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A Way to 'Become the Change' as penned by a friend of mine

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 06:24 AM
So a friend of mine from just across the way penned what i and many others who read it thought was a very beautiful thought the other day which instantly made me want to share it with y'all. i think a few of you will appreciate it very much.

i know long quotes are frowned upon (and it is long, but very worth the effort!); i also have first hand knowledge that linking to a thread on the site in question, which starts with an r/ ends with an 'it', will in fact get the offending post deleted so i am left with precious few options. So with minimal, in-substantive [edits], and sans any further ado, please enjoy:

TL;DR: Society sucks, but it's current form is broken and dying. Stop trying to force yourself to reintegrate into the old and dead. Instead reach out and connect with your fellow expanded thinkers in the offline world and unite with each other to start creating new withing the old. We are separated from each other and lost in an alien world and we need to reach out and connect with out brothers and sisters of love.
Edit: Some people seem to have gotten a slight impressionism. I am not advocating disconnecting from society, I am advocating creating new networks inside the old.
Edit2: If my writing gave the impression that I am looking to separate myself and like minded individuals from interacting or being part of general society and the world, I apologize for my lack of clarity. I am not trying to say that. I am merely trying to express that we should connect with and support each other WHILE taking part in affecting the rest of the world. Connecting tangibly in the physical world and in each others daily lives. I'm not trying to start communes.

Hello my friends. I've seen a lot of posts lately about how many of you are finding it perplexity difficult to mesh all of the realizations, changes, and growth you have gained with the plight of living in 'modern society'. I have been struggling with this as well from the beginning of my expansion and growth. My very first [edit because of ATS] trip led me to want to run off to a cabin in the woods and forgo this whole charade and just hang out by a river and listen to music. I know how you feel, I've been right there with you, but I have good news for you. I finally have come to a place where I feel confident in saying that I have a solution.

We know we operate from ideologies staunchly opposite from the mainstream. We are finding it frivolous to interact with our fellow 'humans' who are caught up in the charade game and illusions of the society we are equally reserved from playing any part in. We feel trapped like cattle in a system designed to turn us into consumers; destined to slave at some job to earn a pittance barely sufficient to supply our vices which wash away the dissonance of being part of such a system. We long for something greater, something fulfilling, and something wholesome which satisfies our souls instead of the petty desires of lower levels of consciousness. We feel called to this changed way of living, but we cannot see it! We do not know where the path to it is. Surely we would leap and shout with joy if there was but a way, if there was some ship in the harbor we could sail away on to a new place where all live in accordance with the tugging and demanding call of a higher way of taking part in our shared existence. You know what I am talking about, because I know this is what you have been talking about.

First of let me begin by reminding you that you are not trapped. You are not weak. You are not helpless. You are not alone. WE are not alone. We are not clutched by a fate we cannot control. We are not subdued by the society which attempts to unless we allow it. Do not allow it. All moments of the evernow are opportunities for you to take charge and guide yourself and your life towards the calling change we are all starving for.
Society is a dieing behemoth. It's treatise and values and desires have been lifted to the place of a godhead, but that god is dead. This society that exalts money and things and the individual to a place all mighty is following a vacant corpse to its doom. We see this, we know this. The aggressive and dominating nature of this infected beast spread itself into the furthest reaches of our world. McDonalds in the third world, African villagers lusting for AirJordans, foreign peoples no less than slaves to feed the gluttonous mouth of the greedy world. It sickens us to our core, but we cannot escape it or hide from it.

We cannot change this behemoth, because it is dead and dying; rigor mortis has set in. In its failure and death, dysfunction, malfunction, and nonfunction are its way of operation. The channels of change have stopped themselves up for without rigid adherence to 'tradition' and the code of how it has been done, the system would collapse and the dying body would shatter to pieces. Behind their delusions they cling to so desperately their system slowly collapses upon their heads. We see this with open eyes, but they still feel its truth tugging at their cores. They are afraid.

We do not need to be afraid.

We do not need to struggle in fear to revive and reform the vile beast, because it's time has already passed. We do not need to find a way to be part of the dying monster. We can become the new growth instead.

