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Face to Face with a BLACK TRIANGLE UFO

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 09:03 AM

Originally posted by gameisupman
reply to post by FissionSurplus

....The only "conspiracy" is the fact that it has been sighted all over the world, and our government plays dumb about it.

Unicorns, fairies, witches and wizards are "sighted" all over the world too. Heck, in some countries they hold public executions if your found to be a wizard. All all these things are 100% real as well by your logic, right?

Really? How many official, government reports are filed each year by military pilots who chase unicorns, fairies, witches and wizards and capture them on gun camera video?

I also can't recall hearing about entire police departments following unicorns around for hours as they float over 3 or more counties.

Yes, there are crazy people everywhere but that really has nothing to do with this and is an extremely poor strawman argument style debunking attempt.

UFO's exist. Sorry to break that to you but unless you're just more comfortable not knowing or accepting that fact then you really haven't studied the case histories. There's just too much official, government provided documentation already released to the public to pretend they don't.

Clearly, based on the evidence and reports there are craft which are not from around here in our skies. That doesn't mean every unidentifiable craft is an ET but it does mean we have to leave it open as a possible origin. Personally, I think some people see advanced aircraft and get excited, some see huge craft that are not ours.

I'm not aware of any precedent for still secret craft being operated at low altitude over populated areas, by the way. I have yet to see any reports about U2s or SR-71's being flown low and slow over Mainstreet USA where anyone can see and photograph them. When A-1 credible witnesses (plural) see and officially report a black triangle type craft more than a mile wide floating just above treetop altitude at walking speed then occasional zipping off 5-6 miles distant in an eyeblink over city after city I find it extremely unlikely that craft is from the nearest convenient Air Force base.

I am aware of advanced technology being used over large cities but these are a specific type of device which is extremely difficult to see (especially when used at night). They are used to monitor electronic communications and are an example of military technology being used within our borders, probably in violation of our constitution. But, that's a completely different kettle of fish vs. some of these triangle incidents.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 10:36 AM

Originally posted by pillock
very cool sighting

did it look like this video ?

That looks like a stealth aircraft, F117A or B2. I have seen them both on the ground and in the air and this has the tails of a F117A and the manoevres of the B2.

Well, apart from the light thing!

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 12:09 PM

Originally posted by Zeer0
reply to post by jaws1975

Thats not his point. Though his methods of skepticism are arrogant hes making a completely valid point. The OP makes some amazing claims then provides no evidence for said claims and your mad at someone being skeptical. This is why people dont take UFO believers seriously.

I know they are telling the truth.
I can tell by what they mentioned about the memory issue.
It happened exactly like that for me.
And the part about not wanting to say anything...
And even if he had a camera in his hand, I bet he wouldn't have taken a picture for the same reasons.

It was sending me mental impulses, so strong, and yet I thought they were my thoughts, until I used my consciousness to test the logic. "Look down so they don't notice you." "I know I'll forget it and it will go away."
"Wait, why would me forgeting make it go away?" "Look up dude." "nah look down until it leaves." "No look up at it."

this whole time I was looking down. I was LOOKING DOWN, while a giant triangle (i think 150ft) is 300ft above me. I'm looking down at the bright light on the sand all around me. I look up, the light hurts, but not too bad considering the extreme brightness. look back down. And then look up again, as I battle my own mind. But then what? What happened next? I was walking. Wait?

"brother, did you see it?" "yes, but I can't remember it." "So that really just happened?" "yes."

It's very hard to remember correctly, If I change any details it's to correct some holes that are really hard to access.

I saw the craft for 30 minutes and I have no pictures, luckily I had a second witness, but I had these urges to forget the whole thing. I had urges to not tell anyone, which I corrected with my own programming upon noticing this being out of my character, and therfore not my thoughts...

It has to be CIA or USAF or something similar. The way it looks you can tell an American Male designed it. It looks Cool, like an F117 or F-18 haha. It is forward facing and not rounded off.

