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YouTube trying to mainpulation perception of activst videos?

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 03:41 AM
Have a look in the "related videos" 7th video down.
And on the middle right of the screen where YouTube is displaying the related videos because the Video has finished.

This is the video:

He speaks a lot of truth.

Why is an interview with Charles Manson related to this?

Every other video in the list is relevant except for that one, which is nicely placed in plain sight without having to scroll down.

Is YouTube trying to alter how you perceive certain videos?

I do often see this on other videos that promote some sort of idea the government would like to silence, strangely the related video system seems to work fine on mainstream videos.
So it is possible they just want people to watch something mundane and mainstream rather then click on another more important and truthful video.
So often will I look at a video, for example a video of a cop beating some person when in the related videos I will see an enticing sexually appealing video or something very distracting.

Makes you wonder, it seems fairly obvious they limit access to some videos, some videos on YouTube get a lot of views very quickly while others much more important fail to reach double digits.

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