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The Invisible Lightning of Fraudulent Apollo 12

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 05:07 AM
reply to post by mikellmikell

As I mentioned to some others, that was a bit of subtext there that you were not privy too. Care to comment on the lightning strike ? What was it, 500,000 people there for the launch of Apollo 12 and no one saw the lightning, and NASA even got a pic ? Pretty hokey dontcha' think ???????

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 07:19 AM
reply to post by decisively
shows a fair amount of cloud cover.

this is i believe is the first and last time they would attempt a L/O with cloud cover in the area.

the analysis of the lightning strike:

from the conclusions:

3. The lightning was most probably triggered by the presence of
the effective electrical conduction path created by the space vehicle and
its exhaust plume in an electric field which would not otherwise discharged.
4. The available data show the discharge had most characteristics
of an average natural lightning discharge. Typical natural discharges
to ground produce peak currents on the order of I0 000 amperes and transfer about 20 coulombs of charge to ground.

the lightning was encouraged by the ionised plume from the rocket.

and corrective actions needed:

spacecraft design has an inherent degree of protection from the effects
of lightning. This protection is considered sufficient without hardware
modifications to accept a low risk which can be provided by certain additional launch restrictions. The probability of meeting a launch window
is estimated to be reduced a few percent by the launch restrictions for
avoiding potentially hazardous electric fields. These launch restrictions are based upon meteorological conditions at KennedySpace Center.
2. No changes are necessary to the launch vehicle for triggered
lightning discharge. As a result of the tendency of a space vehicle to
encourage electrical discharges where a natural lightning discharge would
not exist, and because of the possible danger to the mission that results
from this tendency, someadditions will be madeto the present launch
vehicle system background data for Apollo mission rules to minimize the
triggered lightning risks.
3. The launch restrictions which will satisfy the low risk requirement of the spacecraft and the lesser restrictions of the luanch vehicle
are delineated in the following launch rules which shall apply.
a. No launch when flight will go through cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) cloud formation. In addition, no launch if flight will be within
5 miles of thunderstorms cloud or 3 miles of associated anvil.
b. Do not launch through cold-front or squall-line clouds which
extend above l0 000 feet.
c. Do not launch through middle cloud layers 6000 feet or greater
in depth where the freeze level is in the clouds.
d. D not launch through cumulus clouds with tops at 10 000 feet or higher.

does this clear things up? no more problems?

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 09:22 PM

This Is So Funny

reply to post by choos

From Tom Stafford's book WE HAVE CAPTURE(coauthor Michael Cassutt, Smithsonian Books, 2002)

Stafford is describing the Apollo 12 launch;

"Everything went perfectly for the first 36 seconds, with Pete reporting with his usual enthusiasm, that they were "really going,". After the call "tower clear", I looked up from my console and watched the giant Saturn V as it rose. Suddenly, as it entered the clouds, two parallel lightning bolts crackled out of the clouds and hit the launch pad, BANG!"

How come not a single journalist reported the event similarly ? Not a ONE, NOT A SINGLE SOLITARY ONE!!! journalist from a major publication reported seeing lightning on a first person basis.....

How come not a single non NASA person claimed to have seen the lightning ? McDivitt said he saw it, Stafford here, Conrad allegedly in the bird. I thought there were 500,000 people there at the Apollo 12 launch ?

How come the lightning was not captured on tv ? I have the NBC film of the launch. They followed the Saturn V up, camera on the pad the whole time. NO LIGHTNING.

One of the more outrageous scams of the whole Apollo ruse. 500,000 people present, no one sees lightning, no one photographs it, no one films it, no one even describes it, says they saw it, except for a couple, three, four NASA dudes and a scattered few folks we'll get to later, along with their incriminating stories.

This is one of the most amazing stories in American history, all of history really, distilled down to this one breathtakingly bogus moment, the Apollo 12 launch. There was absolutely no reason to think there was lightning, none. Not even the weather service reported anything, not a hint from them. The only thing there was at all was this claim of NASA's; McDivitt, Stafford, Conrad. Later, NASA produced some photos from automatic cameras, but keep in mind, real-time wise; no photos, no film/tv images, no journalist descriptions, no NOTHING, just ONE BIG FAT HORRENDOUS LIE.

All of Apollo right there distilled down to that one moment, that one lie. Says it all boy does it ever. No reason to buy in and everyone did just cuz' some clown like Tom Stafford said it happened .....

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 09:24 PM

Where's The Lightning ?

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by decisively

journalists are several miles away, how can they hear thunder over the sound of a rocket producing several hundred thousand pounds of thrust.

the launch was in clouds, no one saw anything. this was the first and last time NASA launched anything when clouds were in the vicinity.

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by decisively

Where's The Lightning ?


Why have you abandoned this thread? You really need to finish up here before moving on.
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