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I finally solved a great mystery! I think I see now...

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 08:05 AM
I've been heavily manipulated and taken advantage of in the past. Thinking back, there were comic book villain like moments of the abusers showing heir hands and saying "And there's nothing you can do about it."

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 08:08 AM

Originally posted by KryptKeeper
I read about halfway through before I realized you weren't making any points at all. Simply babbling on about nothing.

Well, try reading the other half. When I re-read my post, I agree, I took a bit of license in getting to my point, but I got there. A bunch of us here have had a rather wonderful and lively discussion based upon the things I've said. Not all in agreement, some very much so, but cordial and supportive and facilitating growth. Get in here man, offer something...


posted on May, 9 2012 @ 08:10 AM

Originally posted by seamus
reply to post by BBobb

sorry, mate. you missed the answer.

There is no bad guy. none!

Very few seers, as you call them, are willing to take the responsibility necessary to see that far up the chain of command. your christian faith does NOT serve you well, except in that it will inevitably bring the necessary suffering upon you to waken you further from the illusion of the "other".

You know, some in this thread have agreed whole heartedly, some have thanked me, some have disagreed respectfully, and some have disagreed in ways less than respectful, but I haven't found any post thus far to blatantly offer me insult until yours.

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by shimmeringsilver73

Ha! Isn't that awesome. I don't know about psychic, I'm not certain I know what that word means, but I do know as soon as I read your initial post, I could barely finish reading it because I knew I had to respond with that quote from WISH YOU WERE HERE. If that's psychic, then that's what WE had. I say we because I don't think it's something I did alone, but rather something you and I collaborated on over distance. Peace....

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by wasaka

That "fish bowl" is symbol of our world, or Matrix if you will.
This thread is about understanding the fish bowl, but even
if we were able to solve every "mystery" about the conspiracy
we would still remain with in this fish bowl.

What lies beyond remains unknown. We call this death,
or we call it Eternal Life, or God, or Soul, or Source, or
whatever name we choose. In any case, it is our Ego
that lives in the fish bowl and it is our Ego that wants
to remain in the fish bowl. Ego is terrified of its own
extinction above all else.

Let us first understand a few things about our fish bowl.
It is a place of illusion, which means to see as it is not.
Truth means to see as it is. Whatsoever we see is illusion,
because we involve ourselves in our seeing; our experience
does not remain objective, it becomes subjective. Such
is the nature of the "should be" fish bowl.

In this fish bowl we think everything "should be" other
that it is, and we find it hard to accept what is, so we
become angry, not willing to allow what is to be as
it is. Not "seeing" everything belongs to its own self.

If we can understand this properly, we shall be able
to shatter the fish bowl easily. People say that this
house is mine, or I own this car, or they might say
that this body belongs to me. However, these are
all false ideas. Not only the house is not mine, the
car isn't mine either, the body is not mine; even
the mind is not mine. Your body is made up from
the atoms. Those atoms existed before you were,
and they will continue after you leave the fish bowl,
so the body is not who you are. No thought is ever
original, all thoughts are borrowed. But we claim
even a meme to be 'mine'. It is not.

Continuing this analysis, using the negation:
"I am not this, I am not this"; when in the end
nothing remains to be negated, when our fish
bowl of illusion is not longer "our" fish bowl
then it is broken no meme remains that can
still be broken, that which remains even then
is what the Upanishads have called sakshi,
the seer, the witness.

This is the ultimate meaning of what a seer is. To see through the webs of intrigue of the powers that be is to be a very good detective and the result of that investigation may well contribute as being a catalyst towards being a seer in the true sense of the word. I mean it may serve to frustrate enough to put a crack in the hypnotic spell one is under.
In a political sense, we may attempt to separate the good intentioned from the ill-intentioned but as long as we remain identified with the human mold we will continue to be threatened by the deep instincts of a predatory past and old tyrants will be replaced by new ones.

"Ego is terrified of its own extinction above all else."

