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No outright majority expected in Serbian elections,

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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 04:29 AM
Proof that Elections Are staged?

I also noticed a little sip of propaganda in the article, i have to say this is the most shortest article i have ever seen.

And also the article goes on to suggest that there will be no clear winner, but a single, power share between tadic Again.

In the Serbian elections starting today the liberal government of Boris Tadic faces its biggest challenge since coming to power in 2000.

Source Euro News

The main rival is Tomislav Nikolic and his nationalist Serbian Progressive Party which is slightly ahead in the polls.

Heres the propaganda line.
"Many people in Serbia are frustrated about the slow transition from socialism to capitalism."

No thats not correct Euro News, Many people in Serbia are frustrated arent frustrated about transitioning to capitalism, in fact many of the people are sick of capitalism alright.

To make things even worse Serbia Unemployment rate is over well 23.7% or higher.
And yet Euro News wants you the reader to believe that Serbs are frustrated about the slow transition from socialism to capitalism?

While this article completely avoids discussing the clear problems and why would the Serbs vote differently if they are voting at all for that matter.

Notice how in the article are mentioning this?

Analysts think no party is likely to win an outright majority and that some sort of grand coalition between Tadic’s liberals and Nikolic’s nationalists will speed up that pace of the reform.

Will speed up that pace of the reform? Huh doesn't that mean joining the European Union? yet a vast majority of the population are agaisnt joining European Union.

No i mean it seriously what good will joining European Union for Serbia or other Balkans countries?

Looks like the level of EU Union and Imperialism propaganda is high this week.

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