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Shale gas drilling permit granted behind the scenes (france)

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 03:14 AM
Here's another good trick from Big Oil and collabo french gov. It depicts perfectly how vicious and soulless these people are.
Many protesters are against shale gas and especially against the exctraction method. That's why the permits were not signed...yet. They were indeed pending for a while (2009).

Why would one agree with the drilling when one knows the consequences it has in the soil? Quite normal!

Anyway a few days ago, when France was busy with the presidential election things speeded up.
Here comes the tricky part.
Big Oil and the Dreal (kind of french EPA I'd say) made a deal during the last part of that election. When all the eyes were looking elsewhere.

La Dreal Midi-Pyrénées (Direction régionale de l'environnement, de l'aménagement et du logement) vient de terminer l'instruction du permis de Cahors et l'a validé ! Pourtant, la loi interdisait la fracturation hydraulique comme technique d'exploration et d'exploitation du gaz de schiste. « Le terme de fracturation hydraulique n'apparaît pas dans les textes des pétitionnaires qui usent d'une sémantique adaptée pour arriver à leur fin. Mais leur technique mentionnée correspond à sa définition », ajoute la coprésidente.

The DREAL Midi-Pyrénées (French "state") just ended the examination of Cahors permit that was under review and granted it. Though, french law forbade the hydraulic fracturing method in order to prospect or extract shale gas. «The words Hydraulic Fracturation were never used by the signatories in such a way that they would get what they wanted. Even if the mentionned method fits its definition», says the co-president (of a protesters association)(own translation)

LINK (french)

So this has become a common trick. Wait for bread and circuses to make controversial cases/laws/.. pass.

Here's a map of the concerned area. 57000 sq. km wherein exploration can take place.

From here

This is another good news for earth. And I guess Hollande didn't know # about it... (
Vichy 4.0)

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