And to me this is what the whole current death consciousness is about. Ego only too well knows that reincarnation is a fact, but any perceptive ego will understand that the future on this planet will be a precarious place to attempt to fulfill one's unfulfilled desires in. Chipped and vaccinated before you have even learned to crawl.

Perhaps the real purpose of this age is to understand the true meaning of liberation.

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 08:49 AM
Brilliant post BBob

You have cut to the quick of what goes on in the minds of those who would give credence to conspiracy theories. I'm not sure I've ever been anything else to be honest. I can remember even as a young child how shocking it was when they gunned down JFK. I was 4 and my mother had the greatest look of shock and horror on her face - I will NEVER forget that image. Perhaps that's why I am who I am today because I saw how much it hurt my poor mom.

School was no help either, I questioned what we were taught and why we needed to learn it. Most of it was stuff that has never had any value or use. It all seemed like blind repetition and indoctrination.

Seeing the changes in America over the last 50 years should be enough to awaken anyone my age or older. Those who refuse to see are in denial because it comforts them to not have their world view challenged. Just let me drink my beer and watch football and everything is fine, right? I have many friends who are exactly like that. They will not be awakened because they have made the choice not to. No amount of facts could ever change that either unless it were to affect them deeply in a personal way.

My Christian faith is also a blessing since I have no fear of death I have no fear of living either. I trust my fate to better hands than mine. As you said "you shall know them by their fruit" and frankly the smell of rotten fruit is the fragrance of America today. God gave Satan dominion over this Earth so it's not surprising that his minions are solidly in control for the moment but this too shall pass. New Christians need to understand that fact or they will be hopelessly overwhelmed. It wouldn't hurt new conspiracy theorists either to realize it and that is how I found religion myself; by seeing just how rampant evil is in the world today. Once you believe in the concept of evil there must be an opposite to balance it out.
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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by BBobb

I'm glad you enjoyed it - I have it on my wall and the book from which I quote is fantastic, I often refer to it. But as you open the bible for answers I receive mine just by meditating and listening for the answer and yes, it always comes.

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 09:33 AM

3. Reality checkers.

These people understand that the world is not as literally depicted by those in power. Neither is it the all encompassing conspiracy perpetrated by some shadowy organisation(s) ie NWo, Illuminati, Masons...etc etc take your pick!

Reality checkers understand greed is a massive behaviour controller. Where money is concerned you can guarantee a whole industry of lies. It's still not a conspiracy though, just plain old ordinary human unpleasant behaviour so that the greedy can keep their hands deep in their pockets.

I think you are right to break it down into more than two groups,
and I would add a fourth group, although I don't count myself
among this group, I do "see" that there are seers beyond my
own level (that is beyond the reality checker and believer).

1) Those in chaos (unawake),
2) Those in structure (believers)
3) The reality checkers (skeptics)
4) The seers (mystics)

These are the Four Level of Awarness

The believers and the skeptics are both reality checkers
in a way--but the believer is limited by their beliefs which
are very often religious in nature. They tend to be rather
dogmatic in their views. However, it should stated that
people are complex creatures and no one is locked
into any of these "boxes" but rather we all move back
and forth as we journey through life.

The believer and the skeptic may all disagree about the
nature of the conspiracy, still they agree that this world is
real--and unlike the seers they can not accept that this
world is a truman show "fish bowl" of illusion. Perhaps
the believer can see the truman show (conspiracy), but
they are quick to paint everything a black and white
(good and evil) without areas of grey. They see the
cabal where as the skeptic sees an organic process
of self-interest forming a Super Organism which has
an ego force (or artificial intelligence) that can be
explained without any supernatural influences. The
believer will see the concept of the skeptic but they
believe other spiritual forces are at work. While the
believer see more then the material forces at work
they also have a difficult time seeing everything in their
"fish bowl" as illusion--as the mystic does--unless
it fits with their religious dogma about God, the devil,
heaven and hell, etc. What is unknown to them is
the witness--that mystical "Divine Self" is to them
a kind of sacrilegious thing to avoid.

