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You Are Racist and So Am I

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posted on May, 2 2012 @ 06:09 PM
There is a firestorm in many communities around the U.S. of America, as well covering virtually every community around the planet, where humans live.

This firestorm got a boost of fuel when the Zimmerman/Martin case become a media sensation, boosting notoriety to levels unseen in recent history. There is a definite feel to the way this thing is escalating, as if it is an agenda in it’s own right, being pushed from the sources we turn to most for reliable information on current events in USA and around the Earth.

There seems to be a feel that the friction between races in America is being ramped up and the media, or those who control the media, has little to no remorse for the way they are covering these events and fanning the flames of a sensitive topic - as if there is an absolute promotion of stress that has potential to turn into a very, very, terrible situation for all involved.

Different races hold different views and standards, while some races are held to double standards as they are simultaneously taught to feel guilty for past transgressions that have no consequence in today’s reality, save for those who have been taught their race was treated like animals and they deserve something for the actions of ancestors many, many years ago.

Some races are willing to label crimes as race hate crimes, while others are shunned for even insinuating an identical incident, with the role of criminal and victim reversed, could be labeled a hate crime. This is a terrible situation, as there should never be a double standard that gives one group a feeling they deserve to label even the most petty of crimes as race motivated, while the other race is censored and shunned for even hinting some of the most horrible crimes ever committed are racially motivated - even when it is incredibly obvious the horrible crime is racially motivated at it’s core.

I recently authored a thread that touched on, in a bit of depth, the race relationship and the double standard applied to different races. The thread was subsequently closed and moved to the trash bin. I authored the thread, then had to take care of things around home. When I returned to respond to you guys, I found a mail alerting me that my thread had been censored and placed firmly in the trash bin.

The only explanation that I have received so far, concerning the reasons for deletion, is that the debate in my thread was getting very heated and turning into more of a boxing match, dividing members and upsetting them as well.

I do apologize if anyone felt the thread was attacking one race over another or if anyone feels I was deliberately trying to show my racism and discrimination for all to see. It was never my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I honestly wanted to bring a viewpoint, shared by many, to the attention of members here, in order for us to learn more about the different perception and outlook of individuals and groups of different races.

In that thread I asked the question, ‘Why is there such a discrepancy in what can be labeled a race hate crime by one race, while the other race must not label even the most shocking and gruesome crime as racially motivated?’

In asking that question, I wanted to try and educate myself on this question and outlook. I naively thought that a plausible explanation could be stated and I could understand why one group is allowed to seem racist, while the other is expected to never hint that racism could ever be a factor when the two races make up the identity of both sides of the crime and roles are reversed. In one scenario, it is a racially motivated crime and must be acknowledged as such. The other scenario describes an identical crime, but with the races being switched and in this scenario it is not tolerated to label the crime as a hate crime or racially motivated.

After learning of the deletion of my original thread, I reconsidered the angle in which I want to debate with you guys on and think I may be able to do that here, without being too graphic or seem racist, etc.

When does a crime include all the variables needed to be named as a race hate crime, going by the social standards expected of the two different races involved in many of the current situations?

What does the crime have to consist of in order to be labeled a hate crime when it is white suspects vs. black victims?

What does the crime have to consist of in order to be labeled a hare crime when it is black criminals vs. white victims?

I ask both questions individually, because it is blatantly obvious that the same two crimes, but with roles reversed in each, are not labeled using the same criteria to reach a conclusion and labeling of racial hate crime.

Why does this double standard exist and why is it taboo to acknowledge this discrepancy and publicly search for an explanation as to why this type of discrimination is tolerated?

You and I have evolved as humans to have an innate sense of biased racism built into our subconscious minds. It is easy to understand why.

It is easier to relate to someone of the same racial background. We can identify with individuals we recognize as being like ‘us’ - (insert your own race here). We can use this identifying trait as motivation to progress, after all, it is easier to see the success of someone who reminds you of yourself and believe you too can be successful because of that racial correlation. We see people of our respective race as peers and we can live vicariously through them when we witness them do something we find impressive.

Having racism built into us through evolution also acts as part of natural selection. When the members of a particular race strive to ensure success of their race before the success of other races, they are simply doing what is natural and instinctual for them. Calling individuals racist for this alone is very unwise, as all races have this instinct built into them. It is how we ensure the continuity of our species and race.

We need to identify this fact and understand it. That will enable us to look past many incidents that seem to be, or are racially motivated and understand why they occurred to begin with.

We may or may not have a certain level of racial discrimination instinct built into our psyche. I am not sure, since striving to ensure the success of your race as a whole would include the need to help members of our respective race be successful. This doesn’t mean that we must hinder a different race to ensure that success but, it would make sense that a wild instinct of subconscious would develop this trait to help ensure the racial success.

We do not have to be puppets of instinct. This is fact, because we also have the power of ‘free will’ (although some will argue that) and we can chose what we say, where we go, what we do, and who we do it with. We are not the slaves of our initial instincts, but instead, we have the ability to analyze those thoughts, combine them with other instincts and wisdom in order to establish the most rational, efficient, and fair resolution.

The topic needs to be removed from the list of taboo. Members of each race need a forum they can use where they will not feel ignorant, a place where people from different places can visit and ask questions about anything they are curious about, concerning different races of the world. We need to take the time and wisdom to educate ourselves and others of the facts surrounding differe

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 06:13 PM
I must have been born retarded. No racism, subconscious or otherwise, here.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 06:16 PM
I see one small problem with this suggestion...

I know, there are people who will use it to clear up issues they are curious about. But there are people who don't care and will use it as an opportunity for trolling and further racism...leading to more catfights and the eventual removal of the section.

We all know it'll happen. If I trusted ATS more, I'd say go for it. But I don't trust the forums as far as I can code them.

Trolls will troll. Nothing changes that. And a racism thread, or whatever, will only open that trolling gate wide open.

I'm all for equality on all levels. But some say stupid stuff just to make people mad, and people get mad very easily around here. And it isn't just here, it's all around the world. You can't change that.

I'm just saying.
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