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If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 12:10 AM

Yep it's like that

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 03:28 AM
I reckon "I'll sleep when I'm dead" - Bon Jovi

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 03:42 AM

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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 03:58 AM

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 06:47 AM
At the moment it's "Silence is golden", BUT I would like it to be, "It's my life, it's now or never. I aint gonna live forever. I just wanna live while I'm alive. It's my life!!!"

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 07:53 AM
How 'bout a theme album?

"The Continuing Story Of Radar Love"

by "Golden Earring"?


How bout some Joe Satriani!


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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 08:48 AM

Don't want my post deleted so I won't embed these 2

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 08:57 AM
This is still one of my favourite songs that ever came out in the mainstream. In the 90s.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 11:12 AM
because I did things my way, I dont have much now

but oh, the things I have done

doin it in the dirt,yeah baby

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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 10:18 PM
Fade To Black

Life, it seems, will fade away
Drifting further every day
Getting lost within myself
Nothing matters, no one else

I have lost the will to live
Simply nothing more to give
There is nothing more for me
Need the end to set me free

Things not what they used to be
Missing one inside of me
Deathly lost, this can't be real
Cannot stand this hell I feel

Emptiness is filling me
To the point of agony
Growing darkness taking dawn
I was me, but now he's gone

No one but me can save myself, but it's too late
Now I can't think, think why I should even try

Yesterday seems as though it never existed
Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye

Copyright © 1984 Creeping Death Music (ASCAP)
International Copyright Secured
All Rights Reserved


posted on May, 6 2012 @ 11:02 PM
Some people might be expecting an Elton John song, but Bernie never did have this lyric in him. Bruce is the man here. Sometimes it takes the boss.

It's all about going through the rough times and then facing down the innocence you were running from all along.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 11:09 PM
This is my pick. Also, imo, his best work by far.

Edit: took me 5 minutes before I realize there are some offensive words ahead, so those with virgin ears, please skip. Also, if I broke any rules by c/p these lyrics with such language, I am sincerely sorry, and understand if it's not cool to keep this post up. I wasn't trying to be offensive, just really enjoy the song, and think it applies to the thread's topic.

Yeah, it's been a ride
I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one
Now some of you might still be in that place
If you're trying to get out, just follow me
I'll get you there

[Verse 1]
You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay 'em
But you won't take the sting out these words before I say 'em
Cause ain't no way I'mma let you stop me from causing mayhem
When I say I'mma do something I do it, I don't give a damn
What you think, I'm doing this for me, so # the world
Feed it beans, it's gassed up, if it thinks it's stopping me
I'mma be what I set out to be, without a doubt, undoubtedly
And all those who look down on me I'm tearing down your balcony
No if ands or buts don't try to ask him why or how can he
From Infinite down to the last Relapse album he's still #ting
Whether he's on salary, paid hourly
Until he bows out or he #s his bowels out of him
Whichever comes first, for better or worse
He's married to the game, like a "# you" for Christmas
His gift is a curse, forget the earth he's got the urge
To pull his dick from the dirt and # the whole universe

I'm not afraid to take a stand
Everybody come take my hand
We'll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just letting you know that you're not alone
Holla if you feel like you've been down the same road

[Verse 2]
Ok quit playin' with the scissors and #, and cut the crap
I shouldn't have to rhyme these words
In the rhythm for you to know it's a rap
You said you was king, you lied through your teeth
For that # your feelings
Instead of getting crowned you're getting capped
And to the fans, I'll never let you down again, I'm back
I promise to never go back on that promise, in fact
Let's be honest, that last Relapse CD was “ehhhh”
Perhaps I ran them accents into the ground
Relax, I ain't going back to that now
All I'm tryna say is get back, click-clack BLAOW
Cause I ain't playin' around
There's a game called circle and I don't know how
I'm way too up to back down
But I think I'm still trying to figure this crap out
Thought I had it mapped out but I guess I didn't
This #ing black cloud still follows me around
But it's time to exorcise these demons
These mother#ers are doing jumping jacks now


And I just can't keep living this way
So starting today, I'm breaking out of this cage
I'm standing up, I'mma face my demons
I'm manning up, I'mma hold my ground
I've had enough, now I'm so fed up
Time to put my life back together right now

[Verse 3]
It was my decision to get clean, I did it for me
Admittedly I probably did it subliminally for you
So I could come back a brand new me, you helped see me through
And don't even realize what you did, believe me you
I been through the wringer, but they can do little to the middle finger
I think I got a tear in my eye, I feel like the king of
My world, haters can make like bees with no stingers, and drop dead
No more beef lingers, no more drama from now on, I promise
To focus solely on handling my responsibilities as a father
So I solemnly swear to always treat this roof
Like my daughters and raise it
You couldn't lift a single shingle on it
Cause the way I feel, I'm strong enough to go to the club
Or the corner pub and lift the whole liquor counter up
Cause I'm raising the bar, I shoot for the moon
But I'm too busy gazing at stars, I feel amazing

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 01:02 PM
Mine would have to be a song that I wrote & recorded a while back called 'This Used To Be Ours'.

Or another one that I recorded called 'Sweet Leaf(It done it to me again)

I know. Self promotion! lol

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 01:26 PM
This song is playing in the deep recesses of my mind at all times. I old say it's been my theme song since I was about six years old, lol.

Every once in a while it skips tracks to the Real Ghostbusters theme song... Which I will add momentarily

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