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Interesting UFO Reports of 2012

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 02:13 PM
In no particular order, the following are 3 interesting UFO reports of this year. I would like to add more cases then only these so if you know of any or even if you have a personal sighting please do share.

Below I will include a brief excerpt from the witness report as well as my personal thoughts on the case.

1. Shopper Gets Clear View of Disc - California, March 27

I was able to clearly see the shape and surface of this craft. It was a perfect metallic disk with no seams, lights, glass, or doors of any kind. It was made of a very reflective silver type metal. As it continued to move it suddenly stopped and vibrated. At this time I was still seeing the metal shine from the sun hitting it. It sat vibrating and tilting before suddenly moving in a horizontal direction approximately 40 feet. The speed it moved was extremely fast and almost instantaneous. It hovered again shaking with a strange pulsing motion before moving a small distance again horizontally. I was on the phone with a co-worker and I was trying to describe what I was seeing while in complete shock and amazement at what was going on. After hovering for a couple seconds it disappeared into thin air. It seemed to vanish from the outside of the craft inwards at a very fast rate. It did not fly away.

Interesting report and well-described. This sighting deserves a well-founded scientific investigation - one it will never receive.

2. Dark Boomerang-shaped UFO Seen with Purplish Lights -

I was in my back yard viewing the night sky from my patio, it was a fairly clear night and had been star gazing for 30 minutes without anything unusual to note when a strange dark object caught my eye as it passed in front of the stars in the southern sky.

Most of the objects structure was visible as a black boomerang shape, with about 4-5 light blue-white lights along the bottom side of the wings

computer drawing

Reminds me of the Phoenix Lights. check out the cool computer reconstruction of the UFO, too bad there aren't pictures or video.

3. CE1 over Pompano Beach, Florida - April 17

it was about 20 times larger then a airplane and was shaped like a flat top straw hat & looked to be metallic. At least 50 times the size of a full moon's appearance in the sky. The upper portion or cabin had windows all around with light on inside which reflected out on to the deck portion giving me an excellent view. It was low and slow flying. About 300 to 400 feet high.

Seeing 'portholes' and being only 300 feet away is pretty impressive.

You guys know of any recent sightings deserving a mention here?

posted on May, 4 2012 @ 02:40 PM
Very have to wonder though, there has been an increase of sightings this year. Is this military aircraft out on test runs?

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