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Unified Theory Visual Model Draft ver.9

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 01:37 AM
Atom Development by Limits of Pattern

Linked to maximum energy densities of the flux medium.

Radius - r Pi - 3.14159265
Diameter = 2r
Circumference = 2r x Pi
Surface area = 4r2 x Pi
Volume = 4 / 3 x r3 x Pi

When radius = 3
then 4 x 3squared x Pi = 113.09732 Units
and 4 / 3 x r3 x Pi = 113.09733 Units

That’s a sphere R= 3 or Dia = 6 units, but a tetrahedron roller has three compression release cycles per axis rolling within an orbit (sphere) with same or larger curvature facing, so an orbit size of twice the radii produces the same limit. I.e. the diameter of the orbit is twice the width of the particle (limit); re: droplet sizes to a rolling resonant vibration.

On earth energy usage of nature as related to mass of a life form by E = M3/4.

Relevance to the first first concept
Consider a fence around a paddock. Minimum fence to area is a square, unless the fence is allowed to be curved and then it’s a circle. Same with 3-dimensional space, a cube or a sphere for the highest volume to surface ratio.

All spheres can be perceived as having a radius of 3 depending on the units used. The thing that is being pointed at is a 3-dimensional vibration with a wavelength of 3 relative to the 3D volume measured at a distance to the 2D surface area, stress.

Trying from another angle
A previous explanation (the perspex cylinder) described the forces outside a spinning sphere on surrounding space and pointed to “the surface area and diameter”, relationship to frequency. I.e. the rate of spin and how it affected pattern structures. An explanation of how stress (area that a force is applied to), related to inverse square concepts in relation to the surface area of a sphere and radius from source.

A roller whose center of rotation is different than its center of mass brings extra dynamics within the concepts of fractal roughness. The usual concepts of the paddock being flat and the volume having a consistency don’t apply in regards to volume and mass of this in its naked form.

Generated between opposing forces and able to remain local if stable enough.

Able to move through space with 4 separate axes of rotation at the same time. A spinning object traveling along a vector creates a profile in space. Viewed from behind this could be perceived as a spiral or a bounce and from the side depending on depth perception again a wave or bounce.

The higher the spin rate the tighter the profile created with a higher perceived frequency. The same 3D pattern but, in a shorter distance of space. The amplitude is also compressed as part of this type of 3D compression as a trade off to the increased spin velocity, (frequency).

Remember that without spin and movement this turbulence breaks down. The particle requires the balance between the shock waves so energy absorbed by the particle rolling onto its energy source, matches the energy on the outside so an increase or decrease in volume directly relates to rotation speed on all axis. Without balances, the shockwaves distort and the turbulence breaks down.

It will also effect how quickly an object must move forward in space. At some point forward velocity is no longer necessary and the particle would appear to have a tight spherical orbit that is always bigger than the particle.

At a minimum frequency limit of two times the diameter, plus sub frequencies from particle face rotational pressure waves.

At any given moment a ‘roller surface’ of the particle will be rolling out toward the inside surface of the orbit. The approach rate is a lot slower than rotation rate, but represents part of a compression wave. The next face forward will be swinging down or out toward this orbit as well but with the twist of the next axis and steepness of attack angle that allows energy in through at specific angles while reflecting at most others, (another example of reflection, refraction in natural wave guides).

The face that is moving away from the outer orbit, in toward the lower density area, could be considered to be sucked in or could be considered part of the rebound of the shock waves, or supported by concepts of ‘fringing’ where the shockwaves meet.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by mzungu

Sorry but I do not see this as any indication of even partially describing the UFT. You are looking at this from a perspective of a Macr-Universal State rather than the Quantum Level which must be taken into account.

Personally...I do not think that Humans have evolved to the point where our Brains can understand the Multiversal Interconnectivity of this theory. Split Infinity

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 01:55 AM
So we see forces similar to the rotating field of a three phase motor except a motor is only spinning on a single axis while this particle spins on multiple axes so that the output vibration applies rotating stress vectors to 3D surrounding space, and has a built in lag stress on each of the axes that tries to pull the axes into line, re: "shells" and "sub-poles".

The shock waves can only distort a certain amount and try to pull back, (mathematical limits). The shells form around this space and as described represent shears in lagging space of multiple axes, created by weak points generated by primes of this nucleus wobble frequency. Lag on axes on multiple shells would give an external appearance of a single axis or wobble, and internally this would influence the strain angles on the energy particle. (Hydrogen has 5 emission bands suggesting at least 5 shells).

The shells add to the energy density in the same way global warming is described. Reflecting / bouncing energy back in toward the nucleus like radio signal bounce. With energy bouncing back in, an energy particle would no longer require the forward motion that provided the increased supply of energy.

Halo Nuclei and Stable Pattern Steps
If the wobble of the axis is large then the forces that cause tears to form are disproportionably larger, a greater distance out. When a tear forms it will allow the rotational axis associated with that direction tear to move more freely. Due all axes being initially balanced the other axes also try to speed up and form extra shells or three dimensional tears as steps with different axes.

