 'Mission Impossible'

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 01:02 PM
The sooner people realise that the CFR, PNAC, Brookings, etc, are all 'think tanks' controlled by the elites, then they will learn that US foreign policy is nothing but a game, it's a game of charades, the final outcome has been planned years in advance.

There is is no debate on US foreign policy, it's all set up, here's another Brooking's article on how Annan is wasting his time and action needs to be taken for the plight of the Syrian people-

The fundamental reason for Annan's failure is more basic than that: His plan is flawed because it was formulated on the misguided belief that the Assad regime will ever stop using violence against domestic protesters and negotiate with them in good faith.

It is high time to debunk once and for all the popular myths about the Syrian regime. People have believed for too long -- whether out of naïveté or cynicism -- that Assad has been willing to initiate political reforms and will do so in due time. He has not and will not. Nor will the regime stop its violence.

People need to wake up quickly, see that this is just propaganda bull#. They've planned to attack Syria, it was listed back in 2000 in the PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defences, all these countries were listed as targets to take over- Iraq, Afghan, Libya, Syria, Iran.

And yet, the world still clings to the hope that the Annan plan will somehow bring an end to the violence. It seems that we have lost our moral compass, unrealistically hoping that Annan will succeed -- and largely doing so because we are too timid to contemplate seriously other options to assist the Syrian people.

'Assist' the Syrian people.

'Assistance' In Libya meant NATO going through with almost 10,000 air strike missions, 10,000!!

Here's MSM questioning the cost to civilians as a result of NATO liberation-

An attack on what Nato says was a command and control centre in Surman on 20 June reportedly killed two children and their mother.

'Reportedly', yet it was 'reported' accusations against Gaddafi forces that led to a full scale NATO effort to destory Libya.

To this day, there is not one single piece of video evidence of pro government forces, either in Libya or Syria, murdering innocent civilians or peaceful protestors. I challenge anyone on this forum to show me a piece of evidence that justified the Libyan bombings by NATO and killing of Gaddafi to make way for the chaos that has resulted in this 'liberation'.

Yet, there is such evidence for Egypt-

That is police brutality against civilians, that is 100% evidence of police brutality. Pure and simple. Yet America and NATO sit back and let the Egyptians suffer, and for the simple reason they're letting the Muslim Brotherhood take charge there and they'd backed the Egyptians to be Israel's ally for 30 years. It's all part of a larger plan.

The point is, this whole damn charade of intervention on 'humanitarian grounds' is sickening propaganda and it will be used endlessly until they go and intervene in Syria.

It will happen, they're plugging it too much, they've armed too many rebels (FSA or Al Quada and memebers of the MB) to kill people and police, they've started this 'cival war' so they can intervene and carry out the rest of their agenda for the middle east.

To continue with Brookings-

In the absence of clear and determined U.S. leadership, trying to make the doomed Annan plan work will take the international community through the summer and the U.S. presidential election, making any decisive international action unlikely until the middle of next year at the earliest. This will be fatal for the future of Syria, leading to more bloodshed, more radicalization on both sides, and a heightened risk of ethnic and sectarian conflict.

For anyone familiar with think tanks 'hiding in the open', look for the words 'in the absence', it is code they use to basically refer to false flag or other sinister secret plans to 'speed up' a process. So now we can pretty much guarantee something will happen to force intervention upon us.

They used it before- before 9/11, it was absent an event such as Pearl Harbour'. They talked in 2009 of absent Iranian aggression (false flags in the pipeline- quite possibly an attack on a US ship in the region etc), and these people don't mess about, they are powerful, influential forces.

The world should abandon the fiction that the Assad regime can be persuaded to reach a political accommodation with its adversaries. Rather, it is time for a renewed effort to forge a genuine united front, including all groups in Syria's social fabric, dedicated to Assad's downfall and the establishment of a pluralistic, democratic state in the aftermath.

That's what TPTB want, and that's what they'll get, further isolating Iran and that's the next stop.

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