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The war VS us all

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 10:24 AM
A quote from Mumia Abu Jamal on Death Row

This war in Iraq isn't the end; it's the beginning of Wars to come all around the world at the whim of the Neo-Cons in the White House This is the Bush Doctrine come to life; War, war and more war! War brought to you by the big corporate-masters who run the show This isn't just a War on Iraqis or Afghanis or Arabs, or even Muslims It is ultimately a War on us all! That's because the billions and billions that are being spent on this War the cost of tanks, rocketry, bullets and yes even salaries for the 125,000 plus troops, is money that will never be spent on; education, on healthcare, on the reconstruction of crumbling public housing or to train and place the millions of workers who have lost manufacturing jobs in the past three years alone The War in Iraq is in reality; a war against the nations' workers and the poor who are getting less and less while the big Defense industries and making a killing – literally! What's next Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela? We've already seen the corporate media play megaphone to the White House, to build and promote a War based on lies War is utilized by the imperialists first and foremost, to crush internal enemies We're seeing the truth of its insight when we see the sad state of American education the rush of seniors to buy affordable medications from the Canadians because American drugs are just too expensive the threat of privatization of Social Security and the wave of repression that comes with an increasing Militarized Police; this is a War on all of us And the struggle against War is really a struggle for a better life for the millions of folks who are in need here in this country! The fight against the War is really to fight for your own interest not the false interests of the Defense Industry or the corporate media or the White House Down with the Wars for empire!

Wasn't sure exactly where I should post this but here goes. Everyday I talk to people I am utterly disgusted by their perception of things. Everyone's singing a song about an End to the Wars and yet they themselves directly and indirectly support these war's. Its hypocrisy on a major scale, Just as an example I'd like to use the existing thread entitled "Justice or Revenge", What alot of people posting in threads like that don't seem to fathom is that no one man is Just, no country is righteous, You cannot take an Eye for an Eye because not only does that leave you blind it also makes you no better then the person who took your eye in the first place.

We have hate in our hearts and its a scary thing, Humans could achieve great things but we seem to enjoy murder, rape and torture. If you want change within the world you must first look at yourself, Don't fight for "Revenge or Justice", Fight because you want a better world, one without the tyranny of hateful men. Fight because you want to enact change not because you want to deal pain to those that have dealt it to you. I think its about time we moved forward and stopped going backwards. It is within our grasp to achieve great things but we must first save ourselves. We are indoctrinated from birth from every possible angle to hate, It doesn't matter what we hate and sometimes we don't even need a reason, This is not natural and there can be another way..

Anyway Sorry for the rant, Just have to voice some thoughts. Doubt I'll even post or read this thread because it honestly hurts me that people out their are comfortable with their lives, They are comfortable hating, They would rather take life than bring it into the world. I can deal with a difference of opinion but no doubt there will be those that attack me for my own opinion.

Enjoy life guys we may end up ruining it completely, Leave ya with a little speech that always touches me.

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by Esotericizm

Not sure what you mean. Human civilization has always been advanced by individuals, or by the action of small determined and disciplined groups. The public don't care about bettering themselves or the world around them. What has Mumia Abu Jamal done which gives him a right to criticize the way the world is ?

The public cannot and should not be allowed to rule in my opinion.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 01:24 PM

Originally posted by QQXXw
What has Mumia Abu Jamal done which gives him a right to criticize the way the world is ?

He has lived in it.

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