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The Iraq War Ruined My Life.

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:30 PM

Originally posted by reclaimed
what about all the iraqis lives you have changed,ruined
you went there you slaughtered innocents in the name of your government
im glad it ruined youir life instead of looking for pity ,look for forgivreness
you are a weak man who fought for a corrupt country
shame on you and in a just world you should be hung
oh pity me..where was the pity when all bombs were dropping on innocents
is that when you thought oh this iridium might harm us or did you hoot and holler while your own comrades murdered the locals
f@@k you and hopefully it haunts you for the rest of your miserable life
god dammed robot is all you are

Hey thanks for stopping by and brightening the mood. I wish you nothing but the best in your life.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:33 PM

Originally posted by CrimsonKapital

Originally posted by usmc0311

Originally posted by CrimsonKapital
reply to post by usmc0311

Now this might seem a little insensitive here, but whilst the Iraq war may have ruined your life, do you know how many lives YOU ruined?

That I could not answer. Maybe a few, maybe not. I do know that I did do good things for many people over there. I also know with 100% certainty that I never killed, or wounded, a women, child, or innocent civilian. Actually the most civilians I saw wounded and killed were from enemy IED attacks and enemy ambushes.

My sincere apologies for that idiotic post, it was late and I was tired. War is bad and it affects all those either directly (like you) or indirectly (family and friends). I have never been through war so I have no idea of the experience, but these recent adventures America has gone on has infuriated me. America should not be in Afghanistan, they should not be in Iraq, and I hope to god they (American government) do not start one with Iran, everyone will suffer if that happens.

No worries. War does suck. I wish that all the troops could just come home and let the world work itself out. I pray everyday that we stay out of Iran. I do not believe they are a direct threat to the US at all.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:41 PM

Originally posted by intrptr
reply to post by usmc0311

Marine... I am not a vet. Sorry about the hostility on here. I do want to commend you for coming forward and bearing your soul the way you do. Whenever you post, I pay attention.

If I may, I would like to say that I think very highly of you. Not many people come across so honestly about their experiences. So willing to stand up and relate the truth of what you went thru and how you feel about it. You are not afraid to admit where you might have been wrong and express your sorrow for that. This manifests thru your story as you struggle with the feelings of depression and the physical symptoms of the war. That you came thru and survived and now tell it to the world is about the most noblest thing I think anyone can do. That you question and engage others about it will prove out be the most medicinal thing for your soul, mind and body. People like me learn from that. I am in awe. Thank you for that.

Carry on...

I think the truth is just the easiest thing for me in the longrun. Sure some parts are tough but you can never go wrong with the truth. I knew people would berate me and I was and still am willing to face that. I actually expected a little more harshness than I have received. The support that people have brought forward has been amazing. If me being berated or attacked brings attention to the situation as a whole,(mine is just a small part and there are many worse off then myself) then it will have brought something positive. Thank you for the kind post.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by nusnus

I fully respect your view and am sorry for the losses and trouble to your friends in Iraq. As I mentioned earlier I spent some time living with and operating with the newly formed Iraqi Army. During this time,(about 3 months)
we patrolled a very small area containing only 11 families. I got to know all of them very well and I even learned quite a bit of the language. I think about these families often and what may have happened in the years since my service. I did get some word through our unit that replaced us and some of the Iraqi soldiers but I have not heard anything in a few years now. They were all good people and I was glad to have been able to get to know them. . You couldn't be more right when you say that everyone in the world could use a little more compasion.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:49 PM
reply to post by Rastus3663

Thank you for bringing that to here. I will deffinitely get mine checked by my civilian doctor.

Again thanks and glad it has helped you.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:54 PM

Originally posted by SJE98
reply to post by usmc0311

I am a former combat veteran and recent Retired US Army.
I do know the crap the VA is putting you though and just about everyone else for .that matter

First thing you need to do is Contact your local or national DAV. Disabled American Veterans. The DAV is your Advocate, They will put the doctor at the VA on the hot seat. The will represent you, most of time they are attorneys, but they never tell you that. It appears your missing out on some benefits as well. The Dav will help you with that also. the DAV is a very strong organization and I can't say enough about them in helping the troops. They can also connect you with other vet help groups you might have never heard about .

The DAV could help you in obtain an MD outside the VA. The VA will pay for it, it;s part of your benefits.Some additional paper work required. You really need to speak to the DAV,
Give them a call. ASAP !

