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The Day We Stood ( MAD)

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posted on May, 1 2012 @ 06:46 PM
With the echoes of the opening shouts of our battle for true independence still ringing in my ears, I raised my arms in celebration. The yell I let forth carried with it the tears of my family, the blood of my friends and the memory of my forefathers. Like the men who fought for autonomy from England in 1776, many of us had given everything in the hopes of seeing the sun rise on a brighter dawn. On the day it began more people were finally sick of the constant clouds blocking the Light then were complacent to live in perpetual twilight. And although the earth shook as if Atlas had decided to juggle his burden and the sky violently wept tears of blood for all of her slain children, those who made their stand were blessed with a beautiful daybreak.
Triumph was finally ours, though many had lost their lives and countless others had lost all their worldly possessions.
Sit back, crack a cold one, and let me regale you with the tale of how we took our planet back from those who had kept us enslaved for millenia. Some of this story I witnessed firsthand and played my small part in and some I picked up in bits and pieces along the road from others who bore witness to The Beautiful Struggle. There was a new willingness amongst everyone to break bread with strangers and share the horrors and glories they had seen in their travels. The Revolution had many names given to it by those on both sides and yes, it was televised.

I was just sitting there in my living room watching the news, waiting for my daily dose of doom and gloom, death and natural disaster, sex scandals and budget deficits, celebrity breakdowns and breakups. You know how it goes, flipping back and forth between Mox News and SNN because if you added both together then divided the sum you might get something approaching the Truth. The Truth is a fickle wench in these days, ever elusive and although you knew some people possessed it you yourself had only caught occasional glimpses of it in the midst of all the BS in the way. If your anything like me you have this itch for knowledge that you can never fully scratch and a desire to know what is happening in the world around us. And although I tried to keep my quest for knowledge as pure and organic as possible, sometimes I indulged in the junk food that was cable news.
We were constantly faced with a multi-fronted assault on all of our senses by the media/advertising/banking/defense industries and were so inundated by the deluge we had been blinded to the pervasiveness of it. Easy to lose track of what's important when faced with such a well designed diversion that had been honed throughout the ages until the edge was as keen as any sword Masamune ever crafted.
First a little background on myself. I like long walks on the beach, watching my wages stay stagnant and my 401 decompose, getting out into nature to unwind, struggling to maintain health insurance and pay my mortgage while the value of the dollar declines, growing my own food and hunting wild game to fill the freezer, watching the world wind down around me, watching the joy on my wifes face as she plays with our little one, and being lied to by those who we chose to make the rules.
Contradictory I know, but I've always been told I was a complex individual plus I'm a Gemini so I guess that means I'm either dual natured or two-faced, depending on who you ask. I was married to the love of my life and a year and a half before we had been blessed with the great responsibility of raising a child together. Daniel was our first, a true handful for fresh parents as soon as he was able to crawl. They say your child will be ten times more rambunctious then you were and in this case, They were right. My wife and I devoted our time and effort to ensuring Danny would have all the opportunities we never had, all the love we never received, and a shot to break out of the hamster wheel existence that we had inherited from our parents. Simply put he was our life.
I ran a small business, shoe repair and orthopedic shoes, always a market with the elderly for comfortable shoes. The store made a decent amount of sales but after severe taxation and the steadily rising costs of shipping and insurance premiums there wasn’t a whole lot left at the end of the month. There were many days we ended up eating sauceless pasta, you haven’t experienced the taste of struggling until you had to eat plain pasta. My wife worked as a Nurses Aid at the city hospital and attended school to earn herself a position as a Registered Nurse. Nurses Aid's don't make a large amount of money hence us coming to the decision to send her back to school, even though it meant adding another huge debt to our portfolio of mortgage and medical bills. She had gotten sick a few years before and due to the prohibitive costs of insurance at her job, had been un-insured at the time of her hospitalization. A hundred thousand dollars later and there we were. So when he asked of us to stand as Humans, and shout our anger for all the world to hear and know as sincere, we Stood. And Yelled. And later Bled. And Died.

And eventually Succeeded.

I don’t know to this day if he knew what reaction his call to anger would trigger, maybe he had his finger on the pulse of the nation better then most. Maybe he was just pissed off about something else and could no longer contain his disgust at the cesspool we had let our world devolve into. Regardless, he asked, and we answered. Ferociously we responded. The roar outside of Individuals voicing their anger for the first time crashed upon our ears in a symphony as sweet as it was bitter. The words began as “ I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” and within minutes grew into a movement. A movement with a destination in mind. And a goal at the end.