I suggest that the effect on the shells would look very like electrons in orbits that you couldn’t quite locate. QED or propelled by a wave like Schrödinger’s concept. With all the short frequencies being absorbed or reflected, only the combining long frequency components will be visible.

The stress wave given off by a faceted shock wave that rotates offers some pretty interesting math but what it represents is very small rotating pulses of very short duration with multiple vectors that change with each pulse.
Pulses will interact with the shells in a number of different ways.

In relation to the concept of a wave guide (optical fiber), the shell reflects angular rotating wave vectors back in toward the nucleus or an inner shell, intensifying the energy density between shells with progressive steps toward the nucleus.

When a four point pyramid is placed inside a sphere, the points of contact with the sphere are at 19.5˚ above or below the equator, (remember when you look in the side you are looking at a sloping face and the sphere is 3D leading to a possible blind spot).

Richard Hoagland, an ex-NASA scientist, pointed out in a 1992 video that this 19.5˚ north or south of the equator point seems to have significance in relation to most of the planets, the most recognized being the big red dot on Jupiter and the huge volcano on mars. Mr. Hoagland had placed two inverted four point pyramids within the same sphere. Points on both poles, the remaining six points being distributed @ the 19.5˚ latitudes north and south.

This Christmas star shape also relates to harmonics within spherical rotating bodies in sort of the same way that glass is transparent when viewed square on but becomes a reflector at about 31 degrees. Changes of rate of curvature of the sphere’s surface, in relation to vectors of rotation, concentrate forces at these latitudes.

The points where the tetrahedrons touch the sphere represent the light going through the glass rather than reflecting, and affecting the space/flux beyond.

This refers back to the mention of the Schumann earth cavity resonance, and energy absorption and emission concepts of energy being supplied to the atom, or in the earth cavity resonance case, to the earth from the sun. Volume to energy ratios, mentioned earlier, are part of the idea developed to include the concepts of current flow direction in relation to a spinning body "motoring" or "generating" and the concept of a synchronized energy movement within a pattern.

Within this model, this represents the “doubling” of frequency from the energy particle offered as the first primitive leading to the first atom concept. These are virtual stress strain points due to standing waves and not a spinning Christmas star although will have rotational components within it.

It has huge numbers of compression components and vectors within an extremely small space but represents an eight bond geometric structure. It is expected that the previous orbit requirements of the nuclei (axes) would become more stable at this point, (approximately 20 AMU?).

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 02:11 AM

Originally posted by SplitInfinity
reply to post by mzungu

Sorry but I do not see this as any indication of even partially describing the UFT. You are looking at this from a perspective of a Macr-Universal State rather than the Quantum Level which must be taken into account.

Personally...I do not think that Humans have evolved to the point where our Brains can understand the Multiversal Interconnectivity of this theory. Split Infinity

The quantum level has been taken into account, i'm not quite sure what you mean.

I quite clearly stated that this is not a multiversal theory, rather a self-sustaining universal theory with physics, math and history to back it up. I never claimed to completely understand the workings of the universe, or multiverse, or whatever a person decides to believe in.

All I am doing is sharing and building upon ideas that have been around us for thousands of years. In the interest of discovery, the spirit of sharing knowledge, and the hope of gaining a better understanding of our world, I am offering this as nothing more than a suggestion of how our observable universe might work, based on inconsistencies and conflicts in the current accepted model and real-life verification.

If you want to criticise the model, go ahead. Contrary to popular belief, scientists love being proved wrong! It opens doors to new possiblities and lines of inquiry, and is a driving force of scientific advancement.

Telling me that mankind hasn't evolved enough to understand a theory that I and quite a few others find logically conceivable is not criticism.
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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 02:37 AM
The number of sub-poles would also increase as would shell compactness. Combining wave forms usually have doubling or tripling actions, or a mix of both progressing through steps. Using the example of sound vibrations causing shapes to resonate and form sand into stable patterns either side of an unstable harmonic frequency. They represent a single harmonic step, within the parameters of this experimental apparatus. The pattern has increased its “fractal roughness” as a way of remaining stable, doubling and tripling. There is a difference between a 2D Wavetable and 3D, these pictures are for insight.

I suggest the sand is more than a random victim of the vibrations, that it is acting a bit like the iron core of an inductor/coil, concentrating the flux; or in this case acting as a medium giving extra storage of energy, i.e. a compression medium. This also puts a twist on how we perceive sound, how the energy wave moves in a gas atmosphere.

Alternatively the common electric motor: A slight (physical) imbalance might manifest itself at a certain rpm. Smart drive controllers are programmed to avoid these frequencies both on acceleration and slowing down. Mechanical imbalances are only part of it; the other part being the magnet imbalance. There are combining shorter frequencies where amplitudes can peak to very high pressures. Mechanical and electrical / magnetic forces interacting to cause shake.

