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I finally solved a great mystery! I think I see now...

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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 04:17 PM
reply to post by Starchild23

I wonder if "they" will become bored at some point? What could be so fun and satisfying about controlling others?

Of course I just had a thought when I typed that. I would tell folks that no matter what, "they" could only try and control you for the 78ish years that you will be alive on average.

But... life expectancy is rising quickly. It might be worse than I thought.

What's the end game, though? After you become Assistant (to the) Regional Manager of Evil of a used-up dirty planet the career options seem pretty limited.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 06:00 PM

Originally posted by Starchild23
reply to post by emsed1

Religion was the surest path of salvation. From what? No, not the Devil. That was a mythos invented during superstitious times...the Devil was created for a society that responded much better to superstition than science. Religion was our salvation...from ourselves. It kept us from destroying our own species.

This brings to mind that Emerson's quote, "Society everywhere is in
conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members,"
which, I think, shows this idea (even if the the writer had a different
idea in mind at the time he wrote that). I would replace "manhood"
with 'adulthood' and add that America is a nation of juveniles (dare
I say delinquents). But to your point, government has had to rule
over us because of this very fact--we seem to lack the maturity
to self-govern... .

Then again, maybe not. For example, people can argue
if a false-flag attack was a) orchestrated or b) allowed to
happen... but what we can agree on is that the result in either
case is the same--the government uses such events to draw
more power to itself. So then, if we say government is there
to protect the juveniles from themselves--it is also true that in
the process government become a parent who will not allow
the child to grow up... and who is served by breed more of
the same. Will the the child to demand freedom, perhaps...
but what is the the outcome likely to be. Will this such a
childish person in an adult body ever reach maturity
and learn to govern themselves or other with wisdom?

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” -- Frederick Douglass

Under such oppression the outcome is likely to be a new
breed of oppressions. The juveniles delinquents become
the new leaders of society--and all they know, all they have
been taught is how to oppress others (as they themselves
have been). And so the conspiracy against the adulthood
and maturity of humanity is a cycle that perpetuates itself.

Conversely, those who live a disciplined life, and who do
become fully mature and responsible adults are a model
of true success. Their wisdom and "success" acts as an
impetus for others. In theory, this is also a cycle that will
repeat itself, over and over again. I said in theory but I
should have said in practice positivity breeds positivity,
the problem is that practice is rare. And why is it rare?
Because in society of money junkies the biggest marktet
are the juveniles delinquents and wisdom is in competition
with madison avenue. In theory both patterns (o "thought
system") can produce habit energy, and in either care they
will become so ingrained in our mind that it becomes normal
(that is to say it coresponds to the norm--the status quo).

The problem is our society does not esteem wisdom.
As the American Indian observed (as we were eager
to commit genocide against them), the "white culture"
is infected with madness of greed. Our society is
quite literally insane. We deceive ourselves with
our madness, we breed that madness, and we
reward that madness. Then we say government
is need to control our madness.

Welcome to the machine...

The government has been waiting for us to mature...and in order to more successfully rule over us, it decided to kill two birds with one stone: train us to follow its rules, thereby achieving a "standby" mode that would make us more compliant, and more easily trainable to support our "life support", so to speak. Basically, keep us from killing each other, and at the same time, keep us feeding it as well. Unfortunately, either the Elite decided that we didn't need to be spiritual, or the people who inherited the design forgot what the original intention was.

Either way, we're now stuck in "standby" mode until someone gives the government (and religion) a kick in the arse. Because it's the government who was protecting and maintaining our race during standby, using us to support itself as well.... it's the government that is now so reliant upon us, it's clinging to us in the desperate attempt to keep itself around a while longer. I'm hoping, once revolution happens, we'll cast aside religion as well.

The question is have we, or will be, ever evolve beyond our
need to be under the control of the systems we have created
for that purpose (government, religion)? The answer is
only as individuals. The society is mad. The people who
rise to the top of any hierarchical structure are conditioned
not only to accept this madness, but to reinforce it, and to
profit from that insanity. The cycle perpetuates itself and
in this way we have created an Artificial Intelligence that
we call "the Machine" (or the Matrix) and is has been
programed by the human ego.

It is not in "stand by" mode, rather it is busy doing what
our collective ego programed it to do--survive at any cost
using the insane model we gave it. The question is how
we reprogram the Machine with a new thought system?

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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 07:08 PM

Originally posted by Jennamoriss

Originally posted by H1ght3chHippie
reply to post by BBobb

Okay I've read it, now where's the mystery and what solution have you found.

I must have missed it.

solution ? if all this crap is real we don`t have a solution

The solution is know who you are--and that all this crap is unreal.

Rather than lose the ego, people try to avoid seeing reality. We build a false world around our false self, this is the y Virtual Reality of our ego, which we think is true and valid, but is not. Then we live in this false world, in that space we have fabricated, drive only by our selfish ego desires.

In this Virtual Reality a person is not in contact with the real world, you cannot be, because you are afraid. You are living in a construct or a private Matrix of your own ego. The fear is there: whenever the other reality comes in contact, your ego may be destroyed, so it is better not to come in contact with the reality. So we go on programming our video game in order to feel secure, to create entertainments and avoid unpleasant realities. The objective is not to know the truth, but to achieve an undisturbed state and call that peace of mind. However such a “peace” is very unstable. We are in fact only attempting to escape from the “ugly” reality outside our little bubble, we just to protect and defend our Virtual Reality.