The skeptic can see the truman show (conspiracy) and
they are quick to explain it as human greed and aversion
following within the natural order of this material world.
However, they have a hard time with the spiritual nature
of it all. You might say the skeptic has a concept of the
"fish bowl" but they keep it scientific and that that regard
they can become dogmatic in their own way--having a
hard time seeing past their concepts into the "unreal"
or spiritual helm beyond. I know that I do, as do most
skeptics. We are concept driven, and to let that go is
not a thing we would relish, desire, or enjoy. For this
reason our ego holds a stronger appeal that any
"experience" of the witness every could.

As for the mystical view, such a man stops following
the society altogether. They are free from the culture,
unbound from the civilization, the people who are all
around them have no influence on their word-view,
they are not follower of the crowd, nor do the join
any cause. Their liberation is to experienced that
"I am the witness" and never a doer, which means
that "I am ever a witness" and never the indulger.
Beyond the ego construct they drop the feeling
of 'mineness' and the desire over everything. The
mystic goes on receding within to that point beyond
which it is not possible to recede any more.

To give up following the society before you have the
experience of the witness is dangerous; because with
society are associated its morals, its rules, regulations,
limitations, organization and discipline. So society will
certainly become the master for one who is not yet his
own master. Somebody has to control one who is not
his own master; some discipline is needed, otherwise
all systems will go berserk, will become anarchic. But
the one who has experienced his own being, the one
who has experienced his witnessing, is himself his
master in this world.

Again, we all jump around on this map of awareness
and so what I lay out is not mean to be judgmental
or to suggest one level is "higher" than the other.
It is just a helpful construct with which to approach
the mystery of life and perhaps a way to better
understand or approach one another.

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 09:41 AM
Excellent OP. The key to understanding and reducing confusion is to re-learn how the body machine works. Either through ignorance, egoic historical passing down of knowledge, or outright hijacking, the mind-body machine of most has been compromised.

Why should this be a surprise? We lock down our computers and still get infiltrated because there can be profit (money/power/etc) in taking over systems. The human system has been the one most misunderstood.

When you think of the mind/body in terms of a computer system, the implications are profound yet potentially plateau-shifting in terms of our understanding of the power of the body.

Take a break from ATS for a couple weeks. Get rid of labels and judgments and just get focused on some activity or daily routine. The drama goes away. The earth doesn't end. Niburu doesn't slam into Earth, the political b.s. still plays out as it does, etc. The point is, this simple exercise shows how inputs affect the computer's output (moods, feelings, emotions, actions). Take this to the next level and you learn how deep the programming is and how to free yourself.

The best traps, prisons, scams & hijacks are the ones where the victim has no clue as to anything wrong. Consider a virus that is part of a programming or operating system. What can defend from it? It's wired in. The brain is the same. Day one is pure blank hard drive--pure awareness. Day two is parents society & everything else uploading data onto the new drive. It will be continually programmed. When it resists, the programmers step in to ensure conformity, bell-curve behavior and if necessary will re-program (counselling, drugs, prison, etc).

What if one day you come to learn this and figure out how to take the machine apart, strip out the old software, upgrade the system, and operate your own new personal operating system? The body is a creation machine that has been hijacked. In order for it to run properly, it must harness the thinking mind and supercharge it for it's true purpose. The thinking mind must become subservient to consciousness. In order to visualize this, imagine playing a video game where you shift the view to cockpit, or front, or rear. Now look through your eyes as a "view". The body needs to become the machine or avatar that it is. You aren't the machine. You drive the machine and create with it.

We live in a world of machines that are mostly all programmed by others and each other. Very few on this planet have learned to operate the machine to its more interesting uses. The key is to understand how thoughts are linked to emotion and feeling and how the body is designed to physically flesh out creation using this process. When others get to program the links, you end up with a belief-based duality that is created out of every paranoid and fear-based emotion. You get the extreme highs and lows of humanity. You get beautiful creation and countless slaughter.