Harmonic shakes can destroy the bearings quite quickly. As previously mentioned; graphs represent a particular component of a wave changing over time, and a wave may contain a number of changing components or even components of different scales and in different media.

In the real world waves have to be in the same place at the same time with complimentary direction vectors to combine and go some place otherwise they just peak at the meeting spot. The same place part is important.

If the circles A, B, C & D represent a physical distance in three dimensions where vectors can be pointing in any direction. A is twice the diameter of C, and B is twice the diameter of D.

The Forst concept is that small physical spaces will not support all frequencies, creating limits. Part of the 'Whole Number' part of 'Quantums'.

Game Theory

Game theory is a statistical concept of improving a favorable outcome by taking advantage of “changing influences that affect probable outcomes”. The ideas involved are quite encompassing from weevils that beat the predators by only breeding in prime numbers of years, to improving odds at the casino. Without exploring the idea in too much detail, this model points to the influences that cause pattern as being (changing influences that affect probable out comes).

Patterns that appear on multiple scales and in multiple environments, like the concentration tree and branch patterns and rotational eddies, connect with Mandelbrot’s concept of fractals pattern roughness, "fractal dimension".

“A simple(ish) equation, where the product is repeatedly fed back into parts of the equation creating ever increasing complexity”, (scales) Not all patterns form a rhythm, or sequences. Some patterns produce uneven sequences that don’t repeat; like primes. Encryption uses the multiplying of large prime numbers, as an example.

If a physical space is considered to be able to support a set of resonant frequencies, multiples that make up that distance, i.e. whole number parts only of a distance. Multiples of 1’s 2’s and 3’s will make up the majority of any set. Primes and multiples of primes are able to be represented as a complement set. Odd and even numbers link the two sets.

It does not matter what number counting base you use, the primes still exist as a subset of odd numbers, indivisible to 2’s or 3’s or ‘multiples of 2’ plus 3. i.e. ‘2 plus 2 plus 3’. i.e. f[r] = (r*2) + 3.

This creates number patterns where any prime number 5 or greater when doubled and then plus 3, equals either another prime number or a multiple of two primes.
Two initial trees are created from [r= 2x1 & 2x2]
Subsets start at 23 and 89 where new base of trees form
With frequencies [r] doesn’t equal 3 as such, [3] is 1x3 not 1+2. 2 is 1+1
Remember even times even or odd times even = even.
it is only ‘odd times odd’ that = odd.

Gaps between primes initially are single step even numbers then patterns containing gaps of 3 numbers then 5 and finally pattern gaps up to 7. Always odd number gaps. The 1st 3 gap happens 7 – 11, 1st 5 gaps 23 – 29 and 1st 7 gaps 89 – 97.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 03:19 AM
reply to post by mzungu

Please understand I applaud anyone who tries to use their Mind to create new ideas. I just cannot see how this model applies to the UFT.

Since all Protons and Neutrons are comprised of smaller Quantum Particles such as Quarks, Leptons, Glueons...etc...and some of these like Quarks exist within Protons and Neutrons in number that has a Minimum and Maximum but the Quarks can never be less or greater in number inside these Protons and Netrons in quantities greater or less than the Minimums or Maximums BUT can exist in number between these two limits in any variable number...and the fact that as they change numerically the Quarks Blink in and Out of EXISTANCE...this means that models such as you are presenting do not take these changing states of existance into account.

The main issue of the Unified Field Theory is our inability to connect Quantum Mechanics with the Mechanics of the Macro-Universe. This is the Key to Understanding Matter/Energy Interchange.

I have Theorized that the Numerical Change of Quantum Particles such as Quarks is based on an interconnectivity between Divergent Universal Realities based on Probability. Thus in a Multiverse...the Version of You that has an impending cause and effect action about to occur based on choice due to circumstance will have Protons and Neutrons that will contain Quarks at close to or at Maximum Numerical Number. The Universal Reality where there is no impending Cause and Effect driven actionable choice...such as in one divergent Universal State...a road is closed because a truck swerved to avoid hitting a child who ran into the road to chase a ball kicked by a sibling. In your Universal Reality the ball was kicked perfectly so that the child did not run into the road and thus the truck will not swerve and that version of you will continue on the route to work like you do every day. But in another Reality...the truck tips over to avoid hitting the child and that version of you has to take an alternate route to work making you late and causing an entire cascade of events to occur.

The Unified Field Theory is most likely connected to the Much Larger System that is the Multiverse thus this explains Quantum Particle Exchange and Existance in Numerical numbers either close to Minimum or Maximum within a Proton or Neutron. Just a thought. Split Infinity

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 05:26 AM

Originally posted by SplitInfinity
reply to post by mzungu

Please understand I applaud anyone who tries to use their Mind to create new ideas. I just cannot see how this model applies to the UFT.

