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The RIGHT Question About Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 02:36 PM
reply to post by manna2

I don't think that any same sex marriage law requires religious institutions to preform marriages of same sex couples. Some churches do by their own choice (they get paid and presto it's their choice). No one is going to force a church to have same sex marriages.

The only people that will have to do it are justices of the peace, cause even though they wear robes, they aren't clergy.

So no, it doesn't violate your 1st amendment rights to freedom of religion. If your church is still living in the dark ages and doesn't condone same sex marriages, well, it's their prerogative.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by manna2

CS Lewis, one of the most celebrated literary geniuses of any generation?

Popular equates to good in your mind. This is valuable insight.

A former outspoken atheist?

He became and atheist at 15. He began his reconversion at the ripe old age of 28. He wrote The Pilgrim's Regress (critically panned) and The Allegory of Love during that time. Yes, how very very outspoken. I mean, the apocryphal story goes that Tolkien managed to bring him back to the fold in one night during a long walk. How strong his values as an atheist must have been!

Someone with the ability to take very deep and complex thoughts and present them in a way anyone can understand?

Or someone with the ability to take very deep and complex thoughts and oversimplify them to make them palatable to the masses?

nope, I cannot think of what makes his thoughts relevant to you.

Me either.

All I can say is wow!

Then you are just as erudite as Lewis himself, my friend! Congratulations.

Someone comes across something they are obviously ignorant of, does a google and makes a swarmy statement trying to elevate themselves over their betters.

Oh, I don't have to "do a google" to know about Lewis. I had more than enough exposure to him. Now you're just making assumptions about my education, which makes you look silly. And I'm not trying to elevate anyone over anyone, just pointing out that people who yearn for "the good old days", when men were men and could beat their women at will, will typically trot out Lewis in their defense. Go read Moorcock's "Epic Pooh" essay and turn that critical lens to the works of Lewis. Lewis was a hack, always playing second fiddle to Tolkein, who viewed Lewis's work as "pop theology".

I add this for the sake of quashing anymore ignorance in an attempt to misdirect attention to an individual instead of the point that was made.

Given that two thirds of what you post here is about Lewis and not by Lewis, it's pretty clear that ...

Now, this guy wrote more articles, essays and books than I bet you even read in your lifetime.

... you're wrong on that count.

You chose to defend your position by citing Lewis. I gave his words the respect they deserve, which seems to have touched a nerve. I'm sorry that I tried to have a cheeseburger at the expense of one of your sacred cows.

So you don't actually have anything to offer up in response other than heaping praise on C. S. Lewis? Good. Let's get back to the discussion at hand. You said:

It's all in changing definitions and the present generation accepts the present and ignores the past.

Which past is being ignored? The one of polygamy and treating one's wife as chattel? Or just the one that's palatable to you?
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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 03:51 PM
Honestly, marriage should be abolished. It is slavery.

C'mon, the males here REALLY are going to say that they're the ones who run the show? Really? Like if she didn't want to your wife couldn't completely force you to bend to her will & whims? We bend to just shut them up, to get some a piece of peace.

Wanna see misery, find a married person! 75% of us end up hooking themselves to the wrong one, end up with a mound of debt that wasn't theirs...

Abolish marriage, it is keep the male gender enslaved!


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