I'm not even sure if the egoic structure and so-called powers that be even understand how simpleton the egoic and belief-based control structure really is. Consider that merely changing belief or diminishing ego in many cases TOTALLY OBLITERATES the belief-based foundation. Like sand washing away.

Way too much to put in a thread post. But this isn't some hypothetical spiritual mumbo jumbo. It is literally the next new frontier for humanity to explore.

Everything that comes out of your mouth and mind is a reflection of your current state. Use these indicators like you would the indicator lights on a car dashboard and you are on the way to taking the mind/body to a whole new experience.

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 09:50 AM
Beautiful thread, very good so far I think.

I'll add a few things for consideration -

There are those that see these things, for what they really, really are. A game. A test. A growth opportunity. The soul can only grow during the catalyst of adversity. There are those that can see the "bad" guys as nothing more than soul counterparts playing their role. Some would say they have far over-stepped their bounds, but I disagree. Out of the hottest fires come the best steel, and hardest ceramics. We will overcome but the Unawakened Masses must be woke up. Not all of them, but more than what we currently have. Consider that if you think of Earth as a school of Duality (which I've said before), a school of what the positive and negative paths really feel like for the soul, and what can give the soul a real experience of both... well consider that the only way we can "graduate" on to better things is to get more of the "class" up to speed. Many incarnated here to do just that. Of course to come here means one must take on the veil of forgetfulness, which is what gives us the illusion of separation from one another. Remember though, it is only an illusion. We are all One, and that is the lesson to learn.

So above and beyond all TPTB bull, and all the strife and evil that they drum up, it is a test.

In order to pass, you cannot live in fear because that is the control factor.

It has been said that if all of humanity could live without fear for just one day, the power of the illusion TPTB (and their handlers above them) would dissolve by the end of the day. It is a weak illusion only allowed to exist by consent of the wills of those that still stay mired in it.
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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by BBobb

A much better example would be


posted on May, 9 2012 @ 10:08 AM
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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by Outofcontrol

Ironic and humorous you should choose the words indoctrinated and then propose that the fight may be against the wrong guys, that the NWO might be a good thing. That if we could just join with them to "Help Change Humanity" it might be for the better.

Why ironic because you use the Avatar of the illusive man and if you know his whole story you know what I am getting at…

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 10:10 AM
reply to OP-post post by BBobb

Yes. Their greatest form of control is by inducing the populace into a vibration of fear. This is their goal for control, always following the problem, reaction, solution model. Or when they want a law passed, or something done that the public would not want they'll disguise it (PROTECT ip act, the PATRIOT act etc.) or scare the people into accepting the policies. Here's a simple example.. booom goes the WTC, people = "OMG, wtf! who to blame?!" president: "War on terror" and the people buy it and praise the new war. The problem is they are the true terrorists themselves, for they are the ones who rule by terror.

"He who would give up a little freedom for the sake of security, deserve neither freedom nor security" - Benjamin Franklin, if memory serves.

The majority of fearful people will allow their freedoms to be taken away, be it through the patriot act, NDAA, CISPA or even full dictatorship all in the name of Safety, although the effect is the complete opposite, which they do not notice. The "war on terror" can never be won, nor will they want it to. The always, always, ALWAYS find new targets.. a new alleged bad guy, the face of evil.. take the last 10 years Saddam, Osama, Gadaffi, Al-Assad and Ahmedinejad. They are only on the agenda for the financial interests of USA. That is the only reason, whatever form the $ may be in, oil, other resources or the monopoly on reserve currency.

Example: Saddam, CIA operative, gone rogue, first war to teach him a lesson and regain control over him (because of value of training, efficient dictator), war = success, control = fail. Saddam threatens petrodollar by wanting to start trading in €, very bad for $ => Time to bomb/hang Saddam.

Personally I believe TPTB won't produce a forgery for Obama because it is one of their greatest tools for controlling him, basically I believe they are in possession of the real proof that he is not eligible for president and unless he does as they tell him they will publish the document. And the punishment for his actions would be execution for treason.