Since all Protons and Neutrons are comprised of smaller Quantum Particles such as Quarks, Leptons, Glueons...etc...and some of these like Quarks exist within Protons and Neutrons in number that has a Minimum and Maximum but the Quarks can never be less or greater in number inside these Protons and Netrons in quantities greater or less than the Minimums or Maximums BUT can exist in number between these two limits in any variable number...and the fact that as they change numerically the Quarks Blink in and Out of EXISTANCE...this means that models such as you are presenting do not take these changing states of existance into account...

the agrument this theory makes is that protons and neutrons are not actually part of the working atom, and that the unpredictable nature of quantum particles with lifespans of nanoseconds generated in collsion experiments is irrelevant as they only occur under these special experiment conditions and not in nature, based on the fractal energy compression of space/flux as the original generatation mechanism of matter.

collision experiments are based on the assumption that The Big Bang theory is correct, this model is not. these particles are not necessary for the creation of matter and do not influence its behaviour, rather they are a byproduct of it, according to this model.
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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 01:33 PM

Originally posted by mzungu
These particles are not necessary for the creation of matter and do not influence its behavior, rather they are a byproduct of it, according to this model.


not done reading yet: just wanted to say.....

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 05:48 PM
These numbers keep coming up in our games as points of influence to pattern. Using the limit concept of largest atom to smallest, the number of steps in an atomic mass range would give an indication of how many stable frequencies exist between the biggest to smallest in those ranges. Diameters and spacing that won’t support any but multiples of a fundamental frequency. Non existent atomic mass elements 43 & 61 (primes), and diameter steps at primes or multiples of primes; Cross reference that with isotopes and and frequency.

The next section covers electricity and magnetic forces in space, then comes back to light and spectral analysis and points at an emission and absorption connection to shells. Energy transfers between energy shells in Earth's outer magnetic shells don’t envolve energy particle movement. It is only when the transfer reaches and goes through gasses in the upper atmosphere that we start calling it lightening and start associating it with electricity.

The width to these energy transfers decrease proportionally to the pressure density of the atmosphere. Remember perimeter driven eddies concentrate their energy inward and that it's really tough finding the source of the energy that drives lightening bolts when you’re thinking of it as charge particles, “the bolt started where?”.

There is no doubt that charge or energy particles are created by the event of the energy transfer, but to suggest that energy entities like electrons are the cause, is not acceptable logic. When it comes to trying to explain electricity purely in the form of electrons and electron holes and seas of electrons we get back to the blind spot caused by the Bohr model of the atom and the belief that everything breaks down into positives and negatives, hiding the obvious. It’s the energy transference through matter causing the effects that we think of electricty not the other way round.

Our standard models of electricity as a sea of electrons moving through the crystaline structures of conductors is a development of the models we are taught from early childhood of charge particles. Meaning we have got used to the idea. This may make it difficult for many to relate an electrical circuit, to the forces described but there’s no need for electrons as charge carriers within the model. All the concepts of lead and lag and inductors are offered easy explainations.

All of the stresses that have been described are visible in the m-map, in spiral galaxies and within our solar system on multiple scales and in multiple mediums from stars to planets to water in rivers. It doesn't only apply to atoms or electricity, rather it is a distinguishable pattern. These forces inter-react between scales.

The concepts of conservation of information work well in purely math models and a couple of very select experiments. The experiments usually involve viscous fluids that don’t mix. There is no energy released in reaction etc. This model argues that movement and reactions are driven by density or energy transfer between patterns and that information is a creation of pattern that only remains stable within the limits of the forces that made it and sustain it.

If variables alter, causing energy to transfer into different pattern, then the original information is lost, but conservation of energy is supported. When this model refers to pattern it is primarily talking about a structure of energy, a structure of sets of interdependent resultant forces, rather than a single resultant force. Wave forms containing compression, swing, and rotation set up standing waves and distortions throughout their local environment and each of these interact as layer after layer of complexity of pattern.

Each force in each set or group of forces, act within their own set of limitations, meaning as patterns become more complex a single variable being altered can bring about a cascade failure or pattern alteration that is unexpected (maybe).
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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 06:04 PM
Synchronization concept
There are stabilizing forces like synchronization that resist pattern changes. Synchronization is a concept normally associated with generation networks. Basically the generators all spin to a precise rhythm controlled by a master generator.

In this model, atoms, molecules and crystal domain structures all vibrate. The stresses created in space are basically the same as the forces that cause generator synchronization.

The idea offered is that energy is the stress on space caused by movement, pattern is the result. Pattern is information or energy storage and that matter is information and energy storage on many scales. Every scale has forces of synchronization and energy gearing and storage with limits within each scale, so that patterns can move and alternate and interact.

What I’m trying to say, is all these forces are happening on all scales from almost infinitely large to almost infinitely small. We have formulae for most of them but we also have different ways for describing and understanding each of them.

Standard physics for very practical reasons tries to achieve single resultant forces from multiple input forces. ‘How much force is required to achieve this or what force will cause that to break etc.’, the physics of engineering and materials.