Something tried to make me forget the ship, but somehow I still held on to the memory, even though I have to go back and read my old posts periodically to make it stick. These mind tricks are powerful, whatever they are.

I don't think I expect you to believe me, but have to say it anyway in defense of the OP, and in the defense of something I know to be true.

This Black triangle turned me into a little girl. I grabbed my brothers hand before we ran, and we ran holding hands. I would have had a heart attack if I was older. I can only imagine some black ops guys looking at some high tech screen on board laughing there as$es off at my fear.

I was trying to become enlightened and that's when I started having many many many issues. I think they have ways of knowing who you are. You can not hide a bright light in a land of darkness I guess. I had started on a path and things were moving so fast. God was leading me to find certain things, or something like god. I found this random free book hearing about it on a radio show, and so I called and got my free copy sent with free shipping.

The book had this prayer in it, that I used in meditation. It was supposedly written by channeled aliens. I may believe that even, but not sure really. Anyway, the prayer thing had some power to it. It started making UFOs either appear or made me able to see what was already there.

"I am a human becoming, help me to become."

One time it attracted the black triangle, or maybe it's a coincidense, but I'll never know. What I do know is Something really didn't like what I was learning. Something really wanted to keep me in my place. I've been tortured ever sense. To this day I am afraid of being "good" or meditating too much, or praying, or helping others too much, because they have left me alone now that I'm an alcoholic...

Someone posted a similar feel about attracting the Dark side. I agree with them.

And now I sound crazy... Whatever... I hope you guys never find out what this post means... I hope you can stay thinking I am lieing... That would be better than what has happened to me...


EDIT**** was trying to find my old post about it to see how I told my story back in the day... I remembered posting on a black background forum. guess what. I was a member of ATS, and didn't even remember that.
Here is my post.

My post Black Traingle
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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 12:22 PM
I saw something similar in 2010 in the mountains of Central Idaho at a family reunion.

It too was massive and made a rumbling noise. I was out with my telescope viewing the night sky with this thing flew over. Being in the mountains I remember thinking GEEZ if that is plane it is going to crash! I ran into the cabin to get my camera and when I came back out it was gone. It felt like it was military though, not alien.

I have not mentioned it before because I have no proof.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by Rob414

No pics??? No proof? No nothing?

Just asking if you have any form of substantial evidence beside your "word"?

I believe in visitors but I have NEVER seen proof. Just stories. I too can make up a story...but i dont!!

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 12:33 PM

Originally posted by Six6Six
reply to post by Rob414

No pics??? No proof? No nothing?

Just asking if you have any form of substantial evidence beside your "word"?

I believe in visitors but I have NEVER seen proof. Just stories. I too can make up a story...but i dont!!

the point of posting stories like this is just that to share and get it off your chest.
The point isn't to prove to you what they already know.
get it?

It's NOT about you.


You might not understand the video, or think it means anything. I'll be fine with that, but I would like you to just watch. Maybe you'll notice something... odd? go to 5:45 -6:40 if you are Lazy. Best to watch the whole thing though to pierce your mind correctly.

read some of the comments...

EM field Mind games. Can you see what your mind cannot shape? I was stumbling upon some very serious stuff back in the day...

Go to Mufon to see thousands of Black Triangle sightings every year.

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 01:19 PM
The tr3b is fictional and used as a cover-up for off world triangles..the govt doesn't have mile wide triangles that are me..

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 01:48 PM
Has anyone seen it in this light like to know more about the pics of the craft
Looks adaptive, it can shape shift, thinking computer/robot.

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 01:49 PM

Originally posted by King Triad
The tr3b is fictional and used as a cover-up for off world triangles..the govt doesn't have mile wide triangles that are me..

I saw a black triangle
the off world triangles are a cover up for the actual ones the USA has that are me..

I believe there are both, but had to say it like that, for effect.

