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Serbia Elections,Voters Cry Voter Fraud Votes Favoring Pro EU Tadic

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 06:09 PM
Really? EU is the lesser evil? thats new

So do The Suppose Nonsense democratic elections really matter anymore? in my honest opinion no they dont and why is that? its because well just take a look at whats happening in the Serbian elections.

And take a look at this article.

The socialists have emerged on top in parliamentary polls in Serbia. The candidates for president face a run-off later this month. No matter who wins, DW's Verica Spasovska says, Serbia is on its way to the EU.

I guess democracy doesn't really matter or count now does it Verica Spasovska?

Serbia is feeling the pinch of the economic crisis like never before: Unemployment has reached an historic high, most companies are in no position to pay wages in due time and corruption is rife.

RIGHT and hows joining the European union will do Serbia any better again?

The actual election victors by a hair's breadth, the conservative Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), led by Tomislav Nikolic, are highly unlikely to take over power: they lack a suitable coalition partner.

I guess in the mind of this writer democracy doesn't exist in Serbia and even if Tomislav Nikolic wins it will still lead Serbia to the European Union while knowing that 100% of Serbs are agaisnt joining the European Union?
And yet take a look what spin the writer is trying to take.

But even if Nikolic wins the presidency, it won't change the fate of the nation. The right-wing SNS is still marked by its somber past. After splitting from the Radical Party of alleged war criminal Vojislav Seselj, the SNS never really came to terms with its support for paramilitary groups during the Balkan war. The split was of a purely tactical nature because Nikolic didn't stand a chance at leadership in Belgrade as long as Seselj stands trial in The Hague.

But even if Nikolic wins the presidency, it won't change the fate of the nation.

Really Verica? and whats the fate of the nation is that? destruction and more unrest? well either Goodbye Serbia and the Balkans either way Joining the EU will be your latest mistake.

the Radical Party of alleged war criminal Vojislav Seselj,
Ah yes alleged,alleged alleged.

Serbia's voters have sent an unequivocal message: continue on the path to the European Union - even if that journey takes tiime.
Really Verica Spasovska? even if that journey destroys Serbia Economy? while knowing 100% of Serbs disagree with your opinion Verica.

Its easier for you to say it since you live in the west, but its a different story if you live in Serbia and see it from a different prescriptive, isn't this how journalism should be? seeing things from a different prescriptive.

Here are more headlines.
Tadic Urges Serbs to Reelect Him for EU Integration's Sake

Serbia's Boris Tadic, who stepped down as president last month ahead of May elections, said on Thursday he would keep Serbia on the path to European integration if elected to a third term.

"Our policy is for progress on the European ladder: we've received EU candidate status, now we should begin accession talks," he told Serbian National Television RTS, cited by RIA Novosti.

In Serbia, EU Supporter Gets Boost in Election

The Center for Free Elections and Democracy, an election monitor, said Mr. Tadic won 26.7% of the vote, compared with 25.5% for Mr. Nikolic. The state election commission said late Sunday that based on ...

Thats funny its almost the same results as in 2008.
BBC results 2008

2008 Serbia election Results
Boris Tadic 51%
Nikolic 47%
2012 Serbia Election Results,Results Runoff
2012 Election Runoff Serbia Results
Boris Tadic 25.33
Nikolic 24.99

Hmm really so if Boris Tadic get a third term doesn't that sound like dictatorship? in my view it does.

While Serbs are complaining from voter fraud from fraud to lack of voters and displaced votes, its no wonder why Boris tadic is leading, i am sure Hillary Clinton is going to like the outcome.

While again knownling that serbs are opposed of joining the European union,honestly Tadic what good will EU do to the Serbia? there is nothing that i can think that will.

Well ATS i guess freer elections dont exist,and why? its because a winner in any of them its always the pro Washington and pro elitist that wins.

Democracy is turning out to be nothing more then an elitist pick and choose.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 10:06 PM
Very odd results considering how staunchly nationalist the Serbs are.


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