We view many forces or ideas from multiple points of view, i.e. centrifugal, centripetal or impedance, admittance. With light and energy there are issues that cause multiple conflicting descriptions of whether ‘light energy’ on which our vision is based, is a wave or particle and where the differences between one form of energy and another lay. Within this model light is only one of many types of energy particle that will be affected by these synchronization vibration forces.

Single crystals like a grain of salt or crystal of quartz contain scales of billions of atoms per substructure where polarity of the atoms and bonds are all structured.

This model has tried to create a visual image of a universe that exists in only 3-dimensions but has a magnetic component that can have a changing density. That matter influences this magnetic component of space and is dependent on it for existence.

That waves given off by the influence of matter, range from very long to very short with complex interactions of rotation and compression. Potentially many types of particle and different types of wave can exist. Maybe some that don’t even exist in our normal wave sets, due to scale or density limitations.

We live in a conservation of energy universe, the entropic universe of things running down is misunderstood force to energy transtlation and compression. Energy cannot be destroyed, nor created, only converted from one form to another.

For any energy to come out of an atom it must have gone in, (balanced over time) or directly reflected or refracted in real time. Within this logic, magnetic fields, atom to atom bonds, emission of any energy wave or particle, even the structure of the atom requires energy input.

The Standard visual model of a charge particle based atom sucks here. This model has fewer problems due to frequency volume and density links but requires some further explaining, particularly in regard to permanent magnetism, in that a magnetic field is either drawing energy directly from the atom or reflecting, refracting energy from elsewhere.
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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 06:16 PM
Shells, Light and Magnetism

The complexity of pattern of an atom, i.e. closeness and number of shells in a physical volume (like onion rings), falls within the Bohr concepts of light emission regarding spacing between energy orbits, or in this case shells and concepts of wave limits.

Standard models used to describe the atom, generally have atoms a bit like marbles that attract each other based on differences in charge. This model considers the term “charge differences” to be covered by complex interactions of all the ideas put forward. Limits of biggest to smallest, most dense to least dense, most stable pattern to the least and where any unbalanced forces attract.

If the reader follows the idea of energy shells being generated by slip and lag effects around a rotating body a poignant example might be the rings of Saturn.

Each band has its own rotation speed and separation occurs at weak points. Every rock and ice crystal is influenced by subtle forces, which over time have resulted in the grading effect that allows the bands to clump together. Subtle band behaviors develop off that, meaning this rubble not only highlights the different intensities of magnetic field but probably also influences it.

Every rock, sand or dust particle, every ice crystal sitting within the structure got there because of sets of forces that interact creating their own rules, or patterns. Many of the same sets of forces that were described as being responsible for creating "sub–pole" rotational forces, can be seen to be components of the groups of forces creating this accretion disc. The way forces combine, limits which pattern forms, or where they form.

All matter absorbs, reflects or emits energy. In the picture above of Saturn’s rings the top half is visible spectrum and the lower half radio spectrum. Looking at the brighter bands in the radio spectrum, what is the cause?
There are three possibilities. Higher absorption in other places could cause this highlighting effect but it's unlikely. Reflection of radio waves as the ‘type and volume’ of matter changes could be possible. Emission of radio waves means more energy is being applied at these places, per the concepts of conservation of energy, to get energy out you must put it in.

This means that just because you can’t see energy shells in visible spectrum or from a particular physical perspective doesn’t mean they’re not there. Stresses and strains of space represent energy in space that we can’t see directly but definitely influences matter in ways we recognize as energy.

The following section covers Light from an official prospective.
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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 06:39 PM

Emission spectroscopy is a spectroscopic technique which examines the wavelengths of photons emitted by atoms or molecules during their transition from an excited state to a lower energy state. Each element emits a characteristic set of discrete wavelengths according to its electronic structure.

An energy spectrum is a distribution energy among a large assemblage of particles. It is a statistical representation of the wave energy as a function of the wave frequency, and an empirical estimator of the spectral function. For any given value of energy, it determines how many of the particles have how much energy.

Each element emits a characteristic set of discrete wavelengths according to its electronic structure when heated either on a flame or by an electric arc they emit energy in form of light. Three assumptions are,
1. A hot solid or a hot, dense gas produces a continuous spectrum.
2. A hot, low-density gas produces an emission-line spectrum.
3. A continuous spectrum source viewed through a cool, low-density gas produces an absorption-line spectrum

A spectrograph is an instrument that separates an incoming wave into a frequency spectrum

Spectrum Analysis shows rainbow with black lines, (absorption lines).

The Sun:

Discovery of the main sequence and star spectral classification, Hubble's law and the Hubble sequence were all made with spectrographs that used photographic paper.

Remember E = h f is a wave formula for energy.
Ephoton = hν, E is the energy of the photon, ν is its frequency, and h is Planck's constant. The energy of a molecule can also change via rotational, vibrational, and vibronic (combined vibrational and electronic) transitions.
These energy transitions often lead to closely-spaced groups of many different spectral lines, known as spectral bands. Unresolved band spectra may appear as a spectral continuum.