Why is the ego false? Try to understand this. The reality is one: the reality exists as a whole, as a totality. You cannot exist alone, or can you? If the trees are not existing you will not be able to exist, because they are producing oxygen for you. If the air disappears you will simply die, because that air is giving you vitality, life. If the sun goes out you will be no more here, because the warmth, the rays, they are your life. Life exists as a cosmic totality. You are not alone, and you cannot exist alone. You exist in a world. You exist not as an atomic, separate, isolated existence; you exist in the cosmic whole as a wave. You are interrelated. And the ego gives you the feeling that you are individual, alone, separate, isolated. The ego gives you the feeling that you are in island – you are not. That’s why the ego is false. It is unreal, and the reality cannot support it.

How can it be solved? It can be solved only by an unreal answer. But that unreal answer will create other problems which again will be unreal. And then you fall ad nauseum; there is no end to it. If you want to come to meet reality, it will be a painful process. Being honest with oneself is an unpleasant prospect, but necessary. And to meet reality means having a willing to suffer. I do not mean a glutton for punishment, a doormat for abuse. The willingness to suffer is the first step toward spiritual growth. This does not being being a martyr who endure cronic pain, it means a person who no longer avoid the ugly realities of life. First and formost it means being honest with one self. This does not mean you should focus on being honest with others, that is the wrong approach. When we are being honest with ourselves, the other will follow of its own accord effortlessly.

Our being is Divine. This is what honesty and a willingness to suffer will reveal. The “godliness” is not something hidden somewhere in the sky; it is the reality around you. The Divine is not hidden; you are hidden in an unreality. The Divine is the nearest immediate presence, but you are hidden in a capsule of your own unreal world and you go on protecting it that Virtual Reality, and at the core of it is the false self. That unreal thing we call the ego. It believes it is isolated, alone, and separate. This is the falsehood of ego, in reality outside you “Virtue Reality” you are one with all being. This is reality. You exist as an organic part of it. You cannot be separated from it. If separated, not even for a single moment can you be alive. With every breath, and you join with the living system of earth and indeed with the cosmos; every moment you are moving in and out, meeting the real and coming back. This is the Divine nature of who you are.

posted on May, 12 2012 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by BBobb

Wrong.....I am seer, god said those who see whats before them is good shall be judged for what is not.
I have been glued to television since 9/11, I admit i ruined 6 years after believing Muslims are terrorists, they are ruining our world as we see it..I believed it so much and I am a true christian, but i had to set religion aside for a bit because what is happening to us today is no real Holy War, but instead a super elite who perfectly planned and plotted for 100 or less years how to manipulate,corrupt,steal,lie and take control of us all..I tell you they today admit it all, they are no longer keeping it a secret, better yet they make messages in movies in dramas of what is to come, but as we sit there hypnotized to the drama we never think back to it when something like it actually happen month later like 9/11. they warned others secretly who are part of the elite when this show comes on not more than a half year or less it will happen and they all prepare for the onslaught about to be released on us.
We all are so caught up on the false information which was cleverly planned by the elite that they went behind our backs and stabbed us and than said they did it, this will be the gate to N.W.O.
so get deep in it now years after 9/11 i had seen something that opened my eyes clearly to the real truth and it was the last few presidents were part of this elite entity. Ronald Reagan had a N.W.O. message for us all, and for many years his plans were on the back burner but now its in play and most of us are too stupid to see it...Star Wars. Yes laser satellites that will shoot down missiles that waged upon us, but in reality there was no real threat, but instead our own govt was the initial threat, 9/11 is living proof. and here was my wake up call.
Today there are super weapons that can wipe us out in seconds no matter in a bunker or building and hiding behind a forest tree, this super weapon is made by just sounds to kill you, bomb that take the air you breath away which was tested in Afghanistan, lasers that can create earthquakes and solar flares from the sun to come onto us, W have weather machines to wage storm wars on anyone they like, genetically modified seeds so they never can be reused when grown again. Super pests to wipe out crops, new viruses to kill the weak, and the list gets worse, there are strong evidence death camps,super airports,navy yards and rail systems are set up to begin a soon war on buildings in Utah to listen to us online or cells and do many tech. stuff. we spent many years fighting over 9/11 and the war and the financial collapse of America.. and they say its all because Muslims are a threat to us but yet it was s that sent them to attack us and now we know the truth. We are killing innocent lives for nothing but world gain for this evil elite. Osama,Obama,Bush and all them bankers and corp elites make it happen and here we are believing the election will be a good battle but in reality Obama won his second election when he won the was all a diversion and you got sucked in. meanwhile other matters were being put in motion secretly behind our backs. after watching all the honest evidence from those who knew 9/11 was fake i knew i changed from dumb to a seer. so you label seer as no good but one thing I do know as long as you glue your minds to the media and television and newspapers which is owned by the elites I am going to only focus on a few honest trust worthy internet resources, and this will only be short lived because the elite already taken control of the internet and soon you all will be cut and see for your selves, believe them or see the truth. Satan is in control right now. Peace

posted on May, 12 2012 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by Kabayu

Religion is the art of believing that no matter what, it'll be okay. And if it isn't okay, you somehow deserved it.

Which, all told, is an unhealthy philosophy. Either you win because you did something right, or you lose because you did something wrong. It all comes back to how you treated your imaginary deity. A little inefficient, if you ask me.
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posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 03:31 PM
a reply to: BBobb I would offer you a tribute of Earth and Water, but it is not mine to give. So be it.

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