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Global Cooling: be very afraid

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posted on May, 3 2012 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

I don't live in america! And no it seems it is you who does not understand! Are you a disinfo agent or something? Check out this website. This is the group I went with to my local council.

Phosphate fertiliser production supplies all the commercial grade hexafluorosilicic acid in the world. During the process of making phosphate fertilisers, fluorapatite ore is broken down in order to isolate phosphorus (P) which is the ‘product’. These days, the waste by-product - the particulate-laden hydrogen fluoride gas - is captured in the factory chimneys by wet scrubbers (filters) and is washed back down the chimney using water and silicate minerals before collection in barrels. Click here to view The waste in the barrels is a 10%-25% solution of hexafluorosilicic acid – H2SiF6. It contains impurities which were originally in the fluorapatite ore, Hexafluorosilicic acid is commonly known as fluoride.

The table (Table 5) is from a publication by the British Fluoridation Society (BFS): One in a Million, 2nd Ed. Ch. 6. Some of the impurities are listed in the table together with the amount, in micrograms (μm), found in each 1 milligram (mg) of commercial grade fluoride. Authoritative information on the upper parameters of contaminants in H2SiF2 is contained in British Standard BSEN 12175 which is impossible for the lay man to purchase because it’s circulation is classified as 'Restricted'. The BFS admits that their version of the table is a summary of BSEN 12175 and some impurities are quite obviously missing. For example, fluorspar (aka fluorite or Blue John) rock which used to be mined in the Peak District contains uranium. Even today, Derbyshire groundwater extracted for the Natural Mineral Water (NMW) bottled water industry contains traces of uranium. Click here to view the report. Other 'versions' of apatite ore from other parts of the world contain plutonium, cobalt, strontium, molybdenum, etc.

"restricted" not BANNED okay?

Btw have you ever thought that the tanker was doing the rounds? Nah you probably don't think much at all! Maybe too much fluoride?

The H2SiF6 used by English water companies comes from YARA's operations in Finland at their Siilinjarvi plant. LINK. The acid is either part of the plant's Hazardous waste (135 tonnes per annum), or their Non-hazardous waste (5,263 tonnes per annum). It travels to YARA at Immingham Docks in Lincolnshire from where it is tankered or put in barrels for onward transmission to water companies. YARA state that 5.36mg of the acid per litre of water is added to our water supply in order to achieve the 'optimum' 1mg fluoride per litre of water since the fluoride content is 20% of the acid.

Nah they don't use it do they! Get a grip!

There is plenty of good reading for you on that site and they talk about calcium fluoride etc!

I know how it effects the body and I know it accumulates! I know that the less you have of it the better!

I mean to link me to the FDA is just a joke mate! lol

posted on May, 3 2012 @ 09:00 PM
reply to post by mee30

I've read that article and thousands more. I said CFC's were banned a couple articles ago, not fluoride. I don't need to you trying to tell me what I have known for years. Did you even look at the link I sent? This is not a fluoride thread, although fluoride is emitted from volcanos everywhere. I am not afraid of fluoride because I know how to neutralize it's effects. I'll let you fear fluoride. If you are worried about it look up the treatment for fluoride poisoning and look up what foods contain the antidote.

posted on May, 3 2012 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

On top of that the fluoride in those things was made illegal because it was toxic to humans. If was only a matter of time before people were going to get sick and start suing businesses. Although it hurt the ozone layer it was blown up to shield us from the truth. It was in everything back those days. It was easy to get a a moderately toxic dose.

That sort of fluoride was removed from the market.

Why lie when the evidence is there for all to see? You sir are a liar! Simple as that. I don't care what you think is an antidote! Carry on and drink it. Me I'll just avoid it as much as I can thank you very much! I don't drink toxic waste! Okay?

I don't fear it because I avoid it as much as possible!

You actually think it's okay for the governments to put stuff in the water that calms people down to stop civil unrest! You are one sick puppy sir!

Edit: I see now that the first quote you more than likely messed up and said fluoride when you meant CFC, however the second quote is quite clear and you said it was REMOVED from the market! The rest of what I said still stands!
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posted on May, 3 2012 @ 09:40 PM
Well, everyone could have their own land, and earthship homes, instead of the banks and realtors running things, as it as our right, we co-own it all. And those homes are built with recycled goods such as tires, bottles, cement or natural minerals around, I'd use a combo minerals and recycled paper especially industrial grade hemp fibres for extra length, so basically paper crete. The way they're built they require no heat, no cooling, though a person might add a little, run off solar and wind, there are lots of ideas for those kind of things, even more exotic energies may be added,
I like these guys, and for more conventional usually, he has some great off grid solutions.

They are beautiful homes, expansive, greenhouse homes with food production area, even your own fishpond/aquaponics in some.

They work in -40 even. I just don't see the problem's we are facing here, only solutions.

The problems we're facing seem to be GREED.

Its not about people not being able to survive but the greed of preventing them from having a natural right to land and resources.

I'm not afraid of cooling or warming, there are solutions.
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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 07:46 AM
reply to post by mee30

I have been completely against fluoridating water for 38 years. How long have you been against it. I'm not against countries using some ways to help calm their citizens so everyone can get along peacefully but fluoride in water was a stupid choice. I am not against the use of coffee, tea, and cilantro on an individual basis by cultures within society. Most people like to be social and eat or drink things naturally to calm themselves. They worry when they start to get Kranky. The less than ten percent that need to be calmed doesn't justify doping a hundred percent of the population. Over fluoridation causes the destruction of the organs by cutting off the energy supply to them.

Don't tell me that I don't understand what's going on. Like I said I am a hundred percent against fluoridated water but not for the reason that it is put in water in the first place which was to calm people. My biggest gripe with Fluoridation is the disassociation of the family trait that Sodium Fluoride possesses. Parents have enough problems keeping our kids on track without the government feeding us things that interfere with teaching our kids morals. School teaches a set of morals way below my minimum standards. I believe in honesty and equality and the passing of knowledge from generation to generation. My offspring need to know how to how to survive without needing to be dependant on others. My offspring need to know the laws of man should be observed but that the laws of humanity supersede those laws of man. There are too many laws and practices in this society that protect the dishonest if they do it to promote the economy.

I'd be more worried about some of the Parabens than naturally occuring Fluorides if I were you.

posted on May, 4 2012 @ 02:28 PM

Originally posted by rickymouse
reply to post by mee30

here's the FDA's fluoride site, it lists many common

. Pure Fluoride is very poisonous. A gallon of fluoride is enough to treat the water in a small town for a long time. Sodium Fluoride is usually sent to water plants in small drums. . A tanker? maybe they were hauling it to a major distribution site. If the fluoride was organic fluoride or even calcium fluoride it would not be so bad. The compounding action is what is the major problem. I see you understand little of how these kind of things interact with the body and mind.

That's it right there - if it was Calcium Fluoride (which comes naturally from the Earth(organic)) there wouldn't be a problem but what's being added to your water is Sodium Fluoride (a synthetic waste product from nuclear, fertilizer and heavy metal manufacturing(synthetic))

They found a profitable way to dump toxic waste, they marked it up 20,000% and sold it (tax payers) to be dumped in the water. So your paying to drink toxic water that is killing you. Fluoridation is outlawed here in England and 98% of Europe. Lucky me, no fluoride but still chemtrails to inhale, cough, cough.

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by YourDreamsCanceled

You have a lot of natural fluoride around the volcanoes of Iceland. I haven't been able to find out what kind of fluoride compound that is, do you know? They are growing coffee in Finland now, I'm jealous.

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