The lie isn't better because evidently it doesn't need to be, they still get away with it because they have corrupted most of the people in power and the corporate media, so only individuals truly investigate them and are given no credence.. so they have become arrogant. And this will be their undoing. Besides, there are loads of operations the secret intelligence underground are doing behind our backs that we will never become aware of, it is sickening.. especially NSA, CIA, MI6 and Mossad. Sabotage and assassinations through "accidents", and we are never told. But before that happens they of course try to bribe everyone through their private contractors the "economic hitmen" (that John Perkins describes in detail) and buy everyone with their fiat currency they print as much as they like of.

We only know what whistle blowers tell us, but they get thrown to the wolves almost each and every time.. and no one cares? They can also use whomever they want as a scapegoat and plant evidence and not many will notice nor even care. Berlusconi wanted to use € to trade oil instead of $ and bang! RAAAPE! Julian Assange collects whisle blower material => RAAAAPE! Where is the outrage, do people not know it is lies? I believe they do but think they can do nothing about it, they are wrong.

Reality.. well the matrix is the basic idea.. One can venture into simulations and Omega points which is truly mindblowing, but I don't believe that is exactly how it is. Quantum Physics is interestingly beginning to tell us all these things, that reality shares more properties with holograms and simulation than with conventional physics and theories on matter.. There is of course truth to this.

In my mind, reality is a shared illusion of our collective mind. We are all cocreators of this YOUniverse. We are all one consciousness experiencing parts of itself through different perspectives consisting of our individual lives as human beings. Everything that you can possibly imagine exists already in parallel realities, just as real as this one. Time is an illusion because everything exist all at once right now, we only perceive what we have come to believe is time when we move into another "frame", if you will, of reality when we move, think and make choices. We are constantly shifting to new realities, our individual and the collective reality we cocreate here on earth.

What YOU broadcast into the world is what YOU receive, if you remain negative you will receive negative results. If you are POSITIVE and are convinced that we'll make the transition of society in a positive way, then it will be so. We cannot focus on hate and, it only feeds the manipulators hateful reality full of fear of today. All we need to do is focus on how we want our reality to become and make it so.

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 10:13 AM

Originally posted by Outofcontrol
reply to post by BBobb

Have you ever felt that maybe... just maybe you're on the wrong side? I ask myself that sometimes, being ex military...

What if... the new world order is actually good? What if all you've been fighting for was wrong, and you were just indoctrinated to believe that it was bad, when it was actually good. But theres concepts buried so deep that go far back in generations, leading you to this moment when you think you're fighting on the good side, but in reality you're a pawn being used, pre-formated brain, to fight against evolution of mankind thinking it is bad?

Yes you are correct. We have been on the wrong side. With all the wars, disasters, poverty, CORRUPTION, nuclear threats in japan, financial meltdowns, opression and fighting amoungst ourselves one must come to realize that we truly need a New World Order. The corporate media is keeping us divided and in the dark, we must realize that they follow an agenda and instead get the news through investigative and non corporate journalism or though collaboration of individual intelligence networks.

But it MUST be a newer world order and not the bankster and global elite oligarchy now in motion. We must help those who are on the wrong side realize this, that the international systems have been corrupted and must be renewed and made EQUAL, we cannot try to keep africa poor purposefully and steal their resources. Every system we make must have failsafe controls, where the populace can contribute in decisions, and it must be completely transparent.

For new systems to come into place others must be demolished, and this is why at this particular time Ron Paul needs to become president. The US is optimal to begin the transition due to traditions, a fine constituation and the history of killing off every external force threatening the status quo, thus let it be internal. Gadaffi already tried to bring about true direct democracy I believe, read about it in his "Green Book", but was assassinated due to being a threat to the petro$.

One society of the people and truly for the people, where the individual and the collective is valued and money and materialism is secondary or even nonexistent. If everyone works for what is best for everyone instead for fighting for their own ego, in time EVERYONE will receive so much more even if the focus is on material things. I believe National economists would say that the "Nash equilibrium" is correct even on this level (popularized in "a beautiful mind").

