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[MAD] Games

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 04:29 PM
The office clatter died down so much that you could hear a pin drop. Everyone at Hillside Pharmaceuticals, floor 16 was watching the news, but everyone was talking candidly until the man began his ranting and raving in the boob tube glass. The conference room was filled for the big party celebrating the contract that Hillside had just signed with the Federal Government. Then someone let out a hearty laugh until it grew and grew. I looked to see who it was, it was Mr.Hillside,The Chairman himself, that fat old coot, laughing his fool head off. Who the heck put on the news during our celebration anyway? It must have been that foolheaded intern, Gabby, who was always spouting about how this company was part of the problem, and the cause for the downfall of humanity. She was known behind her back as "Scabby" to all the associates. Her freeloving, homewrecking ways were exposed early when she had an affair with one of the married (with children) male associates, Tony, and he contracted Herpes from her, hence the nickname, Scabby. Where was that little skank now anyway? Probably giving another male associate a BJ in the supply closet, no doubt. Then I heard someone yell "Someone get Scabby, she'll love this" Then a female voice said "Yeah get Scabby and replay the clip. I bet we can get her sorry butt to yell out 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore, out that window'" Everybody knew that that was the window that had been infected with our top secret government approved super virus. Mr. Thomson found her at her desk it seems, and he leads her flirtatiously into the conference room. We all wait in anticipation as he shows her the replay of the clip of the ranting man on the television set. A nice Hi-Def plasma screen about 72 inches, the envy of my soul, no doubt! Then Mel says "Hey Gabby now is your chance, open up that window and yell out to LA that you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore; I dare ya!" And the perfect little slut goes over to the window and yells out "I'm mad as hell and I am not taking it anymore! This company just signed a top secret military contract with the Federal Government to make an industrial strength super virus to control the population and they're going to do it...the people that are supposed to heal you are killing you off!" Then the chairman himself stands up and says to her "Scabby, you're fired! And you know that super virus, it is made and you have been infected by that window you just opened...can't say we've ever had a better test run."

Scabby suddenly starts to convulse and blood starts spewing from every pore of her body. Everyone screams and runs from the conference room in terror. The Chairman tells us that it is not air borne that most of the time those that will be infected will be those that are going into the free clinics, they plan to put it on every stethoscope that is shipped to the free clinics across America. He says this is the way to 'get rid of those lousy eaters.' I have to say I did enjoy watching the virus take action, weeding out the trash, cleansing the world, this is my calling. I am sure the military is going to rush the plan into action for sure now...and we the intelligent superior humans will be all that remains!!!! Bwahahahaha.

The End
edit on 5-5-2012 by ldyserenity because: speeling and some adding

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