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Soldiers and Citizens alike, this is a must see.

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 07:41 PM

Originally posted by jazzguy
the fourth video from the top really opened my eyes.. wow

watched that one after reading your comment - that was actually physically sickening.

seriously who the hell actually picks up a little puppy and launches it 30 metres like a shotput?

these drones have no souls.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by drmeola

That's not how it works.

You sign up to fight for the government, you do what you're told.

Where were these "smart" soldiers when Bush was in office?

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by Flatfish


This birther crap needs to be flushed down the goddamn toilet once and for all!

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 08:26 PM

Originally posted by gentledissident
A lot of those who know what's going on defend the situation. We're dealing with people who have "awakened" and like what they see. I am convinced there are 2 different species under the name "homo sapien".

I had to take a break after the 4th video. I hadn't cried in a long time.
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My God how do we begin to have been able to stop a lot of these atrocities when we the people CLEARLY voiced our objections to anything but the finding of Osama as they went to Iraq anyway?

As a conservative I was disgusted with Bush/Cheney, Cheney was the real leader there, and that they would send our troops to Iraq when most Intel agencies apparentlyl knew OBL was in Afghanistan or Pakistan by then. Those idiots were up to something other than justice and they drug our good name of representing personal freedom for all of mankind through the mud. I have fallen off the fence of "did they do it for the wrong reasons?:" They sure did do it for the wrong reasons. There deeds are damning us now and have paved the way for any Dem that won the ticket to become pres and anyone did become POTUS. He was not the least bit fit to be nominated with quality African Americans in Congress already more worthy for consideration he gets the nod. Surely a chosen one selected by those who would rule all mankind as there serfs. No freedom for us serfs don't we know our place? Yes and it might be with a noose preparing it for those who need justice dispensed upon themselvse?

Now the new POTUS divides Americans even more by things like ignoring that the DOJ has been apparently ignoring high crimes, and maybe even committing one in Fast and Furious! And then trying to ignore and forgive the loans of mega bucks given to support white collar thieves dressed as solar plant owners who did not produce a product other than a salary for themselves. Those guys have ruined the industry. Was that the real reason or just an unintended consequence?

My old veteran ass is tired of contrived wars that serve not the defense of this land. I signed up to protect the US and preserve the Constitution when I was in and not to go to someones home in a distant country and kill them where they stand for a reason they did not understand, nor I. That sounds like tyranny to me and I wish it to be ended now. Especially, since it is supposedly done in the name of protecting the USA. It is uneccesarily inviting death on our people to attack these people who could not come here without a lot of equipment and manpower. Instead we blow our money chasing rabbits down a rabbit hole and killing innocents when the supposed guilty were elsewhere in another land. DISGUSTING!
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posted on May, 12 2012 @ 08:12 AM
First thank you all for your many responses, second this has nothing to do with the birthers as many have tried to tell you.

This was put together to wake some people up its not about saving the planet its about saving humanity the time for wars has long since past and we must all get back to building our local communities uniting as friends and family some say charity begins at home, I agree but go further, peace begins in your home they have divided us at the very core of the foundation placing mother against father and so on.

Please forget about what they are doing its time to get back to what are we going to do.
God Bless
Thank you

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