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An Unshakable Dream With A Celebrity, An Old Friend And A Co~worker

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 04:52 PM
I am a recently seperated 35 year old woman with three sons. I moved into my own place 2 months ago and this is the first time I've been "on my own" so to speak. This isn't a very easy transition, but I don't feel my fear or anxiety either. I recently got a promotion at work, which is a good self esteem booster. But at the same time I am dealing with a 14y old who is not dealing with all of this change so well (the other 2 seem quite content with it all though). So this is just a little background before I get to the heart of the subject, my recent strange dreams.

Ok, so normally I do not remember what I have dreamed, if I even dreamed at all. However I have always believed that dreams have meaning. Over my life I have of course had dreams that I remember and some that I remembern even from my childhood to this day. But over the past years I only have the occasional note worthy remembered dream. So to have two MAJOR dreams that I just can't shake is something worth noting. The first dream was a few weeks ago and through online interpretation sites I have been able to make sense of it (not to mentionthe events that followed fell perfectly in place with said interpretation). That dream was of me being pregnant, which is not something I want in reality, but it turned out to be my subconscious telling me that I am empowered and need to embrace the changes occuring in my life as well as taking any future opportunities without hesitation, hence taking the promotion mentioned above.

Now with the success of that dreams interpretation in mind, I am faced with the task of interpreting my latest intense dream lol. In this dream I am meeting Harry Connick Jr for lunch at a seafood restaurant chain I'm not familiar with in my waking reality. On my way through a small shopping mall to meet him I run into an old friend from high school who I (apparently) had plans with to "donate" some of my eggs to so she can get pregnant (even though in reality she has 4 children). I also run into a woman I know from work whom I really respect, look up to and genuinely like. Then I finally arrive at the restaurant and meet up with Harry. Now keep in mind that he was a celebrity crush of mine back in the 90's, but I haven't really thought about him or heard anything about him since Hurricane Katrina lol. And this wasn't a date or romantic meeting in any way, it felt very cordial and familiar. So while we were waiting for lunch to arrive my co~worker friend told me that a toilet had overflowed and wondered if I could help clean it up (I work for Housekeeping for several department stores, so this part isn't all that strange). So of course I excused myself and went to help. On my way to the bathroom I ran into the high school friend who reminded me of our appointment the next day and to take my last round of meds haha. I got to the bathroom and saved the day, then ran into Harry outside the bathroom and he had both of our lunches boxed up and asked me to walk with him. At this point I realized he had a difficult time seeingas he almost ran into a table as we went out into the parking lot. To my semi~conscious mind that surprised me, but the me in the dream seemed to know that. He asked to use my smart phone to look something up and so I set it up for him to make it easier to use for the "sight impaired". We talked casually and comfortablywith no specific topic, but it was just so very strange. I woke up as we finished crossing the parking lot so I have no idea what our destination was, but I did feel a definate sense of connection with him that has remained since waking up!

I know this is very long, but all these details are what is sticking with me all day! I just can't shake it and have tried in vein to make sence of this dream because of the very real feel of it. I can't understand the connection of the three main characters (especially Harry Connick Jr haha) or just what it's supposed to mean in general. If anyone has any ideas it would be fantastic to hear them. If not, well maybe it will help to just post it here and get it off my chest lol!

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