To the post above mine:
That looks pretty fake, but I don't know.
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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 04:00 PM

Originally posted by Zeer0
reply to post by Rob414

You saw this things for 3 whole minutes and you didnt run to get a camera?

My thoughts exactly.

I saw a ghost, whilst on the toilet...yet I was still able to drop a deuce, watch the ghost open the bathroom door, take my phone out & turn on the camera to take a quick snap...& this was a dream.

So three whole minutes of staring at it would be suffice to get a recording device.

That aside, I don't discount the events that happened to you.

Some people have mentioned TR-3B.

I've had loads of discussion with differing opinions on it, but I'm still kinda on the fence about it...

There are fake CGI videos of the TR-3B around the web, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is real, especially since there has been a lot of witness accounts about mysterious black triangle UFOs.

Therefore, maybe the TR-3B does actually exist and is being funded through black ops...(there's been crazier things in life that have turned out true

It was said to be a "myth" project (Aurora Project) by U.S Govt back in the 80's.

There's also a video with Ed Fouche giving a speech about it. I'm not sure about his credentials (maybe someone can clarify), but here's the video:

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 07:30 PM

Originally posted by Rob414

i would comepair it to a burnout at a nascar race

well that quote just speaks for itself doesn't it! Come on man seriously if you're THAT bad at spelling type your post into a word processor that has spell check.

Storys like this are so hard to believe when the OP sounds like this.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by Rob414

i am extremely jealous

sounds like you really saw the real deal... insanely awesome!!

very cool how you "traded vibes" that is common with ufo experiences, being able to sense/feel their presence.
so jealous but also so happy for you! thanks for the great story

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 10:54 AM

Edited images

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 08:38 AM
to everyone that doesn't believe me that's fine, i saw what i saw and if you really don't believe me wait till you go
to heaven and ask god about it.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 09:55 PM

Originally posted by Rob414
to everyone that doesn't believe me that's fine, i saw what i saw and if you really don't believe me wait till you go
to heaven and ask god about it.

thanks for sharing your story. please ignore the nasty, ignorant comments which are unfortunately a staple of this forum.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 11:30 PM

Originally posted by YodleAjax

Edited images

Like I said, Those look fake.

I didn't want to be mean about it though.

Anyone who believes that there were projects that were abandoned and this black triangle is one of those, well, you ARE wrong.

I know it's USA. I know it's real. I also know that in my case there would have been F-16s ALL over the place. This is a training area, so that they can bale out and hit open sand, or open water. The Black Triangle flew in the exact same way they always do.

On some days of the year they even paint glow in the dark designs on the bottom of their planes and they fly right over us, shaking all the beach houses. The amount of military in these parts is staggering. They would have noticed this craft had it been someone elses. It was theirs and they even flew it when there was no one else on the entire beach. They knew when to test it out. We walked maybe 32 Miles after seeing it, from about the middle of emerald Isle to the end and back to the middle, without seeing a single other person.

I STILL wonder if they meant to scare ME, or if they thought no one would be there at all. The craft is so lit up, I don't know how you wouldn't see it, but based on it's shape and "look" I bet it's Radar invisible.

AND to ALL Believers, Skeptics, and Knowers:

I have never seen a video of this craft that was real. Everyone I have seen (I look constantly) was WAY fake.
Especially anything that looks rounded or has Vertical stabalizers is FAKE.

The way this craft "floats" it seems it wouldn't even need wings to keep it upright. Must be using some sort of Electromagnetic field, or anti gravity, or something like this. Maybe even the negative vibe I got off of this ship was electrostatic discharge in my brain?
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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by Rob414

Is it possible for you to draw a sketch of the event and put that online?

It would be interesting what you can remember and draw it.


posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:02 PM
... Where did OP mention seeing any aliens peeking through a bottom window?? It was said he traded vibrations with the unidentified beings aboard the object, nothing about seeing any alien, just a weird f**king ship. -.- Some people don't read at all.
Sounds like a legit account, well written, too, I felt it. I obviously don't spend enough time on the internet because I've never even heard of these things before, but very interesting. By the other poster's responses, it sounds like it is a human ship... Which is weird enough. Way weird.
Really supernatural, kinda psychedlic. That is so awesome.