Nationalism is only a dividing force just like race, gender, appearance, sexual preferences, religion (God, Allah, Jahve is the same god, different names, fighting each other is insanely stupid). We must YOUnify instead of being divided and realize we are all one race, one society and one consciousness and act like it. We are all one!

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 10:22 AM

Originally posted by BBobb
Meanwhile, those controllers of mankind are sending a message to their true enemies, and what they’re saying is this: “Look what we do in plain sight and with impunity. Look how the cattle you care for ignore what is obvious and even fight for their own slaughter. What do you, store clerk, lone reporter, pilot, everyman and nobody hope to possibly do about it? We have killed presidents. We have destroyed buildings. You, Seer, have lost.”


This is exactly what is going on. The obvious Obama fake BC made me puzzle for some time. Why? Why make it so obvious? This is the only conclusion I could come up with either. They are laughing in our face.

I have worked for years now to awaken some people I know. But their programming is just too great. It is actually very scary to see how easily manipulated they are. How blind they are. How they make excuses for everything going completely wrong. Are these people really that gullible or just that scared - that is what I haven't figured out yet ...

BTW, the unawakened don't argue intelligently against me. They are not educated on these subjects in the least. Until me, they have never heard of building number 7 or the NDAA. They are completely clueless. In other words they are not SHILLS ...
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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by BBobb

Way to tell it like it is...the "Unawakened masses", the general manipulated population, are puppets that live their day to day lives without a care in the world and doesn't give a further thought to global conflict past what the media puts in their heads. The "Seers" are people like you and I that take that extra step to understanding and retrieving the truth simply by asking the question "Why?". There obviously is a committee of sorts that get together and run the world and they know they have the "unawakened masses" always and forever under their control and as for the "seers" they don't worry about us. They have no need to worry about us because ultimately we can do nothing to interfere with their operations. We can only ponder things and try to expose the truth but even when we do let the truth be known there is always a cover story of some sort that puts the "Unawakened masses" at ease and the "Seers" at their wits end. It will always be like this until the "Seers" out-weigh the "Unawakened masses".

One of the most powerful quotes I know and speaks to me is "Media is the most powerful weapon any country or any military has.".
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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 10:33 AM

Originally posted by elmoastro
Excellent OP. The key to understanding and reducing confusion is to re-learn how the body machine works.

The body needs to become the machine or avatar that it is. You aren't the machine. You drive the machine and create with it.

While I don't claim to be a Christian, the idea you expressed
about driving the machine and creating with it brought to my
mind a story Jesus told.

The way the story goes, there were two servants and one
took the coin his Master gave him and put it in the ground
so as not to lose it, the second servant invested that coin
and was able to produce a return on that investment.

What did Jesus say? He said when the Master returned he
called the one who put his coin in the earth (he who did not
invest) a wicked servant, but that Master then called the
other servant good and faithful.

The message, if you think about it, is very clear. Jesus was
saying that God wants his servant to have faith—that being
faithful is good and it will reap its own reward in this life.
Learn to use the life you are given to create with it.

What was Jesus telling the 'believer' who has not invested
the talent he was given to work with? He calls him evil.
Wow! That's a hard pill for a BELIEVER to swallow.
Yet, there it is, Jesus rebuked the believer.

Many religious people have a hard time understanding this
because they are invested in their religion. They are attached
to an outcome—attached to a belief. They look to the future,
to pie in the sky when the die, but do not have their eyes on
where they are, what they are doing. They have little to no
awareness and as a result they suffer and cause others to
suffer with them. Their concern is for security because they
live in fear. Yes, they may hold beliefs, but that alone is not
faith, and it is not living one's life to the full measure.
It is in fact, faithless, and Jesus calls it evil.

There are a lot of people who “believe” in God, they pray
and they trust—but if they lack faith, how can they expect
to receive any reward in this life (or the next)? Sure, people
hear the "good news" (and believe) but that is the talent
(a seed, a spark of life) but if a person does nothing with
the proverbial coin then that belief is evil. Jesus said so.

