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Today May 3 anyone else notice an extremely hot sun?

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 06:28 PM

Originally posted by ProudBird
reply to post by Iwinder

I have no idea what caused me to burn and burn bad on May 3

You experienced a bad sunburn? ON May 3?

Well.....I can relate, from experience, some VERY bad sunburns in my lifetime....going back to 1978, and before.

One thing is......IF there is a high layer of cirrus clouds, when you 'lay out' in the Sun? They will NOT 'protect' you from sunburn.

You MUST use some form of 'SPF' cream....and, by the way (BTW) anything over 'SPF30' is a rip-off.

So....did you get a 'sunburn'? I have had the same thing, in my lifetime.....MANY hurts, then the outer layers of the epidermis die, and you "peel"'s kinda cool!.....but, until that epidermis peels off, you look "tanned" beyond belief!!! It looks "good" for a few days.....until it peels........

This all depends, of course, on your original skin tone to begin with. Me? Caucasian.....prone to sunburn.

You???? (we don't know, to share????):

You obviously read my OP and the header,
I asked what I asked and this thread is about that, I wanted to know if others here on ATS experienced what I did on May 3.
That is the whole purpose of this thread and if you misunderstood that point, well then now you know what I was asking.

Please take no offense and a star for you sir.
Thanks for the posts you made here.
Regards, Iwinder

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 05:20 PM

Originally posted by goochball
The sun was killing me today...i'm sure my black shirt didn't help though

I can't say for certain it is hotter than previous years, but it sure seems like it.

A few weeks ago, I got sun burn when it was only 63F. I wasn't even outside for that long...

I know it's possible to get sun burn at lower temps, but I don't recall ever getting burnt so easily.

Thanks for your addition to this thread, I certainly can say for certain it was hotter than any previous year for sure.
Regards, Iwinder

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