We need to create our own microsocieties where we already. A new life within the dying old. Small and intimate, but such is the birth of any new thing.

We are a dispersed community. We should change that. Not in some mass exodus to some cultish compound or revolting new state, there is no need for such extremes. We simply need to begin closing the gaps that separate us. This forum is a wonderful tool to unite our ideas and experiences, but it does not UNITE us. We feel separated and disparaged because WE ARE. Some of us are lucky to have friends who have grown with us and enjoy their microcosm amidst an non-understanding world, but others are not so lucky. We do not have brothers in arms or an understanding family of fellow psychonauts to support each other. This is what we desperately need.

All life began from a single cell, so do not be reserved from starting at the smallest level. We need reach out and connect with each other in real life, and make each other part of our real lives. This is a touchy subject because of the illegal nature of many of our substances, but I am not talking about doing drugs together. I am talking about LIVING together. Instead of simply having cooperative collaboration abstractly with our ideas, we need to collaborate our LIVES. We are being of immense strength, intelligence, creativity, and love, but that is on our OWN. Imagine what we can achieve united. Even with simply one, single comrade, would your efforts to help the other not expound the good you could manifest in this world?

continued below...
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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 06:25 AM

We are used to our solitary introspection in our lonely corners under the influence of a personal dose of some [thing] to reveal our personal stumbling blocks, but the deepest recesses of these journeys unveils that we are all united together, but we come back and try and force ourselves back into trying to forge through the absurdity of our lives by ourselves, cut off from our fellow seekers and brothers and sisters in love. Why?! Why do we listen when the world tells us we are alone? LOOK AT THIS [FORUM]. We are not alone. We are merely separated.
Stop trying to force yourself back into the old, and start building the new for yourself.
Find psychonauts near you, become friends, confidants, and cooperate in each other lives. Any form of this is something I think is absolutely vital for us. We lack it and we feel that lack intensely. Reach out and seek each other. Unite and grow together. Work with each other to be the change we desire from ourselves and those around us.
Personally I want to live with you guys. I want to be in a shared house of psychonauts. I made this [unlinked] post seven months ago and I unfortunately was caught up in personal turmoil and change since then and have not made any progress towards this, but I still feel it calling me. I want a place where we are in tune with each other and our growth and creation resonate and strengthen each other. Not roommates, not housemates, but lifemates. Taking part in each others lives, creating together, learning together, reaching out and changing the world together. I want to paint with you, sing with you, talk with you, argue with you, clean house with you, build things with you, volunteer in the neighbor hood with you. I want the love and goodness we build for ourselves to shine out from us like a beacon to others and make them seethe with envy over what we have created in our lives and come begging us for our secrets. Which we share gladly.
By ourselves we are strong. We are beacons of universal love. We are lights in the dark. We are thinking universe. We are vaults of truth and understanding. We are portals of creation. We are fountains of the infinite into the limited. But this is what we are separated.
Together we resonate. Together we exponentialize. Two creaks become a stream. Two streams become a river. The river cuts threw mountains and united we become the sea. If we join together, even in the smallest of ways, the power we have cannot help but be increased. Together we become light that repels the darkness. We become torrents of creation and beauty upon the world. We become healing fires which fuel our growth and expansion. Together we will sharpen each other and feed our own system of life and become an edge so sharp that we pierce through our barriers in an ever increasing maelstrom pushing forward to ways of life we never dreamed of.
This is the calling I hear and feel. This is what I want my life to become. I live in Portland, Oregon and if this call resonates with you, join me. If you are elsewhere, start your own. Reach out, connect, and unite.


When i asked for permission to share this he kindly agreed with the lone stipulation that i forward any interested Portlanders on to him, so if any of you fit the bill please let me know and i will be overjoyed to do just that. And if any of you find yourselves in the ATL i would Love to grab a beer sometime. i'm afraid the wife is not down with any roommates at the present time

He makes a few statements with which i take issue:

We cannot change this behemoth, because it is dead

i believe there is a way to do just that, and i think that what my friend talks about here would have a unpredictably magnifying effect on that.

Other than that i think he is nearly spot on. i hope you did enjoy it and that it has stirred some thought within yourself.

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