After tonight the world would be forever changed. In my own screaming out the window I heard the yells of others calling for a march to occupy City Hall. Occupy it then organize a popular vote among the citizenry of many important issues that had been buried by politicians more interested in lining their pockets and maintaining their power then making any meaningful effort to change the world for the better. The tipping point of knowledge had been reached and I think we had all realized how things had been maneuvered and manipulated with the goals of keeping us too caught up in the daily struggle of living to perform any critical thinking about the world around us.

I kissed my wife and son and explained to her that it was because of my love for them that I had to join our neighbors in marching for Tomorrow. She knew me better then anyone else.

posted on May, 1 2012 @ 06:46 PM
On the street in front of the house I met up with neighbors I had scarcely met and barely knew and we walked downtown. Discussing how to improve the Situation. Discussing who to hold accountable. Planning our next steps before we had even completed our first. Cell phones were ringing with the sounds of a thousand songs, and against all logic when mixed in with the sounds of change in progress, they made beautiful music. Picture Rage Against the Machine as played by the Boston Symphony Orchestra sang by a duet of Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy Jr. and you get the idea. Quirky and very un-conventional but for some reason it just worked. Every time our group hit another crossroads our numbers grew exponentially, a tidal wave of righteous anger and shame intertwined washing away the old way of doing things and ushering in the new.

There were government contingencies in place for mass civil unrest but the plans of the few in this case didn’t overrule the wishes of the many. I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised to see police officers in uniform and reserve soldiers dressed in their gear coming out of their houses. Not to stop us. To join us.

I think that’s the biggest thing The Powers That Were overlooked. Even the best trained animals occasionally turn on their handlers. If you keep beating someone down and forcing them to do things that violate their personal beliefs to uphold unjust laws, eventually you are going to run afoul of the very reason they took an oath in the first place. And good men stand up when called out on their values. Maybe another 30 years of reality television would have thoroughly rotted our brains to the point where dissent was inconceivable but on this day we made the decision to shake off the fog and embrace the Future.

We encountered no resistance as we approached one of the seats of Their power and our numbers at this point were great. We broke down the doors of what was supposed to belong to us anyways and set about taking our power back.

We were in contact with other local cities within the hour and the story was the same all over. People were taking to the streets, storming the castle if you will.

The news coverage started out with the same old government/ special interest propaganda urging people to return to their homes, that “ There are ways to accomplish change through traditional means” to “ Anybody seen on the streets past Midnight will be shot on sight!!” Problem is few took the order to shoot. There were army and national guard units deployed to quell the uprising but soldiers en masse were joining the Change. They were not going to fire on family members and relatives and neighbors.

Although some did. Some were so deeply brainwashed that they did the unthinkable and opened fire on the crowds. Once the smoke cleared from their initial salvo many were so ashamed at the mayhem and death they had inflicted that they took their own lives. Others were shot by fellow soldiers for carrying out unlawful orders.

It’d be hard to classify what happened once the soldiers were deployed on American soil as a civil war as most refused to kill their fellow citizens for the greed and lust for power of the behind the scenes faces running the show. There were skirmishes between army units and air force squadrons but quickly the Generals in charge realized that if they followed orders, they would never be able to look at themselves in the mirror again.

There were casualties no doubt. 10,000 dead here. 40,000 dead there. The perpetrators were brought to justice for their crimes against humanity once in the days to follow.

Eventually, the military being the structured and highly disciplined organization that it is, came together in support of the people.

Now the United States has one of the largest forces of private military contractors, if not the largest, in the world. Some of these men lusted for money and power and embraced the evil requests made by Those Who Were and made efforts to retake the seats of power. They were quickly dealt with by our soldiers who remembered their oaths.

Television stations were commandeered to facilitate the new popular voting methods, cell phone and wireless internet networks utilized to their true potential.

We Occupied everything there was to Occupy for as long as it took to see the changes we desired take place. We agreed to work for the common good to reclaim our country and decided to solve the problems at hand for the future of our children.

And We did it. We Stood. We Forced Change.

The manipulative elites and crooked bankers and ponzi schemers and treasonous politicians fled the country in droves.

Those men in positions of power who were honest and upright stayed and helped in the rebuilding process. Some of those fleeing were sought out by groups like those used by the Israelis to hunt down Nazi war criminals. These groups were highly effective at their job because for the first time in along while their hearts were truly in it.

And the rest of the world followed suit.

We Stood with our Fellow Man.

We told the World of our Anger.

And We Overcame.

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