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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 03:37 AM
I'm on an older mac and was having issues with trying to find a decent ad blocker. Not to mention the fact that websites use certain tricks to bypass ad blockers. for example, if the ad is coming from the same domain as the one you are viewing... your ad blocker is going to have a hard time blocking the site you are trying to view. There are all kinds of ways to bypass ad blocking and there are all kinds of ways to try and block them.

I do not block ads on sites that I feel are an asset to the internet and deserve the revenue that advertising brings. the ads do not bother me that much and if advertisers want to spend their money on all this advertising I'm certainly not going to slam on legit sites for taking the money it scrapes up. I would not suggest to anyone that they should totally and completely block ads on let's say... youtube. I think youtube is great and gives people a free way to express themselves on the internet and it is paid for by ads... so I think some advertising is a good way to bring us something that we do not have to pay for with our own money, just our time at having to look at ads.

I was getting pretty frustrated trying to block ads on a certain site that I am wanting to keep an eye on but can't stand the thought that I am lining the pockets of people who I feel might be inclined to use shady business practices to get hits, content and other reasons for trying to push on certain elements for their own agenda. I tried different ad blockers out of the few that were available for my OS but the hardly works because of being able to bypass ad blocking.

So I read about two other ways of blocking ads.

One is by editing host file info, which I was going to look into even though I am not very proficient on computers but despite sounding intimidating, I have set up servers on PCs while having very little knowledge of such things so I figured I would manage. Actually, that might be a bad idea unless you really know what you are doing. I was more than ready to try it until I tried taking a look at the sites source code and it appears this might prove ineffective anyway because of the way their ad program is set up.


I need someone to correct me if I am wrong please... I would like to give advice on this so that others may follow in suit if they feel website owners or admins are lacking in integrity, but again... i am no tech wizard and perhaps this method is not as effective and simple as I see it.

Here's what I did. I use firefox because safari crashes a lot as a lot of mac users might realize. I do regular browsing in firefox and have set my homepage in safari as the website i am wanting to ad block. Actually, if firefox is the one you do NOT use, you can use it for these types of websites and block pictures too. Different browsers have different preferences so look at your browsers option to really see which browser you'd like to use for the ones you find "sketchy" i set it as safari because safari is ok, but it crashes too often for me to switch to that for regular web browsing. after setting my homepage for the aforementioned website (which is not necessary, I just like getting there fast), I simply disabled _javascript in that browser and will only use it for THAT site. I am pretty darn sure this will stop many ads, but I'm not sure if it will stop ALL ads.

maybe someone here can expand on this a little and we can get even more ideas on how to block annoying ads from sites that do not deserve the revenue.

If the sites are viewing on the browser you have disabled _javascript on supports the posting of youtube videos, you will have to copy/paste the yt url in your other browser that you have not disabled _javascript on. This should not really be a big deal because you can have both browsers open at once and most people are pretty used to going back and forth between windows for various things. I go to the site to look at the text and if I am THAT interested, will open the yt vid in my other browser. Some of you may wonder why I'd be worried about such an issue but I'm sure some will certainly understand my urge to do this as some ads are not click through type ads, but are impression ads and although the amount is less, they will get paid for the 'impression" whether you click it or not. busy websites that have big ad campaigns are very likely to score some good impression ads from the advertisers... so if it appears to be a site like that it's very possible that just by veiwing, you are assisting in the web owners livlihood which is something you might not feel so inclined to do. Another setback is that if you want to do certain interactions with the website, like post on a forum or something, you should bookmark the forum posting page in your good browser. a post here or there shouldn't really effect that much as there are usually less ads on such pages, then you can jump back over to your good browser and keep reading. If you are just lurking the site, this should not be much of a problem but if there are pages you want to interact with, the browser with _javascript enabled may be your only option in those cases but still doesn't take that long to copy and paste a link to a particular forum or webscript page.

I may update this if I run into more setbacks but for now, it seems to be fine for reading... with no more ads.

Some may say 'if you look at the content, don't you think you should contribute to the viewing of their ads" and my answer is a firm NO WAY
. Especially if the site is proficient enough to hog up all search engines entries to many many different issues and are proving to be a very obscuring monopoly when it comes to searching for these things.

So, any thing I might have missed or can anyone ad or correct any aspect of this?

Am I wrong in thinking disabling _javascript can help filter many ads... is it SPECIFIC ad types only? I think it might involve how they set up the site so anyone with more info, let's hear your take.
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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 05:00 AM
Get a list of the biggest ad-services and the servers they use, add the hostnames to your /etc/hosts or the appropriate place in windows and override the DNS by pointing all of their servers to

Problem solved.

As far as the ads originating from the same domains as the website they are placed upon are concerned, there are plenty of highly customizable browser plugins available that let you define wildcards, I use Ad Block Plus, one of the more popular ones.

Be adviced that you must not block Ads on ATS. If you do that, an Alien life form will pay you a visit and shove a probe up your ... well you get the picture.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 05:54 AM
Ad block plus does sound promising and I tried and tried to find a compatible version for my machine.

For more updated platforms I too say it's worth trying out.

As far as the alien probe thing is concerned... You know some of us just take that as temptation. Be careful, there might be kids in here.

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