I've never had any kind of experience like this. No ghosts, no aliens, no U.F.O's. Makes me a bit sad, really, some pretty cool stuff. At the same time, it appears this ship was letting out some pretty dark energy, and that doesn't sound nice at all. Maybe it is better off I have a really boring existence. >.<

Thanks for sharing.

posted on May, 13 2012 @ 06:58 PM
Here's an interesting report about the so-called Triangle phenomenon:

It was triangular in shape, massive in size and eerily quiet.

I was a State Trooper working the night shift and was patrolling US83 south of Canadian, TX. It was around 10:30PM local time.

I always had a citizens band radio on and had been listening to two truck drivers enjoying a conversation. It was an unusually warm evening for a winter night and I was wearing short sleeves and had the car window cracked a bit as I slowly patrolled northbound.

As this is the Texas panhandle area, the land is fairly flat, but with some rolling hills every so often. I could see the two trucks ahead of me and all three of us were driving north. The two trucks were approximately 1 - 1.5 miles ahead of me. As we neared the Wa#a Creek bridge on US83, the road dipped down into a little valley.

I lost sight of the trucks as they dipped lower than me. One of the drivers was talking away when he suddenly stopped and said "What the hell is that"? I heard the second driver say "What are you...oh hell!".

The radio was silent for a few seconds and then I heard the second trucker say "I nearly ran into you when you stopped. Are you pulling over?" To which the other trucker said "Hell yes...I want to see it".

By this time I was starting down the incline toward the creek and I could see one truck stopped and on the side of the road and the other pulling past it to park in front of it. I still didn't know what they were talking about but started slowing down.

I crossed the bridge and at that point I saw the driver of the truck just in front of me standing in the middle of US83. He was looking west and upward. This was the first time that I realized a very bright light was shining onto the ground from what appeared to be a very large dark object which seemed to be about 1,000 feet in the air and maybe a mile and a half away.

I remember thinking this because I'd been down the dirt road that runs from this location west and was fairly familiar with the topography here...and I could make out it was over another hill. I was afraid I'd be run over from behind so I started to park my patrol car on the shoulder beside the first truck.

I could see the second driver running to the first one and pointing at the object. At this point, a small passenger car topped the hill just north of us and started slowing down...probably from seeing the two trucks and my car parked there. But as the car passed by I saw the brake lights come on and the car slightly screeched to a stop right in the middle of the south-bound lane.

There was a female driver and she stepped out of her car, right foot still inside but standing outside the car, and was looking at the object. I asked her to quickly move out of the road. She turned to me and said "What is that?" I told her I didn't know, but to please move. She did so quickly and then came back to us.

Now there were the two truckers, the lady and myself standing on the shoulder of the southbound lane. I couldn't hear a sound from the craft but could see a immensely bright beam of light shining straight down. The light didn't sway back and forth like a search light or just shone straight down. Suddenly I was aware of the fact that the object appeared to be moving toward us very slowly. This was because I realized the sheer dimensions of the craft.

It was a moonless night..or as best as I can remember it was moonless. Thousands of stars in a totally black sky made it very easy to see that the object was indeed moving toward us. It was triangular in shape. That was obvious almost from the start. The point was forward as if you'd imagine a triangle being mobile and one of the points being the front of the object. (I hope that makes sense)

There was absolutely no sound coming from the craft. Not even a whisper.

I realized no one was talking... I think we were completely confounded by what we were seeing. After around five minutes, the object had gotten to a point that I felt it was within a mile of us. I still had the strong sensation that it was higher above us than it appeared. That's when the bright light simply shut off and it was easier to see the outline of the craft.

