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Even ET's Are Mad As Hell.[MAD]

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 09:54 PM
Kronikia was orbiting high above the earth when he the message was shown on his holographic projector. This human man he had seen showed much anger and was trying to rally the people of earth. He thought to himself, 'this could be the perfect time for my great intervention'. He decided to wait and see just how many earthlings followed this brave mans lead. He had been given the task of saving the human race but was not allowed to proceed until the awakening took place. He hoped this was the awakening he had been waiting for, for so long. He had grown tired of watching the humans destroy themselves and destroy their beautiful planet. Being a higher sensory being he could feel the pain of the earth and its inhabitants in his soul. The animals pain and struggles seemed to affect him the most. The cries of agony echoed through his entire essence and forced him to bear much spiritual pain on behalf of life on earth.

As a newly ascended master, this was his first assignment from the galactic council. He was the first of his kind to ascend and if he completed his task of guiding the humans down the right path, he would then be returned home to usher in a new age for his own people. He would have to learn from the humans in order to be able to help and guide his own people. He thought of his home often and missed the beautiful planet of Giagonesis.

He had been here for thousands of years, observing and watching. He has seen felt evils that the humans are capable of, but has also experienced the good that they are capable of.When he began his venture he knew that the humans had what it takes to evolve, but they must first overcome their most evil of ways. And knowing from the history of the universe he had studied, every civilization goes through this. Some make it, but many do not. As he felt the reverberations going through the people of earth over the broadcast, he knew the cusp had been reached. It was make it or beak it for the human race and it was time for him to play his role.

As he fell deep into a state of meditation he connected with the soul of every human on the planet. For those who were crying out mad against the tyranny and oppression and who were angry for the lies and the deceit, he sent a peaceful and constant flow of peace to their inner souls. Those shouting out about their anger worldwide immediately felt a sense of peace. They felt as if when they all stood up together they synchronized on a level never felt before. Suddenly people began to realize there was something more. They began to feel the connection to an outside entity.

Their intuitions were telling them to relax, and that their savior had come. Their anger was now gone and they were rejoicing in the knowledge that their struggles were over. The feelings they were receiving were so strong that they could not be denied. No one had to see Kronikia for his essence had passed through the souls of all of the good. They could feel his presence and immediately realized his existence. They could see his face in their minds. His brilliant Indigo eyes and shining blonde hair. Most of all they could visualize his light. A light more powerful and benevolent than had not been felt since the time that Jesus Christ walked the earth.

Jesus had been the first ascended master and had left the planet long ago never to return for he had decided that the humans could never be saved. He often looked upon the earth and vowed never to fulfill a prophecy of returning. He had turned his soul on the humans of earth. This is why Kronikia had been chosen. He would be the next messiah in the eyes of the humans. Although when this was complete they would understand the real meaning of the messiah, and would have full knowledge that religion was nothing more than a means to control others. As more benevolent humans felt the rush in their souls Kronikias light became stronger. He turned his soul on the malevolent.

He rushed through the soul of every evil man and woman with the fury of thousands of years of spiritual torture. He returned the feelings to those who enacted them. He sent so much pain to each evil soul that they all just fell to the ground and curled up in madness. As his essence overtook their bodies they began to feel the helplessness and struggles they had placed on so many for so long. They all began to feel the burning in their souls. Their bodies heated and their thoughts began to cease. One last thought went through the minds of the benevolent, and it was the acceptance that they would now face an eternity of evils when their souls are banished to the benevolent prison planets of the Orion Constellation. They only saw for a moment as their bodies simultaneously around the world exploded and dematerialized in an instant sending their souls painfully racing through space and time to meet their new fate. He came out of his meditation with an almost surreal feeling. He had never felt this amount of love and peace surrounding the planet before. He knew those who remained behind would succeed.

With that the benevolent humans were now truly free. Free to thrive without facing evil henchmen who try to suppress their advancement. They would now be free learn more about their true spiritual nature, and the knowledge of the creational force of the universe. With their new found knowledge they would learn the skills they need to clean up the planet and begin to transform it into a sanctuary for all life. They would become the creators of a new world. One where peace, and freedom for all would never vanish. A world where the interconnection of souls would create power never seen or experienced before. Kronikia had done it. He had used his knowledge and power and did not fail. The thousands of years of preparations had kept him strong enough to rid all evil of this planet. He had given earth a new chance to become the heavenly throne of the galaxy.

In the end, he only visited one man in the flesh. The news caster who awakened the world. He communicated many things to this man and charged him with speaking on his behalf. After a short time teaching the man he had finished his task and it was time to go home. His presence and essence would remain with all life on earth and would continue to bring forth change and new light when it was needed. As he orbited the planet one last time before returning home he felt the rush of mother earth enter his soul. The gratitude she expressed touched his soul In a way that had never happened before. She would forever be in his debt and she would communicate his actions to his home planet. Giagonesis would be ready for his arrival and would assist him in the savior of his home and his people. He had proved it could be done with the most vile species in the galaxy and he now had the full power to change worlds that were previously unchangeable. With a shining flash his ship went through the wormhole and he was now looking down on his home. The first thing that appeared on his holographic screen was a well known man in his civilization. The man was repeating a phrase over and over. It was one he had herd before and was glad to be hearing it again.

"I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take this anymore."


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