Hydrogen having 4 emission lines suggests “at least 4 shells” or dielectric layers
Within this model that’s 4 axial shears from the original energy particles original axes and maybe some more required to even up the forces.


Prismatic effects can also be caused by spheres. The distance from the source of refraction and the number of sources, (within the cloud), affect perception

Back to the heretic model, if Saturn’s rings are any form of indicator of shell structure. Originally only 3 rings were known of but as our knowledge of them has increased a much better picture of what is happening has started to form.

If space between bands is stressed more one way than another then that stressing pattern seems to act a bit like an air curtian isolating shells from each other, (a diaelectric). Very high velocities and small diameters allow energy steps.

Circumference of a circle is two x the radius x Pi
Circumference of the relative rotor is just “x Pi”, i.e. is ½ the circumference of the orbit, the rotor will rotate twice in a circles circumference that it is the radius of.
But the 3D version of the rotor within a sphere is not limited to a 2-dimensional path. The outer surface area of a shell of X thickness will always be greater than the inner surface area.

With an understanding of how rainbows are formed, combined with the concept of wave guides being pushed in this model, most of the Bohr model concepts are paralelled. On earth energy usage of nature as related to mass of a life form by E = M3/4.

Questions of what causes transparancy, fluroessence and illuminessence, all point to an atomic structure connection. An electron gun beam fired through a graphite target produces a matrix of dots on a phosphor screen. This matrix of light dots appears to be caused by the energy following along the magnetic structure lines within the material, causing the distinct matrix pattern. Carbon “atom symmetry” being the reason that it absorbs and filters radioactive and charged particles, a magnetic fish net absorber?

This ties back to specific heat of materials as well as the conductivity of materials both thermally and electrically and bond structures, to do with the energy transfer.

This concludes the second the pass the heretic model. The third pass is much shorter and provides a sort of conclusion to the findings and ties up a last few loose ends.

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 07:19 PM
Now that people know what they are looking at, here is the Sun in extreme UV.

Bands of behavior, pairs of sub-poles in clusters between the tropics and the poles.

The lack of visible hydrogen makes the concept of hydrogen from an original source making stars and galaxies and burning in atomic reaction falls short in explanation for reasons of age and size and shear quantity of energy.

Am I a heretic by nature? Is it such a bad thing to question? Blame the internet. All those blogs, all those forums full of crazy ideas, all those wonderful crazy people.

The following are questions which were fundamentally unanswered or the official answer seemed to really fit.
Where does ‘patterned and ordered’ become ‘random and chaotic’?
Is it where the human mind can no longer see a pattern, or when a pattern recognition program can no longer find the encryption key?
What about next year's improved version of the program, or the one to be written in ten years time, for the then-latest super computer?

Has the model answered any of the following questions to the reader’s satisfaction?
What is positive charge – relative to negative charge or a neutral charge?
What are their nature(s)?
Seriously: What is a true ‘Monopole’, are they all just relative?
Do they run down? How do they recharge?
What are charge particles made of?

Questions of, why strong atomic forces didn’t comply with all the physical constraints of inverse square law, what are the true natures of the atom? electricity? heat? gravity?
Why does the Periodic table appear to be a predictable harmonic pattern?
Where does the force come from in a permanent magnet, why doesn’t it run down?
What about the conflict of entropy versus conservation of energy?, or The Big Bang theory?
Why does the moon always show the same face towards us when its orbit isn’t perfectly round?
Why do we have two tides a day instead of one per 24hrs?

I know it’s been a long series of new ideas so covering the most important first.
There is a holy trinity,
1 The observations and experimental results.
2 The model to explain these and all other results (must fit) some times requiring revolution over refinement.
3 The mathematical proofs of the model.
None of these can exist by itself. Without a robust visual model, the math can create un-provable self-perpetuating monsters and visa versa.

Mass relates directly to volume and energy density relative to surrounding space. Energy density relates to pattern and structure within a volume. Protons, neutrons, electrons etc, are energy particles but not necessarily part of working atoms. The difference between atoms and energy particles being that atoms can occupy an area of space but a particle must keep moving.

Atomic numbers are more for our convenience. Positive and negative are a ‘relative thing’ and are often mistaken for ‘north and south,’ which is a product of direction of rotation and not necessarily of charge. Opposite direction rotations pull toward each other, not positive or negative particles. Space between matter is constantly being stretched, (causing red shift). Atoms spin and vibrate and require an energy source. Extra pattern represents increased energy density and we then loop…

Big black holes release the compression, i.e. don’t get in line with the jets. Not like the movies that have a tornado, fooling people into asking where it all went, and coming up with `some strange ideas of worm holes in space. Visual images are important to understanding for most people.

The sun and most of the planets are lined up on the same north to south, i.e. spinning the same way but the sun is in generate mode relative to the planets and we are cogging off the sun. The solar system is rotating within a cluster that is rotating in a spiral arm that is rotating as one of many around a big black hole.