The mere size of the craft was incredible. If my references are even near what I think they are, I'd estimate the size of the craft to be at least 1000' per side. It was massive. The reason I use this word is two fold. One is from the dimensions of it. But the other is this. As the craft neared being almost directly over us, I remember feeling weight... felt something heavy on me. It also seemed as if there was a haze around the object...just barely off of the surface that seemed to make the stars near the edge flicker before they were occulted by the
object itself.

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posted on May, 13 2012 @ 07:03 PM

I also remember realizing I was holding my breath.

And although we couldn't hear anything, one of the truckers said, "Do y'all feel that?" It felt as though everything, the road, the air, us... everything seemed to be vibrating.

Up to this point, I don't think what I felt was fear... just amazement. But when the craft was directly over us, something happened. I was staring straight up at it, and I remember at this point that the women started sobbing and ran away to her car. She left before I ever said another word to her.

The object was black. Much blacker than the sky. This may have been an illusion from all the stars in the background, but it was darker to me. But as I looked up, I suddenly saw a circle appear...just forward of what would be the center of the object. This circle didn't light up. It became darker... as if there was absolutely no light shining from it or reflected from it. Without a doubt it was darker than the rest of the craft.

The craft literally stopped directly above us.

One of the drivers asked me if I should call for help. I told him I didn't know what I'd say. The thought did cross my mind, but I was thinking they'd be thinking I was crazy back at the Sheriff's Office.

The craft then started pivoting above us...with the point moving clockwise in relation to me until it was pointed in a generally orth-west direction. Then it began moving again. I remember hearing one of the truckers talking, but my ears felt as if they were going to pop.

Again, there wasn't a sound from it... but a tremendous feeling of weight or pressure... sort of like when you dive deeply into the water. That kind of feeling.

As the craft moved off slowly, one of the drivers said something about driving to the top of the next hill to see it more clearly. He started to turn away and at that moment the craft sped up noticeably, then shot off to the northwest in a matter of 3-4 seconds.

The drivers asked me what we should do and I told them I didn't know. I don't know what we saw, what we experienced. One of the drivers, the one that said he wanted to see it from the hilltop, ran to his truck and drove north. I ran to my patrol car and got in, passed him on the way north and pulled over at the top of
the rise.

We all got out again but couldn't see anything. I remember my ears were ringing like mad. Looking back, I think this was side effects of an adrenaline rush. I've been in shootings, high-speed pursuits and numerous other tension-filled moments and I always have that reaction.

After some time, we all got in our vehicles and left. I went straight home. I undressed and took a shower. I still could see the object in my mind... and am absolutely convinced about the darker circle inside the craft. I then sat down at my desk in the study and sketched out the craft on a piece of paper. I then went into my bedroom where my wife was asleep.

As I lay down, she rolled over to kiss me goodnight but stopped and asked "Have you been fighting a grass fire or something?" I said no and asked why. She told me I smelled like burned grass or hair. I told her what I'd seen just an hour earlier. She knew I was sincere.

The next morning, I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. As I looked in the mirror, I saw that my face looked like I had a very light sunburn. Not deep red... just a little blushed. I looked down and most of the hair on both arms looked as if I'd been synged with a flame.

I called my wife and she came in and gasped at how I looked. We looked in the bed and there was a mass of burned hair on my pillow and the sheets. I say burned... I mean it was very brittle and it and I still smelled like I'd been fighting a fire.

That was 12 years ago. I still see it in my mind and I sometimes dream about it. I've never told anyone other than my dearest and most trusted friends. I have no doubt that what I saw was real. I have no doubt that it was huge, it was manned, and it was being intelligently operated. I'm not assuming anything... that it was an alien craft, a military craft or whatever. But what I saw moved with great stealth when I first saw it and was able to reach an unbelievably high speed in the blink of an eye.

So... as you're reading this, you may think I'm nuts. But this is the single-most bizarre thing I've ever experienced, and I'm absolutely convinced it was real.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of sighting is approximate. We have responded to the report, and hope to be able to communicate with the witness in greater detail about the incident. PD))



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