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Sending love/light to North Korea (video)

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posted on May, 1 2012 @ 09:35 PM

Hi people of North Korea, I know you won’t see this message because of your current political situation, but I feel the need to communicate with you.

I know that you are taught that Americans are evils and we enjoy taking resources from other countries. I don’t know what’s true or false because of all the information’s out there, but I won’t judge a whole country based on the decisions of its leaders.

I don’t think North Koreans are the axis of the evil and I sure don’t think you guys want to nuke us.

This isn’t a political message; it’s a message of love. I won’t let the ocean that separate us turn us into strangers.

If this message reached your country, somehow, someway, I know your leaders will be the first one to hear it. They might think it’s a strategy to take over your country. How do you know this isn’t a well elaborate strategy? How do you know my intent is pure?

This is the most difficult question to answer. My advice to those watching this is to go deep inside your heart, and find the golden thread within it, and to let it influence your decision.

I did some research on North Korea and found out we have something in common and that’s music. You guys are talented in the field of classical music. I feel like music is a better form of communication than words, because words can get tangle and twisted.

I created a short music composition to express how I feel about our inability to communicate. I’m not use to creating classical music because I’m used to creating hip hop beats. I could have asked my more talented friends to create a better composition but I feel like it would be more meaningful if I did it.

Honestly it would sound better if I spent more time on it but I feel like time is running out.

I created a website so people from all over the world can send in pictures, music’s, and videos to show that they love you guys and want to reach you guys too.

To all the music producers, singers, and artists, if you have any work that express your love for North Koreans then please send them to my email.

I will posts everything you guys send on the website.

Once again this isn’t a political message, but a message of love.

ATTN: All artists, if you have any music, video, or artwork of any kind that express your love for the people of North Korea, please send them to my email at:

I’ll post everything up on this website.

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