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A message to the people of ATS

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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 08:04 AM
reply to post by Destinyone

No I understand what your saying. You haven't said one thing about the topic, since that is what the thread is about. You still don't think it's possible? These guys control all the power in the house, senate, corporations and they got the President by the balls. They own everything in this country and you think they can't make a website? It just completely phases me why anyone wouldn't even want to explore the possibility. If I was devoted to this site I would look into it. You can make the same correlation with people on 9/11 saying if you investigate, your disgracing the families. Here it's the same thing, everyone is taking this as an insult or something.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 08:06 AM
A Message From The People Of ATS

Well, this has certainly brought out quite a few opinions, and to the extent they aren't personal attacks or attempts to use BB&Q as a substitute for the complaint feature, we're fine.

I am, however, concerned that we're seeing too much of that, and too much discussion of the status of member accounts or staff actions, because that's not what BB&Q is for. There are a lot of very good, non-sinister reasons why we don't publicly discuss such things, and I hope my fellow members can appreciate the fact that refraining from such discussion protects the privacy of each and all of us.

So in light of that, and the fact that the very premise of the thread is to discuss a specific staff action, I'm going to close it.

In doing so, however, I would like to point out something very, very important about staff actions on ATS: if you disagree with one, any or all, we invite you to tell us. But please, tell us.

In this case, as an example, if you disagree with my closing this thread, just send me a private message and I'll be happy to talk about it. I think my reasons for closing it are sound, but I'm not perfect, do make mistakes and if I'm wrong, I truly appreciate being set straight.

If you don't like how I respond to your private messages, or think I'm completely out of line and want to get the attention of the staff as a whole, simply alert this post and share your concerns. For any post you think needs attention or review, that's a great way to do something about it.

Finally, for more general issues or suggestions, there's the Complaint/Suggestion feature, and all members are welcome to use it for any reason they see fit -- that doesn't violate the terms & conditions, at least.

And with that, I hereby close this thread. I hope, after all this, that no one who has read this far has any doubts about what to do if there are any questions or disagreements with the staff about anything we do -- including closing this thread.

Edit to add: I suppose it's probably not a bad idea to point to the other thread mentioned in the OP, for anyone who may have missed it or wants to discuss the subject at greater length... is a Government COINTELPRO Disinformation Operation

Yes, the topic has come up before, once or twice.

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