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A motivational thought for May Day and anyone who desires 'change.'

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posted on May, 1 2012 @ 03:46 PM
I am not particularly an "Occupy" supporter, for I don't agree completely with all the 'official' statements, demands and attacks that have come from 'them',
HOWEVER, I am completely for YOU and ANYONE getting out in the streets and RAISING YOUR VOICES!
There are many many reasons that the rich and poor alike SHOULD be angry! I'm sure if you're on ATS there is at least ONE issue you have with the government, big pharma, the oil industry, the banking industry, 'sheeple,' the FED, the UN, the FDIC, the CIA, TSA, DHS, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, whatever, and the list goes on and on, all the way down and all the way up! There is corruption at every level. But I'll tell you what is even MORE EVIL THAN CORRUPTION... Apathy.
Apathy kills more people a year than cigarettes, car crashes, war, diseases and Paula Dean's cooking COMBINED.
And for the victory over Apathy, I have great respect for the Occupy movement.
There is no more time left to argue about who's to blame, because if we do not take the time to ENGAGE with our community, our neighbors, our loved ones, our friends and completely total strangers...if we do not take the time to express our concern (in respectful, friendly ways) with those of 'authority' in our local communities, such as the police, mayor, city council, business owners, etc.... if we do not take the time to CHANGE THE WORLD... it's never going to happen.
Because it is not something you can 'wait for' to happen.
You are the change. You are the best one for the job. You are divine spirit from our Creator and you are just now, along with the rest of the world, realizing what that can possibly even mean. We are Creators. We have created this world and we have allowed the evil to overflow. We have allowed laziness and apathy and greed, on all levels, into our own hearts and we have allowed it to remain in others. We are all guilty. We are all to be blamed. But within that lies hope! For if we are the Creators of the Darkness that we detest...then we certainly can become the Creators of the Lightness that we know is within!
Are you following me here?
Because now is the time to remember that you, as well as everyone else on ATS (and in the entire world,) are connected to the Source of The Most Powerful Force in the Universe by a single collective unconscious thread, like a web of endlessly ebbing and flowing neon collective white light that vibrates with an unwavering amount of Love that weaves Pure Energy into and throughout our blood. Or, in other words: The Power of the Universe runs through your veins.

Phew. Okay. Done.

Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with the need to do SOMETHING, to somehow reach as many people as I can, to hopefully inspire some change, though I will not tell you exactly what that change is or how it will happen. It will be on many levels. And it starts with what you truly believe to be 'right' within your heart.

One Love, guys. Be safe out there.

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