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Is this a creature? Or a thing?

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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:55 PM
It's called Deepstaria Enigmatica.
"Deepstaria enigmatica, is a jellyfish of the family Ulmaridae first described in 1967 by F.S. Russel. The bell of this jellyfish is very thin and wide (up to approx. 60 cm), and resembles a translucent, folding sheet or "lava lamp" as the animal moves."

Came across this website and remember seeing this on ATS.
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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by KGTR312

Wow-its only 60cm?
I thought it was massive,like a 250metres long able to swallow ships and small submarines.

It looks like something out of the worst nightmares of HP Lovecraft...
A soul devouring entity from an unknown world, so eldritch it would drive you insane just by looking at it in the flesh.
(But luckily not if you see it on youtube.)

posted on May, 15 2012 @ 12:11 AM
I wanted to thank everyone who participated.
This, in my opinion was a fun thread, I will try and dig up more odd life things to give at least myself a break from the political and religious frothing that is common lately.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 08:04 AM

Originally posted by sgspecial19
reply to post by lordtyp0

Hanar diplomat, enough said

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posted on Jul, 29 2013 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by TopherWayne

That was my very thought. Holy crap, it looks like something from The Abyss! But at 60 cm's it's very small, compared to the impression it gives on the video.

Right off I didn't take it for a man made object, It looked real. Seeing it up close, translucent and at times 'glowing' was simply wild! Mind you, after watching a show the night before on giant squid the thought crossed my mind "I wonder if it's dangerous?" (thinking it was larger then it was). Looking at the tail, I wondered if it was a tail at first. Then I thought no maybe a feeler, or maybe a sex organ.

I did a google search, and two creatures popped up that people though it could be. Deepstaria Enigmatica jellyfish and Stygiomedusa Gigantea. It does not look like a Stygiomedusa Gigantea. And neither does it look or move like a Deepstaria Engmatica Jellyfish.

I went to Reddit and watched a rather clear video of Deepstaria Engmatica and the Deepstaria Engmatica just does not move like the creature in the video, nor does it seem to show a 'tail' or organs inside it's folds. The creature in the video to me, could possibly be from the same family, but I'm not buying it's a Deepstaria Engmatica. That is unless I see one moving like the creature in the video.

I think there are many creatures we have never come across in the depths of the oceans.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 10:34 PM
reply to post by lordtyp0

Speaking of Odd Things , here's one that will make you Blink ! ( Carnivorous Hawaiian Caterpillar )
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