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Stargate : Apocalypse!

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 07:41 PM
Okay this is what you get when you fuse Stargate: Atlantis, Inception and biblical prophecy:

So if you've seen SG:A and Inception, you can watch the apocalypse unfold before your eyes before watching the apocalypse unfold before your eyes. Pretty nice, eh? Yeah, and sorry that target audience is so narrow with the SG:A part but it's really the only television series that gave me the symbolism and in-series events I needed to pull this off. To be honest, I don't have a "haven't seen SG:A" frame of reference so maybe the information is still conveyed even if you haven't seen these things- but I have to think that surely much of the visual imagery would lose meaning if the context of what is going on in the television series behind the imagery isn't known.

So there it is: the apocalypse for you to watch before you watch it. Yes, there are secret messages embedded therein; mystical symbols and prophetic visions; everything has an intended meaning (and there are probably myriad meanings unintended). The first three seasons are a little tongue-in-cheek and maybe you get some laughs before we descend into Limbo after Dr. Weir. Also, there is one final video I have not uploaded and will do so at the appropriate TIME

That's the short version of the post. The long version follows for any interested:

One premise of Inception is that movies and television series are shared dreams. The writer/creator dreams up a world, he creates the world of the dream on screen, and then he incepts us the audience into his dream world through our vicarious character vehicles with whom we identify. So by this premise SG:A is a kind of shared dream. Now, in this dream the writers kill the leader (which is odd- there are a ton of very odd things about this series) and so since she can't wake up, she drops into Limbo which becomes her reality. But now I've been incepted into their dream world through my vicarious character vehicle, right? So I can dream, too; and I'm going to dream a dream within their dream; and my dream is going to collapse their dream and recreate it. Think of it this way, if you watch my series, and then watch the television series; you will see and hear my dream embedded within their dream, like a hidden story within a story- pretty cool, eh? I thought it was rather ingenius myself.

Anyway, the goal of course is to rescue Dr. Weir from Limbo and get her back to Atlantis. To alter the timeline so she doesn't get zapped by the red death ray. So the television series is our "dream level 1" and then through my series I am going down through dream levels 2, 3, and 4 and collapsing dream level 1 to bring Weir (the really old looking Weir) out of creative limbo as it were. Personally I find it all to be complete genius; I've legitimately rescued a fictional character from fictional Limbo. I'm REVEALING the real story through the old story; instead of Stargate: Apocalypse we might call it "The Revelation of Dr. Weir"

But of course that is all just the surface level of what is being conveyed. There are at least three intended levels of understanding here; and probably myraid more unintended: one of which is completely apocalyptic prophecy soon to be apocalyptic REALITY

I turned off the social aspects of the video (comments and ratings and such) because they are irrelevant and frankly asthetically loathsome to me. But feel free to comment here.

Remember one video yet to come; the second biggest twist ending ever (if you've read any of my previous posts you may see it coming)! Until then, row row row your boat!

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 07:59 PM
Oh by the way, just to be clear: it's intended all playlists to be watched in order; and remember: it's all analogues, people. and though the imagery is all SG:A remember the Inception angle- catharsis, the potentcy of an idea, the maze of self-generation of idea, getting home to see the faces of loved ones, etc.
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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by MrCobb

my eyes hurt because internet

please give me the short summary.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 11:32 AM
You know there's just so much information that the best way to convey all of it is by analogy- which is why I've done this. Remember this is one big interlocking prophetic vision; everything (no matter how seemingly mundane) actually does have a purpose for being presented in this form. Note that the final video will cause a revelation of information to those who understand the vision (hint: the episode numbers are more than just episode numbers).

Okay but what I will do here is spoil the mundane level of the series, so SPOILER ALERT! (as if anyone cared, right?)

My goal here is to rescue Elizabeth from Limbo (the really old-looking Elizabeth: like in the movie Inception where Cobb goes down to rescue "really old" Saito who- because he was killed in the upper level and can't wake up, drops into Limbo and gets trapped in a false reality). So if you watch my series, it is the "final revelation" as it were, of the SG:A story began to be dreamed by, the writers whoever , I can't remember their names off-hand; so I'm finishing what they started, and I am completing it from within their own "dream world"

So here is the mundane level spoiler (I'm presuming here that you've seen the required material; the less of the required material you have seen, the less you will understand the vision- for instance in some of the epilogues/prologues there are images presented in an order, but if you've never seen SG:A I don't think you'll realize that the imagery is going in reverse episode order, then stopping at the beginning and going forward again- so the "ending/reverse/flip/forward/middle" sequence won't be discerned; but I am disgressing...):

The entire dream (including the t.v. series) is all occuring in the mind of the FIRST Weir. None of it is really occurring except the "golden hour" images (the images that have a kind of "gold light" to them; which are basically the images of old Weir right before and right after she is brought out of the "dreamless state" she's been in for thousands of years. The only events that have truly occurred are the flashback events from episode 01-15 "before I sleep"; first Weir came through the Stargate, the city didn't rise, she went back in time and everyone else died; she did her thing and went into the stasis pod for 10,000 years.

