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Calling Out To You From The Realm Of Dreams

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 08:35 PM
Your dreaming is gaining access to this plane of existence. This plane is no less ‘real’ than your ‘waking life,’ just different. It is based on your own individual consciousness, and its dispositions, that you have your ‘waking life’ and its various aspects, and ‘dreams’ while you ‘sleep,’ and all of its various aspects. ‘Lucid Dreaming’ is the way your consciousness interprets going into this realm with awareness, while you conceptualize yourself to be ‘sleeping.’ If this realm of existence appeals to you, lucid dreaming is not the end goal per se. Techniques that conclusively confirm to you that you are dreaming have the primary purpose of allowing you to take in what exactly it MEANS to be dreaming, in a world entirely created by and under the control of your consciousness. You cannot possibly shift to having this be your primary realm of existence unless you understand what it MEANS, and the implications in terms of what is possible.

So first you need to be able to absolutely distinguish between being ‘awake’ and ‘dreaming,’ learn to recognize that you are dreaming, and explore the possibilities. Now you can begin a process of merging the two realities. This is done by intelligent activity and design within your dream world. The basic idea is to set up situations in your dreams that fit within the context of your circumstances in your waking life, and set them up to go how you would like them to go. So you replicate systems that exist in your waking life, utilize them in your dreams, and have things work out in their context as you would like them to. Basically, you act out situations similar to what you would like to have happen in your waking life in your dreams. In terms of people, you can either interact with people who are of the basic ‘essence’ of people you would like to do whatever with, or you can do this with specific people you know. Engaging in these activities will make an imprint into your subconscious from one perspective, or even other people’s subconscious from another perspective, because whenever you interact with another person in your dreams it makes an impact on their subconscious.

Now in your waking life, you put yourself in situations that could allow what happened in your dreams to actually happen, or at least something similar or that could progress into it. One principle of lucid dream control is that you can control what happens by believing it will happen, and putting yourself into an unknown situation, or walking to a place that you cannot see, with the belief that what whatever you want to happen will happen. If you believe, or perhaps more accurately KNOW, that it will happen, and you go into an unknown/unseen area, it will happen. So you want to cultivate certain beliefs through your waking life and your dreams, repeatedly pound them into your head, and cultivate a sense of not-knowing, that with every movement of the eyes or the body something completely unexpected could happen. The other idea is, as referenced earlier, to create feedback loops between your dreams and waking life, so that you fabricate scenarios in your dreams, and then play them out in your waking life. More and more over time distinctions between ‘dreaming’ and ‘being awake’ will blur, and you will find yourself moving more and more towards living in the realm of dreams.

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 03:07 AM
I had a spat of lucid dreams when my 3rd eye opened,but after a few weeks I couldn't notice that I'm dreaming anymore,I had a dream this morning that I'm waiting for a train,and then I go walking up the waiting platform,I realise I've left it to late and the train pulls off on its journey,this happened 3 times in a row,I also had a fight with the train conductor and flipped him over onto his back,also my wife was there but it wasn't my wife wife at all but I didn't question it in my dream,I'm meditating 1 year now and I'm amazed that I don't question things now in my dreams,it's as if my mind is trying to think up the most rediculious ideas to try and help me to question the dream but I think I'm so worried in my dreams or aggressive that I don't see the illogical events unfolding lol

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by TheJourney

Interesting concept.
My dreamlife(lucid and non lucid) is definetely rich and to be honest i would love to live some of those situations in "real life".

Of course since most of my dreams are taking place in outer space/alternate dimension(especially lately) i find it kind of difficult to replay them in this plane of existence.

A while back there was a thread called "Dreamworld into the real world" with similar ideas.Check it out:

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by TheJourney

See the movie 'Waking Life' if you haven't already. It's a real trip. I have watched it probably over 200 times and I'm not exagerating. It's not just a fantasmagorical philosophical/dream journey, but is great at inducing lucid dreams because of the cartoon animation over the film (rotoscoping). So is watching Gumby videos before bed, believe it or not.

I have been a lucid dreamer for most of my adult life. I think I have tried nearly all lucid dream techniques, including buying the goggles with the in-built LED's to activate during REM. Couldn't wear them though - too uncomfortable.

What I have discovered from my practice is that the technique is just one part of the process. It is intent that is most important along with the ability to recall the dream.

My favourite lucid dream activity is flying, can never get enough of it, and that includes flying to new worlds and non-physical dimensions.

My favourite technique is simple and effective, and probably the most taught one - Asking myself during waking life if I'm dreaming. I do it as a matter of course during my daily activities. The question will naturally arise once you are in a dream and then the party begins.

If you really want to flip yourself out, try the 'Am I Dreaming' question every ten or fifteen minutes. After 2 or 3 hours, your mind is so scrambled you don't know what is real and what is not, and I think that is what Lucid Dreaming is really all about - living between worlds of consciousness

Well it's bed-time. Happy Dreaming Oneironauts

Peace Out

posted on Oct, 30 2013 @ 11:16 PM
Ok so this is my theory on dreaming. So you are asleep and suddenly you have a dream, now it could be a pleasant, weird, scary, or funny dream. After you have the dream you wake up. BUT this is where my theory takes place. What IF, when you sleep you are ascended to a core (where all dreams of everyone in the world takes place) and that it is where everyone goes at to dream. I understand most of you would say that, "This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard." just think about it for a moment. Why is it that you sometimes see random people you don't know, or ever had the weird experience someone dreamed of the EXACT dream you had and you both saw each other? And the fact you tell your friend and they say they had the same dream? What if, that maybe your dreams are processed through that core or whatever it might be. It is truly interesting what dreams can probably come from. -Astrologicalbeings

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