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911 Trial Muslim Terrorists: "I spit on their Graves" KSM and co-jihadists mock victims, turn cour

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 05:17 PM
considering muslims never even did 911 and saying they did without proving it doesn't make it so
it was an INSIDE JOB

if you aren't for the same fair trial for others that you would expect for yourself if you were innocent
YOU ARE A TERRORIST and deserve what you expect to dish out
in spades

if you can't handle that concept
get the hell out of the kitchen because you don't deserve to be here

and by the way
since the battlefield is now the US and the terrorists are now Libertarians, constitutionalists, ron paul supporters, veterans, farmers, and frequent fliers...etc:
You must be told that's because you" kill en all quilty or not" typoes are to stupid, cowardly, and useless, to stand up for what actually is right.

you don't deserve any justice either
get that in ya
edit on 9-5-2012 by Danbones because: maybe it will be UN troops pissing on your smashed up drone dead bodies next

edit on 9-5-2012 by Danbones because: SPELLING

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