The SECOND Weir arrives (but we never see this- the second Weir we are watching is really just the dream of the first Weir; her hope) and FIRST Weir is being brought out of stasis. "Look at her she's so fragile; I'm afraid the shock of being revived might kill her" and this is what is going on. In the moments between exiting the "dreamless state" she's been in for so long, and opening her eyes; she is fighting for her life, she will either open her eyes and wake up, see second Weir, look out the window, see Atlantis has risen and realize her sacrifice has worked "No regrets"; otherwise, she will die. In these moments her subconscious is creating this dream-life in an attempt to survive; the red death ray is her mind's way of telling her- this will happen if you don't wake up; you will die; and every person in the series is one of her projections- so all of SG:A is really takes place in a few seconds in the mind of FIRST Weir on the lab table- it is all the story of her "journey" out of dream-less stasis and back to Atlantis (i.e. opening her eyes); everyone else in the series is a projection of some aspect of her mind which is dealing with this crisis of waking up. Except for Sheppard and McKay; who are also real and represent the viewer and myself, the extractor and the architect. I presume it's clear that you're entering the dream via the Control Chair, right? That is, if you take the job I offer- otherwise, Sheppard and McKay are both me.

So, basically first Weir goes to Atlantis, city doesn't rise, every dies; goes back in time, gets in the pod, sleeps for 10,000 years; second team arrives (we never see this in actuality- in fact the only time we ever really see second Weir is in the "golden hour" shots), revives her- and in the moments between sleep and wake she is teetering on the line of life and death; waking up or the red death ray; in the end she escapes the red death ray and indeed wakes up to see the city has risen and second Weir is safe.

So we never really met second Weir at all. SG:A was actually all about first Weir. Pretty cool, huh? So, first Weir dies with "no regrets" thereby causing second Weir to be saved from the "killer dream" dreamed up for her by, whoever it was that wrote the t.v. series; she's out there somewhere in dreamland having new adventures that no one will ever know about; eternally safe from the tyranny of wreckless dreamers and their death rays. She actually has a kind of "quasi-free-will" now; no one can pull her strings anymore.
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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 11:32 AM
And that's the spoiler for the mundane level. Actually, if anyone does bother to watch this, I'd like to know if that angel is easily understanable- I tried to make it simple as possible to convey but at times wondered if I were hitting the viewer over the head, as it were. Also, the video to come, I'll just say: totem!

A lot may seem mundane- but it's all there for a purpose, and all the info is there. For instance, look at the pocketwatch when it is given to Weir and what time is it? Interesting! Lots of things that just go- unnoticed; did you see the Illuminati pyramid ? There it is! Just bear in mind, I hate to sound like a borken record here, but it is all analogues and it is the Inception angle that is important here! Even though it is may look like "Stargate Atlantis with some Inception" it is really "Inception with some SG:A" and it HAD to be SG:A. This was the only t.v. series that could possibly be used to convey the analogues for the deeper levels of understanding.

Let me just also say tongue-in-cheek that I hope that Torri Higginson never watches this, because I fear that the depth of the cross-reality nexus may well result in a paradox of biblical proportions. And if her white dog (the white dog in the series is the actual pet of the actress) is with her, a spacetime implosion would surely ensue.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 09:16 AM
Okay I hate to have to bump this thread up again; I really do- I know it's like "What is this thread? What does this even mean? Who cares, I wish it would just go off to the next page already" and trust me I am the same way. But for sake of information I have to post that the playlists are created to be viewed in a certain order: and the order for these two playlists is this:

Limbo: 03 Epi; 10-10 Pro; 01-01->19; 05 Pro; 03-05; 10-10 Epi; 07 Pro

The 8 Chevrons: 01; 02; 03; 10-10 Pro; 05; 10-10 Epi; 07; 08

Now for some odd reason, my channel display seems to want to put them in another order. I've changed the order back to the proper sequence a few times, but each time - about an hour or so later - the order reverts back to the same "non-linear" order. I am actually a code-writer so I'm not sure what would be causing the error; but nevertheless, there it is.

So should a person actually look at this and these 2 playlists are in a different order than listed above; then all I can tell you is this: the above order is the way I intended the sequence to be run (the "dialing sequence", as it were); whether or not this other sequence is meaningful, I'll leave to the viewer to decide.

Okay that's it. Thanks for your time and, uh, yeah; you can get back to your regularly scheduled programming! Enjoy the day.
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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by MrCobb

Did you know that the meaning of the word apocalypse is : to reveal.
It doesnot mean destroy or destruction or any kind of ending but a revealation. A time when all will be revealed.
Now that is something I can get excited about waiting for !
Didnt the bible say that in time all secrets will be revealed?

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by karen61057

Hey Karen absolute agreement with the spirit of your words BUT I presume you are limiting the use of the understanding of "destruction" to the literal type- that is to say, no asteroids or nuclear holocausts or exploding planets; which, though I can't rule these out, appear to me from the information to be extremely unlikely and indeed what we are looking at in the "apocalypse" is simply new information being revealed which will cause a corrsponding change in our collective understanding.

Now, this is where I say, though, that I do believe this will cause catastrophic world-wide destruction, but in the philosophical sense: all of the illusory worlds people have built, founded on lies, will be burned up in the fire of information and billions of fake worlds will be shattered into pieces. I can see this causing some serious anguish for a lot of people (I'm looking at you, Christians) perhaps such a harsh truth that there may be some weeping and gnashing of teeth when everyone figures out just how much they've been lied to and, by whom.

But the good news: though there's some fire to walk through getting there, apparently it all turns out great for everyone in the end!

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 10:30 AM
Alrighty then; for the one guy who watched Stargate: Apocalypse the final playlist video TOTEM is now up:

Well, did you see the twist ending coming? Oh B.S. you did not.

So there it is, people! Enjoy your apocalypse and remember:


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