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Vermont may allow access to prescription database without warrant

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 08:50 AM

Vermont lawmakers are expected to meet again to try to work out their differences over Gov. Peter Shumlin's proposal to let police get information from the Health Department's prescription drug database without first getting a search warrant.

There's a push by law enforcement and some of the more totalitarian politicians in neighboring NH to get one of these databases in place. Even though the spokesman for the NH state police admitted it would be of little use. Funny to hear a cop say in the same sentence: "this database would be of little value in stopping crimes but we absolutely need it implemented here in NH." Funnier still is how many plebes and morons agree.

I suppose this is the real reason the cops and tyrants want it. To access whatever info they want without a warrant.

A House-Senate conference committee has met repeatedly this week, with the House side insisting on search warrants and senators saying they'll make the process too cumbersome for police.

Awwww, poor police. Warrants are too cumbersome.



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