If stars make atoms as part of the compression cycle then position within the galaxy, in part relates to our position in the cycle. Every star system closer to the black hole is likely to be ahead of us in age and possibly evolution. A humbling concept.

The magnetosphere, light and lightening, how do they work again? We’re not in a frictionless environment, are we? We are clearly not. We are driven like a magnetic motor, or like an idle generator that is in synchronization on a power network. Energy is required to keep the spin going and comes in the form of particles and waves and vibrations and distortions in the electromagnetic flux of space (or if you must, the Aether).

Don’t let the picture above fool you, the distances are immense, measured as light/time, (minutes and seconds), the distances don’t sound much, but in earth or even sun diameters the number is huge. On a solar system scale, the forces are big (huge) but not necessarily dense
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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 07:37 PM
The earth has an undeniable relationship to the space that surrounds it in the nature of rotating magnetic space and encapsulating shells, in which known sets of physical rules apply. Spin is the most fundamental concept. Everything develops off that, the magnetic shells, the tilts the sub poles, the lot. The density of space is the changing part. Density influences forces.

These forces are known real science, provable and repeatable not fantasy or miracle based like the conventional story. But even more importantly, it's part of a repeating pattern that is seen again and again on all scales throughout our universe.

Questions asked but not answered earlier,
Why does the moon always show us the same face even though its orbit isn’t round?
The answer is that it has received a smack long ago, which melted one side, making it denser. This side swings to face the earth; gravity or space suction.

Venus and its orbit, (flipped poles?); as commented on, the sun and all the other planets have our North poles pointing facing the same way. This model offers that the sun is in generate mode but there’s more.

There is a internet video made by a inventor/scientist Stan Deyo.
Firstly he demonstrates with high speed video slowed down that rain drops that rebound off water have an internal toroid flow pattern. Then the guy shakes a kitchen table with small variable speed motors with off set weights.

On the table is a standard 1.5 liter drink bottle ¾ filled with drink. A harmonic pattern is created on the liquids surface inside the bottle. He creates splashes (flicked the side of bottle) which land within the standing wave patterns on the liquids surface. These splashes didn’t disappear but sustained themselves on the vibration continuously. When the harmonic was changed slightly the droplets moved around and sped up and slowed down. Whole little solar systems in a bottle?

Venus has a fast planetary spin and high speed winds and large temperature changes. Venus’s atmosphere represents a lot of fluid mass or energy density around the planet and extends the effect of its magnetosphere both as polar and sub-pole effects but despite this the field is disproportionably smaller than similar fields on other planets.

Venus is close to the Sun magnetically compared to Earth, (the inverse square thing). The concept of Venus’s field is being driven by the sun in meshing cog action from a side field instead of the end fields driving the rest of the planets.

Within the concepts of motors and generators, if reversed if you regard all the planets as being a bit like faraday motors aligned and turning relative to a strongest field (clockwise when viewed from the south pole, right hand rule). I suggest that Venus’s high rotation speed is due to the cogging action driving it like a generator but its field is disproportionably small because it is working against the energy flow that drives the other planets.

This model even suggests, within the original experiments of antimatter, high energy terminals into low energy zones, PET scans, electron guns and microscopes and many other similar high voltage experiments; many experiments point to energy particle emission or are interpreted as energy emission of particle or wave. South sub poles can get blown off when large sudden amounts of energy flow through the main axis from South to North (Using the Earth as original way round) ”Electrons”? This is a different emission direction than photons. North sub-poles would blow off when the energy flows north to South although the rate of change would have to be greater than from S-N “Positrons”?

Different models that agree on results but totally different conclusions as to why.
Sometimes it only takes a few perception changes before irresolvable problems have answers that seem self evident and we can’t see why we never saw them before. Don’t care how mathematically beautiful the clothes are. Some of the old ideas just don’t work.

Man has made rockets and shuttles that have gone to the moon and beyond so most of our science works pretty well thank you. By mixing and matching standard physics a number of possible stories can be created which then need to be explored. Suggesting that we got it right first time, might be a bit of a marketing ploy.

A description of reality as this Heretic Model sees it; it might not be poetry, it might not even be right, but it’s certainly not "too weird for description". As promised: No miracles, no magic forces, or any magic time, dimensions or realities. Almost no jargon and very little math. Along the way some myths, blind spots and logic holes have been exposed. The Universe is just as beautiful in simplicity as it is in complexity.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 07:47 PM
Oil is created by condensation of gasses given off by hot rocks not dead dinosaurs and global warming happens in advance of CO2 increase so not man-made. Science for hire; soon you will be taxed on these fake science justifications.

Science is just one crazy piece of our world culture but without diversity we can have no dimension or scale. I don’t expect that I have everything right but I’ve tried to offer probable possibilities. Douglas Adams wrote a story where the questions of the universe were answered by the number 42, problem was the question itself was unknown and required further understanding.

