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Is The Bible Real?

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posted on May, 15 2012 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by wdkirk

Control, you say...

But for what purpose?

Control can be used to protect, or to dominate. But what if domination is the best protection? What if protection leads to domination? What if it was used to dominate, but is slowly transitioning to protection?

With all these questions, I like to think that religion was originally intended to protect us as a shepherd protects the flock before it goes wandering over a cliff or into wolf territory...if you'll permit me such an ironic example.

What ATS fails to see is that religion, because of how loose and lax today's world is, seems to be restrictive. Have you noticed how much crime is committed in the absence of religion? Because of our immense population, it seems a pittance. However, large numbers do not hide the fact that religion, in giving way to GOVERNMENT, has loosened its vise-grip on the animal side of us. Government has done it's best to destroy religion's grasp on society, knowing full well that once we were free, it could use our instincts to its advantage, convincing us to pull all manner of crazy acts in order to keep the Machine running.

I am not saying religion is the right way. I am saying that religion isn't the sole fault of today's world. I am saying that while religion was king, it did a damn good job keeping us safe. Then government stepped in, and all hell broke loose. And that fact is, in the time it has taken the government to break us down and rebuild us according to its image (interesting comparison, yes? ) in that time, we have matured to the point that we no longer need religion as we knew it.

We need a different kind of spirituality.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 05:22 PM
Many people confuse the bible with the Word of God. The bible refers to the the phrase, "Word of God" as Christ or spirit. Christ refers to the bible as "scriptures." Many think that searching the scriptures is what leads to eternal life, but it is Christ Himself that is hidden from those (pharisees) who only see the letter, which kills, and not the spirit, which gives life.

For a good article on understanding the Bible and the Word of God, see also:

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 10:38 PM
The research numbers overall (Paul-2009), actually seems to indicate the relationship that when religious influence increases, peace and societal health/stability decreases. This statistic also seems reflected poorly in the USA compared to other developed societies. Not only reflected poorly within itself, but in its propensity towards conflict with others.

Penn had it right when he stated the best way to create an atheist is to ask someone to read the bible with a critical and open mind. Few might get to the point of wondering whether Christ physically existed, or the nature of his overall message, unable to get past the old testament unscathed. It being so ridiculous and with such strange advice and occult practices, it seems unlikely that any self respecting witch doctor would lay claim to it. If god exists, no doubt he would also become an atheist after reading it.

Though spirituality is not necessarily a bad thing, adherence to ancient superstitions and fable/rule books doesn't necessarily equate to spirituality.

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