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Millennials: The Greatest Generation or the Most Narcissistic?

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 08:34 PM
Well, this whole topic opens a huge can of worms one that can be mulled over endlessly.

But, I would say that first of all millennials aren't really much more self entitled and narcissistic then any of the preceding generations. In fact I would say the baby boomers and the early portion of generation x are just as self entitled and narcissistic. After all the baby boomers primarily and some of generation x are knowingly and in a self centered fashion selling out the millennials into massive debt just so they can have their entitlement programs like social security and Medicare.

And the older generations can say what they want about paying into the system, the fact is everyone knows there is no money there and every dime paid out is being taken from those currently paying in. Basically the narcissistic older generations are going to force some of generation x and the millennials to keep shoveling their money in the form of taxes into a system that they will never be able to reap the benefits from. But, screw those self entitled little whippersnappers right? Just so long as the older generations get theirs.

In fact looking at the world the older generations have shaped and are shaping, is it really any wonder the millennials may be the way they are?

Is it any wonder they have a sense of self entitlement, when they watch the older generations grabbing everything they can for themselves and saddling the millennials and future generations with insurmountable debt, just so they can have their own self entitlement programs, like social security and Medicare.

Is it any wonder that they don't care much about the corporations, when they see those same corporations making profits cutting workers benefits and sending jobs over seas.

Is it any wonder that they don't care much about the banks and the economy, when they see the government incurring more debt bailing the banks out of their bad choices and are watching the global economy sputter and choke more and more everyday.

Is it any wonder that many don't care about the environment when they see so many of the older generations busy raping the environment for profit and constantly occupied talking about and hoping for some looming doomsday scenario.

Is it any wonder that they like much of generation x are apathetic to politics when they basically see the same thing every election, people rushing around and alternating the parties, while nothing seems to change; the corporations still get more benefits and representation then the people and the mountain of debt and the binding and detrimental regulations just pile higher and higher.

Is it any wonder that they are being raised to a large degree by technology and the MSM when their parents shove computers and cell phones into their little hands as soon as possible.

Is it any wonder that they have no value of privacy, when from their youngest age their "Helicopter parents" have been constantly looking over their shoulder using technology and never giving them any privacy in the first place. In order for them to value privacy they would have to have it and experience it first.

I know most of what I said very precariously bordering on a rant, but I would say it does show a big truth; one many of the older generations seem to be missing and that truth is what ever the faults of the millennials may be, they didn't create themselves, in fact everything the millennials are was taught to them by and shaped by society and their parents; the older generations.

The older generations are the ones that bred and raised the millennials, everything they are was shaped by their teachings and their hands, they truly are the older generations creation. And I would say when the older generations start knocking the millennials for this and that and want to look for something to blame for the reason why they are that way....well those older generations should look in the mirror first and gaze deeply into their own narcissistic and self entitled faces.

Just my opinion though.

posted on May, 4 2012 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by Leftist

Don't feel bad; I was the same when I was that age. Only interested in getting laid and having a few drinks after work. My only interest in employment came from my desire for the cool things I could buy with the money. The environment could go to hell and the gubment was no concern of mine, except when I saw the taxes they took out of my paycheck.

I was single, had no responsibilities and relatively few worries. Then something horrible happened; I got married, had kids and the bills piled up. Suddenly I had to worry about the future, not just for myself but, also for my children. I suddenly started to pay attention to all of the horrible things the gubment was doing and started to care about the world around me.

Millennials aren't any more narcissistic than any other group at their age. When they build up responsibilities in life, they'll start to care about things just like the rest of us. Its not some sign that their generation is lacking anything, its just a sign that they haven't grown up fully yet.

They'll catch up with the rest of us, just give them time.

When they do, they will be the ones pointing to the next generation and the way they don't care and are letting the world go to Hell in a hand-basket.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 12:23 AM
reply to post by Leftist

Ahh, the Chauvinism of the senile folk, err the insecurities over the fact that your little member wont get hard without a blue pill folk.

The simple reality is that Gen Y= Generation that is ticked off at Gen X and the Baby losers for messing everything up. Keep stocking the fire of inter-generational hatred and Obama's over 40 line will sound more and more tempting. After all, the over 40 crowd are really useless, as they are well past there child rearing years. And in the past, if a person lived to 40 they where considered lucky.

The simple fact is there are too many over 40 people around that shouldn't be. That means that the choices of the younger generation and our ability to grow are non-existent. No freedom at all, just perpetually dealing with the Cowards and narcissists from Gen X and the perpetually babies from the loser generation.

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