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Violence-hit Syria set for parliamentary polls, If Syria Banned Reporters, How Did AFP flim this?

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 03:36 AM

The problem i have with this report by AFP are these little key points.

1.0:07: The Taxis dont look right, i will also add some pictures of Actual Syrian Taxiss.

2.0:07 Toy bear says in English i love u?

3.1:47 was it really filmed in Homs Syria? or was a that footage from Libya added into the mix? either way AFP has some major explaining to do..

Syrian Taxis

I dont recall them been or having that green color thing on the top, as shown on that AFP footage.

From CNN two days ago..

CNN Two Days ago..

CNN cannot independently verify reports of violence and deaths within Syria

So AFP where did you film that footage from? it sure looks like Iraq to me at least, or rather Libya either way this is level of journalism sickies me, its no longer journalism.

In journalism you investigative stories and from both sides, but this isn't journalism Its Copy and paste at the very best.
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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 04:34 AM
That's kinda funny. It took that long for them to block ATS.

Your tube says we have to watch it at Youtube because the owner has blocked this website from viewing it. No love for us here eh? Well Hmpf!

I was looking at the video ...or trying to... for a reason. Perhaps you want to, since you seem to know this area personally by your descriptions.

Google Earth imagery of the city of Homs is low and really...almost embarrassing by Google Standards...but it's still perfectly good for making out street and building details. I wonder if that could give you the smoking gun for what is there and shouldn't be....or isn't there but should be?


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