The DAV actually helped me file my original claim. The rep was the nicest and hardest working man I have ever met. His position ended up getting cut but I found out he is returning next week. They must have got the funding they needed to keep the reps. I am going to go see him to help me get the help I need within the VA as he will be right there in the hospital. I am also a life member of the DAV and I do need to become more proactive with them. Thank you so very much.

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by paradox

Thanks for the post. I will keep my head up.

Semper Fi

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:56 PM

Originally posted by Cosmic911

Originally posted by Rastus3663
reply to post by usmc0311

This may sound stupid, but have your Vitamin D levels checked.

I have PTSD from multiple tours and was on Zoloft for several years. Eventually, I developed stomach problems. I got tired of the army doctors giving me a run around, so I paid a private lab to test my blood for antinuclear antibodies (autoimmune diesease; test was about $60). I turned up positive.When I mentioned this to my Psychiatrist she had my vitamin D levels tested.

My vitamin D level was a 12. Anything under 30 is cause for concern. Started taking the Vitamin D my shrink prescribed me once a week and have been able to completely quit taking antidepressants. Will always have PTSD, but I feel better than I have in years.

You have the right idea! A full physical, if you haven't had one, is an outstanding idea! In addition to the Vitamin D, and routine blood work, thyroid levels (TSH, T3, T4) should also be drawn. Melatonin too.
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Thanks, i'm making a list of all of this.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by BABYBULL24

Thank you for posting that. I have heard of him and I am going to watch the video as soon as I get a chance.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 12:01 AM

Originally posted by fnpmitchreturns
Hang in there brother. I have used the VA hospital in Salem VA and I have had mixed experiences. I would keep plugging away at them and try to find different professionals to speak with for help. Often if the hospital is big it is just like an bureaucratic BS.

yes, DU is an issue but are so all of the other chemicals and the PSTD. I suffer from PTSD but not from the Corps. I self medicate with a natural green plant and it is better than the big pharma coctail they wanted me to take. PTSD is something almost impossible to cure but we can inamize the effects.

I am pissed like many vets of the treatment when a solider returns from war they seem to get abandoned.

Mitch Bupp wpns 1/6 2nd MarDiv

I will keep pluging away. I also self medicate with the natural stuff and your right, way better than pharma crap.

From one 2nd MarDiv Marine to Another. Semper Fi, Second To None.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 12:03 AM

Originally posted by Cosmic911
Keep living your life. Don't listen to any of these idiots on here who never made a sacrifice for anything. They have no idea what it means to swear an oath, to look out for anyone but themselves. It's easy for them to be philosophical and righteous and use their fifty-cent words sitting comfortably in the safety of their own homes. You wanted to serve your country just like everyone else did, make a living, learn a skill, be a team member; you never wanted to go to war, to kill anyone, or get injured or killed yourself. You were an instrument of your government. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I will do my best to keep on living. I was prepared for what I have received on here and all of it has helped imensely. Thank you.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 12:08 AM

Originally posted by daynight42
Most of the people in America are NOT worth fighting for. That is extremely clear to me. I wouldn't p on fire to put most of these people out. I don't know how you got involved in the war, but I'm glad you're out of it.

To be honest, even though I frown upon the military the way it is being used these days (globalization/profit), I also feel a bit bad for the guys who come back, very obviously chewed and spit out. They really treat you like dirt. They are just as bad as the corporations, that will say anything to get you to buy their product and then to heck with you otherwise. They "sold you" the idea of your time being well spent and then offer jack to you other than some pills which are the easy way out for them. ("Take this. Go away.")

It's amazing they don't think that maybe veterans will speak out publicly about this, which could possible get media attention and make their future recruitment efforts more difficult. I guess most people would see it as your family sees it, though, just some rare case of a guy who "couldn't handle it." Really is disturbing that your family won't listen. If you get better, just forget them. If they won't have you around "as you are", then when you are more naturally recognizable to them, it'd be more right for you to stay away from them. If they really can't be there for you when things are rough, forget them when things get better.

Private psych docs can be just...curious listeners. That sounds like it could be nice, but it isn't. They ask questions like a nosy neighbor, but it seems to me that they're only listening because they're getting paid to. I think you'd be better off finding guys who relate to your situation who will listen because they've been there before too.