The metaphysical/sociological aspects of ‘How’ were not part of the original perception of what had at first seemed to be purely physical questions of what the ‘How’ was. The standard models are always close but conflicts and impossible stories are also being presented as absolute fact. The concept that “science has 99% of everything worked out” causes these conflicts of mind when it is pointed out that what we believe is “science fact” may not be.

If you are told that lightening is caused by an invisible god in a chariot and that the fall of the lightening bolts could be predicted by the size of a giant imaginary chariot wheel of about 100 meters in diameter rolled across the surface of the earth, is it correct to say that it is wrong, even though it does predict points of lightening impact?

The falacy is in the suggestion that there is only one way of looking at something. The spartan could place his imaginary wheel over the hills and buildings and trees and probably predict points of strike. The modern engineer uses a computer and a virtual sphere over a virtual environment, complete with buildings, street lights and trees.
Was the spartan wrong, the results fit the belief pattern of the time and even the techniques are simular.

This model explains why neutrons weren’t given off in cold fusion experiments, (star in a jar). Neutrons are created in proportion to collisions but not by renderings, they’re not part of working atoms. The latest jargon is to call them atomic affects. I suggest that atomic rendering with cavitations or forced atom synchronization will be a possible future power source of the world.

The work of men like John Hutchison seems to have strong validity within this model. His crystalline batteries that recharge, ‘Mutations of metals’ that produce elements that weren’t there before, and possibly even (at a stretch) the EM abuse ‘Anti Gravity’.

This model explains why the “G” constant in Newton’s formula changes, or needs to, (stretching in the flux and shell energy step effects). By recognizing that vibration represents increased energy density and that space supplies the medium, this model explains gravity, dark matter, dark energy and where the big bang went.

It describes the bonds and structures of materials, insulators and conductors both thermally and electrically as rotational forces both on space and by space as a result of energy flow over matter, (energy structures), and not positive and negative charges.

The beginnings of life through simple interaction and attraction. Self assembling, self replicating, made from chemical triplets. As we evolve we become more complex, more structured, more patterned. Just like the frost, we are "self assembling fractal energy transfer aerials". Magnetic fields (frequency) affect proteins in cells and genes by turning them on and off. The concept of life being made from atomic level transistors and information strings of almost infinitely small scale blows my mind.

George Orwell coined the phrase “Double Think”, as the capacity to have two contradictory ideas in mind at the same time and to believe both of them. What we want to believe makes up a lot of our reality. Have fun with whatever reality you’re happy with.

42 in fewer than 5 pages and it wasn’t too boring, was it? Remember have fun, i'm a Heretic not an Anarchist. I do not compare myself with others, I’m just the small boy pointing out the emperor is in need of some new clothes. My tailoring is basic and of natural cloth, this is a simple idea but encompassing and requires rather a radical belief change. Since starting this model my perception of many things have changed, the metaphysical part of this model being most unexpected.

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 08:49 PM
Wow. great work.
I won't pretend to have read this all, or to fully grasp what I have.
I do applaud you for you effort, and I hope this thread gets some serious attention and commentary from those who can fully understand your assertions.
Seems like you should possibly get this material reviewed by a more rigorous and informed audience.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 09:02 PM
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thanks, it did take longer than i expected to get it all up, but it's the first step in offering it for an informal review. if it has any merit/is total crap, the boffins i've seen posting on these forums will give some indication.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 09:17 PM
Just off the cuff, does this have any validity in your theory ?

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 11:23 PM
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it has some

There are proposals to describe what is called propagating torsion. This is done by expressing the torsion as a gradient of some other field which propagates. However, since the torsion couples directly to spin, the propagating field couples to the gradient of the spin current density, so that the interaction is again completely local (it leads to a four-Fermi interaction), and the effect of torsion cannot propagate away from matter after all. Moreover, the photon has spin 1, but the torsion must be forbidden to couple to it, since the photon is so far the lowest-mass particle in the universe. But if torsion coupled to the spin -1/2 electrons and protons, this will make the photons massive by vacuum polarization.

the model fits in with this sort of proposal, although without the need for consideration of protons or electrons.
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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 04:48 AM
It's going to take me a while to digest this.

I'm going to be blunt. Some of the questions you pose have been "answered" according to the Standard Model and are easily found. You do, however, put forth quite a buffet of food for thought. Some unpalatable crap, some edible staples and some unexpected tasty treats. For that reason, I give the O.P. a big thumbs up. I love a buffet and a lot of thought and work has gone into it and I feel it deserves many stars and flags.

Einstein would call it relativity. Philosophers would call it post modernism. The key point is that, as it stands, neither theoretical physics nor we, as humans, can find an infallible reference point. There is no point in space totally at rest with which to base our measurements on and no absolute truth with which to base we, as a society, and us, as individuals, on. Don't anyone bother trying to tell me it's the Bible, the book of Torah, the Koran, the Mahabarta etc. These are only reference points.

Your point in space and your truths are entirely relevant to you but just as no two people or objects can occupy exactly the same space at exactly the same time, no two people can hold exactly the same truths at exactly the same time.

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