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What do eugenics, the Nazis, and Planned Parenthood have in common?

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 03:35 PM

Originally posted by Lasr1oftheJedi
A) Hate Nazis
B) As a parent, I know for a fact no one can force you to end your child before birth.
C) If they really had that much power (nazis), then people wouldn't have their child birth paid for by the state as was the case with my totally wonderful and adorable son, as the state will cover the costs for low income familes. (I know that will upset some, your taxes paid for my kid to be born, and to that I say a many thanks. Please don't hate. If you do, just look in his eyes first and tell me it wasn't worth it. After all, your taxes go to way worse thing.)

Note: I was going to put a pic of his beaming smile, but I couldn't figure out how to load the pic. Sure I'll get an extra heck for that, but if there is anyone that wants to help instead of hate, I'm here to listen. I learn quick, I promise.

As far as teaching anything, it only works for those interested in what you have to say. By the way you don't need a pic to give us a smile. I believe words are more powerful then almost anything but love and compassion. Words can start, or better prevent a war so we need to treat them as the priceless things they are.

As for the Nazi's and eugenics its quite true they "admired" that abomination so zealously copied from the United States in the 1920's. How and why people associate that with Planned Parenthood baffles me, except many are willing to hate PP because a small part of their services involves abortions. Regarding that and briefly;

I have a problem with so called partial birth abortions after the first trimester, except for a medical emergency. Does life begin at conception? Sure it does but a few million or even billion undefined cells are human, but not viable. My opinion and I am not a medical neophyte. But my main reason I support PP is an issue very true and close to my heart. Personal liberty and freedom. The fact the idiots in congress want to ban the morning after pill, before there is anything that can become a viable fetus just boggles my mind. We (don't blame me I didn't vote for them) put a bunch of tea party and extreme Republicans in office in 2010 I swear are dumber then a bunch of rooks.

I have spoken to several people in the GOP Senate and House, and I swear they need interactions just to use the toilet. Very depressing. But what angers me most about their piety is despite being a gay man, I know no matter how hard I may want to try (I wouldn't) there is no way in hell I'm going to get pregnant.

Amazing how many men think their Gods gift and can make life changing judgments on women. Wouldn't it be nice if those the same who want to cut welfare, WIC, food stamps and medical care for the poor not to mention how aghast they are against birth control. You remember the idiot who told women to "stick an aspirin between your legs" Why doesn't he stick more then that where the sun doesn't shine. Twit. Be great if people who cared so much about the unborn gave a damn about the born. Oh, that takes you know, a little effort.

As someone passionate about personal liberty, you know shouldn't that at least apply to women as well as guys?

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