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Dear all the Tormented kids

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 03:22 PM
i think i have it figured out why kids treat you so terribly
You are bullied at school by kids because you have something that they want whether it be courage strength wisdom or intelligence they want what you have and they will do anything to get it Basically they are jealous of you and are trying to take away what makes you special. belie it or not this has happened all thought human history the visionaries and the free thinkers the people who have always dared to step outside the box they have aways been laught at because people are scared to go outside the box and they are scared of something different. and they are scared of you because your not like them you make them nervous and thats why they hate you

but dont worry

It will get better!

an example from my own life woud be this

when i was 8 my parents had an incredibly nasty divorce i wont go into the details but i was also sevry bullied at school nowone did anything i could not go to school and i was afraid to go to school i had nowhere to turn to but eventually i switched schools and even thoue i had some problems with my dad life was decent then came 7 and 8 grade they were the 2 worst years of my life but once i started high school things turned around i started playing sports and i also took up the marital art krav maga my confidence grew and my life is starting to turn around

and if my life turned around so will yours!

if you still need some insparation heres a list of famous pepole that were bullied
napoleon bonapare
Chuck Norris (seroisly)
John Cena
Megan fox
Cm punk (the best in the world)
Tim Mcirath

and many outher celeberies
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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 03:50 PM
Great post! And you hit the nail on the head there op

posted on May, 4 2012 @ 05:37 PM
Ok I don't condone bullying or harassment at all but the rationale you've given is not completely correct. Maybe in some cases they are jealous but in my experience it's more about reinforcing a position of superiority whether real or perceived. Your post reminds me of what the teachers used to tell kids to make them feel better. It's a nice sentiment but isn't really true and doesn't address the issue. Basically you're telling people to just endure rather than overcome. Why not suggest how to put an end to the problem if you feel so strongly that you felt the need to create a thread about it.

Just my observation... Take it or leave it.

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