What you have said rings very true. I am always willing to speak up about it. I have talked with our local protesters here in town after being one of the ones who despised them in the beginning. And what you said about phsyc docs, That couldn't be any more true for how I have felt with everyone of them. They are just doing it because it's a job. I do find talking with others who have been through it seems to help the best. Thank you for your reply.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 12:40 AM
I to thank you for your service and personally have never put down anyone who has ever served My grandfather was WW2 my uncles were Vietnam cousins Army and Marines, half of my friends are Iraq vets I enlisted but was let go right from the MEPS center because they said i had heart problems, that was at 18. Now at 36 hmmm still no heart problems. I have NO IDEA how to help other than trying to be more supportive to those i know that served, but my 1 question is, for ALL of the people I know that got screwed over and the many i read about in posts like these everywhere on the net is why don't ALL vets get together against the system. I mean just in the news this week we have a Marine Vet with terminal cancer being denied a refund from an airline he bought a ticket on to the find out he is termianl and the Dr. said DO NOT fly, the airline said nope no refund some 10,000 mainres came to his aid and they protested tyhat airline and they caved and gave him his money back. So why not do the same to the GOV. They can stop a few 1000 people but they cant stop ALL of you, active or not imagine what the response from the government would be in the middle of the war if the entire military force world wide said fine no changes to our after care we ALL go home and put down our guns it's not like the government people would pick up a gun and go fight. Like I said they can shut up or blow off even 20000 vets but what would they do if they had to face EVERY VET along with the ENTIRE active military in other countries saying "make some changes or guess what you have no military" see how fast new laws would get passed. They could not afford to loose every single soldier they have. You should use said brotherhood to stand up for each other. I mean i can see people in any issue saying hey his issues are not mine whatever. But you would think any soldier of any kind in any branch doind any job would see that standing up for your fight and law changes would benefit them as well one day let alone god forbid it was needed because they were hurt.

just my .2

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by usmc0311

I'm not a veteran, I graduated high school early in 2000 [originally class of 2002] and was thinking about joining the Marines. Many of my friends had joined and yes I was very pissed about 911. I decided to finish college and eventually hurt my back, so there was/is no chance I could ever join, even as a chaplain [got my bachelor in theology and psychology, looking into grad school for religious studies].
I feel for you. I have friends and family that have PTSD and other problems, my 22yr old cousin just got out and tried to kill himself...

Part of the problem is that this war has been going on for over 10 years, and us civilians have forgotten about's barely in the news or fresh in our minds...we've almost forgotten 911...and yes I think the mainstream media looks down on veterans...especially the liberal media.

It's tough for me to imagine veterans from say WWII, that fought hard and came home to no such thing as PTSD counseling and were probably looked down upon for talking about such problems...but they came home to economic prosperity and expansion. You boys came home to an economic depression and no jobs, and I am sorry. If you can I'd say try to get into law enforcement, they seem to be full of veterans, but if not, and you enjoy volunteering at the VA, perhaps you could try to get education as a therapist or nurse or something...I think doing something good for others will actually help a little bit at putting your mind at ease...

There are many people feeling just as you, and many others [like me] who care about veterans...there is hope

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 12:59 AM

Originally posted by Frith

Originally posted by Asktheanimals
Don't forget he is victim too.

There are limits to compassion.
Soldiers sign up to kill or be killed for right or wrong reasons. The history of wars the USA has been in over the last 50 years should have been enough of an indicator of what a soldier could expect.
Are U.S. soldiers victims? I suppose, but its only due to their own foolish decisions. Without a draft Iraq war veterans never had to put their lives on the line for any reason.

As long as soldiers are willing to do imperial USA's dirty work, theylre no better than a dirty whore and worst because dirty whore don't routinely kill millions of women and children:

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by BiggerPicture

Thats ok...ya see there's a storm brewin on the horizon. And its gonna be placed at Americas feet. I hope you can keep them high and mighty morals in check when you find yourself doing things you'd never thought you'd ever have to do in a pinch.

I guarantee, it will be you or them.....and I'm willing to wager that you will have no compunction taking a life to save yours. It will not be all honky dory, and you will have some tough decisions to make...the same kind that combat vets had to make under fire no doubt.

When you feel like you are starting to understand what it means to be truly in a corner, maybe then you can come down off of your cross.

BTW, whether you like it or not, you are a complicit contributing factor to that great imperial empire that is might see it, you might not......but you are. Just as every other western nation that signed on for that invasion.
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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 03:10 AM
"He who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action. It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."

- Albert Einstein

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 03:38 AM
One of my Aunts, STILL has to wake my cousin up by tossing a can...He sleeps with his KABAR, and he was in GW1...

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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 03:40 AM
reply to post by Snoopy1978

I thought Einstein helped recommend the A Bomb to Roosevelt?

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 03:44 AM

Originally posted by usmc0311
reply to post by theitalian

Thanks for the post. And thanks for bringing up the Balkans syndrome. I am going to do some research on that.

You're welcome.

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