Can we blame God? After all he gave us the coin and then
expected us to use it without giving any instruction to do so.
It seems God is mean and unjust. Some people feel this way.
But when you see that the coin is our life, the message is very
clear, if we fail to use our life for good then we are wicked.

This is simple to understand - Belief is not faith!

If you call yourself a believer, you are only accepting the coin
and with that acceptance you place yourself under the judgment
of the Life-Giver who will one day call you to account. Pray you are
ready to give that account for your actions and your deeds.
But how does one pray--if not by action, by doing...

If you fear judgment and burry your talent in the Earth then
it is not your own inaction that has placed your life in hell?
In this way people suffer, they fear, and yet they claim
to be believers. How strange is this? In this story the
Master returns, and servant is judged, but is it not
our own unwilling to act on faith that becomes our
judgement? Indeed, it is not our own judgement
that will condemn us to the grave?

Therefore make the right judgment and fear not.
Invest in heaven, make that your heart, and know
that it is your home, but do not rest in that belief
(thinking nothing is required of you) for unto whom
much is given, much is required. In short, you
are responsible for your own joy and happiness.

Faith is life. However, belief (without faith) is death.
We have been give life—our duty is to use that life
to change both ourselves and this world. For it is
only in doing so that we honor our Master and
life our life to the full measure.

This is what prayer is all about. Not that we believe
in God doing his work (or granting us special favors)
but that we find the courage to overcome evil--in our
own life and in our world. We were give a body and
mind with which create--if we don't learn to use it
for that purpose, the Master will say to us, depart
from me you wicked and evil servant.

Jesus was addressing religious people when he
spoke these words, and I'm sure they were shocked
to hear his words directed against them in this way.
They may have thought, "hold on, I believe, I go to
church, what more do you want from me?" The real
question is what do you want from yourself? The
Master didn't tell the servants what to do with the
coin--it is your life--do as you will, but goddamn it
do something because the clock is ticking!

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 10:34 AM
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I hear you.

I've read a great quote somewhere on the subject, it goes like this....

"Before trying to change others remember how hard it is to change yourself."

I've long gone over the concept of good and evil in this social instability.

As an individual I fully understand that I am flawed and I'm having already a hard time getting a hold of myself and when I say that I am talking about the realization of the concequences of my actions on my environement.

I am fully aware of my personal destruction of nature and life along that my lifestyle empowers some of the problems in society and I constantly question myself on this to remind me. In a funny way it makes me appreciate things even more.

All of the master that have walked this earth have talked the same language: compassion and love.

Our technology provided a flood of entertainement and information which is slowly making us impermeable to compassion, we are getting "used" to seeing or hearing about negative things and that has the effect of pacifying our emotions, in other words we're getting "used" to it and the more we do the less we'll do something about it.

Everyone keeps talking about how we are due for a collective revolution of some sort; I sincerly hope that revolution will be tailored in order to empower individual consciouness and will be a revolution of the "self".

Some functions of the brain that has allowed us to survive until now needs to change; we have to go from "exploiter" of our environment to "architect and protector" of our sustainability. Our technology and society values are gaining ground way faster than our biological evolution, we are all stuck with all kind of emotions (fear comes to mind) that are now counter-productive in the context of fixing our current problems and moving forward as humanity.

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 10:37 AM
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I am lost for words . You have , so eloquently , summed up everything I feel , in one brilliantly written opening post.
I have not bothered to read the thread beyond the first page , because I can pretty much envisage how it unfolds.

To the unawakened masses. Once you begin to question the status quo , no matter how fleeting that question may be , then the seed of doubt will begin to grow inside you .
There are indeed varying states of awareness and the seed will not sprout in the same direction for everybody , which is why we , as a whole , wander many paths in search of the truth . It can be a lonely road at times , with people jeering from the sidewalks , but occasionally somebody will step down from the kerb and join you for a while before travelling off on their own journey to awareness .

To the seers . Stay the course and always try to remember what lead you to this point of your journey.

We are all fighting things we cannot see !!


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